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1550 – 1569 UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: December 27, 2016)

Date:  1550
Location: near Trebnitz, Saxony, Germany
Summary: The people of Saxony, near Wittemberg, beheld a strange sight, according to Boaistuau in Histoires Prodigieuses. A great cross appeared in the sky, surrounded by two large armies that made a lot of noise while they fought. Blood fell to the ground like rain and the sun split in two, one piece of which seemed to drop to the earth. Boaistuau drew this story from Lycosthenes, who in turn took it from Fincelius. Lycosthenes made an error in the date and location, but we were fortunate in finding a contemporary broadsheet from 1550 that depicts and describes the phenomenon just as Fincelius wrote.

Date:  October 15, 1550: Biubiu River, Chile Alien Sighting

Date:  1551
Location: Morbecque, France
Summary: A woman named Jacquemine Deickens, the wife of Hirache, was accused of sorcery after a being (thought to be the Devil) appeared to her as she was milking the cows. She was said to have known him carnally, and received a mark on her back, below the left shoulder blade, which proved her guilt. Every three or four weeks she flew out of her house to meet with other witches at the crossroads in front of the house of Mr. Pierre Depours, there to dance and partake of a feast with many demons. She was tried and executed in 1557.
Source: Claude Seignolle, Les Evangiles du Diable selon la croyance populaire (Paris: 119 Maisonneuve & Larose, 1964), 245.

Date: 1551
Location: near Waldstadt, Germany
Summary: A woman who had uttered some blasphemies during a drinking party was taken up in the air by the devil “in the presence of everyone.” The witnesses rushed out to watch where she was carried. They saw her hovering up in the sky outside the village, after which she dropped and was found dead in the middle of a field.
Source: Dr. Jean Wier, Histoires, disputes et discours des illusions et impostures des diables, des magiciens, in fames, sorciers et empoisonneurs, le tout compris en 5 Jivres. Translated from the Latin, ca. 1577.

Date: January 3, 1551
Location: lisbon, Portugal
Summary: Red cylinders in the sky are rumored to have terrified the population. We note that another reference speaks of a “fiery meteor” seen on 28 January at the time of a great earthquake. provoked the appearance of terror in the population and was followed by the passage of fire and a fearsome rain of blood
Source: H. Wilkins, Flying Saucers on the Attack (New York: Ace Books, 1967),

Date: March 1551
Location: Magdeburg, Germany
Summary: Three suns were seen in the sky. Emperor Charles Quint decides to halt the siege of the city. In the absence of more information, these may have been parhelia. Historians report that “The emperor Charles V laid siege to it; but was prevailed upon to withdraw his army for a great sum of money…”
Source: Rev. Alban Butler, “Life of Saint Norbert” in The Lives or the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints, vol. 6 (New York: D. & J. Sadlier, & Company, 1864).

Date: January 13, 1553
Location: Porco, Peru
Summary: Nicolas de Martinez Arzanz y Vela, author of Historic de la Villa Imperial de Potosi (1705), writes in Chapter 2:”As Don Sebastian and his allies were getting the people and the weapons ready to carry out the revolt in this Town, and Captain Francisco Hernandez Giron in his divisioin of Chaqui…was also preparing for his…there appeared in the sky, above Porco, three suns and two moons in the middle of a great ring, and within it two blue and red arches. On the same day there appeared above this rich Imperial Hill and Town another two arches of various colors and a notable comet as red as blood. Enrico Martinez, His Majesty’s Cosmologist in the Peruvian Kingdom, says the following (…)
“‘On Friday January 13th 1553, fifty two days before General Hinojosa was killed, at seven o’clock in the morning there appeared in the sky, in Porco, the large ring that passes through the middle of the natural sun and through the other Suns and Moons; it was stretching towards the west, and was entirely white, a span in thickness; this ring seemed to be half a league in diameter. The natural sun was a little red, almost like blood, and the two at its side very red, just like blood, so much so that the brightness and fire caused those who saw it to avert their eyes. The two Moons at the front were like white Moons, slightly red; the two Arches that appeared were blue and red, as they usually appear; the small arch was wider than the blue one.'” So far it seems we are dealing with an unusual, but perfectly natural, atmospheric phenomenon. More interesting is the so-called “comet” that was seen in connection with it: “The comet that appeared outside the ring was very fiery and blood-red, with a formidable curly head and the tail was similar. This comet was seen in Porco and in all the surrounding areas. The comet was seen for seven days at dawn over the rich land of Potosi, with another two arches, one very white which looked like polished silver, and the other was above this one and was almost blood-red and was as bright as fire…”

This description does not match a cometary object, and at 7 A.M. this could hardly have been an aurora borealis. The social reaction to the phenomenon is even more interesting: “The astonished Indians, covering their faces and spitting in the air, cried: Aacca, Aucca, maiccan Apuhuanuncca. These words signified some bad event, abominable action or frightful ruin, which is all conveyed by the word Aucca, a name they also give to any visible or invisible enemy (…) The death of the great Apuc followed that of Francisco Hernandez Giron, who, with the income from his villages, was to appear like the Sun three times in the bloody victories he had; and twice like the Moon, in the waning of his fortune with his imprisonment and death.”

Date: 1553
Location: Wittenberg, Prussia
Summary: Locals saw giant men in the sky over Wittenberg in formerly East Prussia.
Source: T. Peter Park, The Anomalist # 10

Date: March 10, 1553
Time: 6 and 8 PM
Summary: “There appeared between 6 and 8 PM, about the moon, a burning fire, emitting a great noise, what seemed to be the point of a lance, turning form side to side, from east to west, casting out flames on all sides.”
Source: T. Peter Park, The Anomalist # 10 Conrad Wolffhart (a professor of grammar and dielectrics who under the pen name of Lycosthenes wrote the compendium “Prodigiorium ac Ostentorum Chronicon”, published in 1567).

Date: February 1 1554
Location: Salon-de-Provence, France
Summary: “There appeared, about the moon, a burning fire, emitting a great noise, what seemed to be the point of a lance, turning form side to side, from east to west, casting out flames on all sides.”
Source: Nostradamus

Date: 1554
Location: Nebra (Prussia) and Griessisie (Thuringia), GERMANY
Summary: Two red crosses appeared in the sky of Nebra and the same day the solar disc was obscured by a cross Griessisie, we also saw many discs.
Source: Christiane Piens: “The UFO past” – Marabout 1977 – p. 60

604a-c2cDate: March 10, 1554 (also reported on February 1 1554)
Location: Salon de Provence, France
Summary: between 18 and 20 h was observed above and salon de provence saint chamas (mouth of the Rhone) a kind of fiery launches this bright object seemed to swing from one side to another heading of east to west and by running the flames from all sides three months later an unknown object yellow went late after noon over some German cities
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977 p.82

Date: June 13, 1554
Location: Jena, Nebra, Saxony, Germany
Summary: A large number of spheres and discs flew over the city of Jena quickly. They are sudden changes in speed and took a red hue by moving towards the north.
Source: Mathias Miles, Siebenbürgischer Würgeengel (Hermannstadt, 1670).

Date: June 13, 1554
Location: Iena, Germany
Summary: In any case, 13 June 1554 a large number of spheres and discs flew over the city quickly iean in East Germany they had sudden changes in speed and took a red hue by moving towards the north
Source: Mathias Miles, Siebenbürgischer Würgeengel (Hermannstadt, 1670).

Date: 1554: Marian vision

Date: March 5, 1555
Location: Buendia, Cuenca, Spain
Time: sunrise
Summary: On Tuesday March 5th 1555, in Buendia, in the Spanish province of Cuenca, many people saw an enormous object in the shape of a cross in the sky. It was stationary, floating next to a new calvary (a life-size representation of a crucifix on raised ground) erected by the Brotherhood of the True Cross. Seven other women saw it there. The Inquisition of Cuenca dispatched somebody to investigate the occurrence, but nineteen people described the sighting to notaries. We include this case because of its interest as an unidentified aerial phenomenon, though the religious significance of the case should not be ignored.
Source: William A. Christian, Local Religion in Sixteenth-Century Spain (Princeton University Press, 1989), 186-7.

Date: 1556: Naked boys in the sky over Babocsa, Hungary

Date:  1557
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Summary: army in the sky

Date: December 5, 1557
Location: Tübingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg), GERMANY
1557Summary: “Many black clouds appeared around the sun, like those we see when big storms are rife. And shortly after other clouds of fire and blood emerged the Sun, and other yellow as saffron. from those clouds out lighting effects in the form of big hats, high and wide, and the earth itself appeared yellow and bloody and covered with top hats and wide who took different colors such as red, blue, green and black for the most … “
Source:  (Michel BOUGARD:” the chronicle of UFO “- Delarge 1977 p.85) (Jacques VALLEE:” Other sizes “- trans. Robert Laffont 1989 – p. 32-33, cites Peter Boaistuau and places this phenomenon in 1577, also cited in 1577 by “UFO files”, ed. Marshall Cavendish, 1998 Paris, Special issue, p. 5; Christiane Piens in “UFOs from the Past – Marabout 1977 p. 60, it returns in 1557)

Date: July 12, 1558
Location: La Spezia, Liguria, Italy
Summary: Nothing new under the Sun ‘; An AP story. On July 12, has told the manuscript found in the street public library in La Spezia, Italy, in which the author (Antonio Cesena) reported on a sixteenth century version of a UFO. He wrote that in 1558 the peasants in two different sectors have seen, “and a strange disc changing from yellow to red, and shining with red fireballs under him.”
Source: MUFON Journal in September 1967

Date: April 14 1561: UFO ‘battle’ over Nuremberg, Germany

Date: June 24, 1561
Location: China
Summary: Jiajing four years (1561) June 24 nightfall, Northwest meteorites, such as child day, the vast and bright color of yellow and white, purple in the hostage Red. A nod as big as the Big Dipper, nothing brilliance. Approaching, shadow and light are of new material. …… Fell to the ground do not hear sound. (“Zhenhai County Zhixiang different ambitions”)

Date: March 1, 1564
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Summary: In Gilbert’s Annalen for 1806 is an account of a fearful phenomenon seen between Mechel and Brussels. The sky was clear at first, but about 9 o’clock became fiery, throwing down a reflection upon the earth so that everything became yellowish. In the meantime there appeared in the sky figures of three men in royal robes with crowns upon their heads, remaining visible for nearly three-fourths of an hour, when they gradually drew near together and in the course of another 15 minutes disappeared. Then frightful stones fell, large and small, some of which were five or six pounds in weight. So far as known none of this material has found its way into collections.
Source: George P. Merrill and William F. Foshag, Minerals from earth and sky; Volume 3 (New York: Smithsonian Institution Series, Inc., 1938), 12-13.

Date: Christmas 1563
Location: Bergen Norway
Summary: Shortly before Christmas 1563, from 30 to 21 h 19 h: A Bergen (Norway)
Absalon Pedersson Beyer, protestant priest, and Christern Ulff and a goldsmith, they along with their wives, their wives and their servants, watching a cloud round, black, abnormal, past the moon and the covering. The black cloud let out a puff of black smoke and witnesses then heard a hissing sound. The cloud then went back and forth and finally disappeared. All this took place from 17 am until about 30 or 21 hours
Source: Armand / Holm-Hansen: UFOER OVER NORGE., 1971, 73, collated by. Ole Jonny Braenne continued: see same witness at Easter 1564 – Bergen

Date: Easter 1564
Location: Bergen Norway
Time: 18 am
Summary: (cf: 1563, just before Christmas – Bergen) The witness again Pedersson Beyer Absalon, this time accompanied by his wife. They saw a “flaming sword” that seemed to touch the earth three times, before rising in the sky, where it is split into three parts. Observation to 18 hours
Source: Armand / Holm-Hansen: UFOER OVER NORGE., 1971, 73-4, collated by Ole Jonny Braenne Continued: 1568, January 2, Bergen

Date: 1564 book
Summary: Kay-Ka’us



Date: 1566: Tall hairy humanoid seen south of Moscow, Russia

BaselWoodcuttingDate: July 17 and 18 1566
Location: Basel – Switzerland
Summary: Above Basel, for 2 days in July took place a battle between black spheres that arose at dawn. “Many became red and fiery, ending by being consumed and disappear,” wrote Samuel Coccius, a student who wrote down the strange events of August 7, 1566 in the Gazette of the city.

Date: August 7, 1566: UFO sighting over Basel, Switzerland

Date: August 1566
Location: China 
Summary: “Annals Huguang” contains: “Ming Jiajing emperors 2045 (1566) in August, Huarong County West, suddenly the heavens opened on the Big Dipper”

Date: 1566
Location: Flanders, Belgium
Summary: The Italian historian Strada Fomianus recounts in his “De Bello Belgico duae Decades” in 1566 we saw in the sky of Flanders Almighty in combat.
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977 p.84

Date: April  7, 1567
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Summary: A black sphere appears and covered the entire surface of the sun. She remained still visible everywhere throughout the day.
Source: Christiane Piens: “The UFO past” – Marabout 1977 – p 62

Date: September 26, 1568
Location: Tournai, Belgium
Summary: “Marvelous signs in the sky were seen from the seventh to the twelfth hour in the evening. At first, great circles of fire were seen with rays emerging like suns dragging water (?), afterwards a black cloud was seen and after that, great lights appeared. That being gone, men on horses were seen fighting each other and it seemed as if several musketeers were skirmishing against one another. Sparkles of fire were seen which illuminated the ground with a terrible shine.” A possible interpretation of this case would invoke an aurora borealis, but not enough is precisely known to make that determination, so we keep the event with reservation.
Source: Alex Pinchart, Memoires de Nicolas Soldoyer, as published in Memoires dePasquier de la Barre et de Nicolas Soldoyer, pour servir a 1 ‘histoire de Tournai (Brussels, 1865), vol. II, 304.

Date: January 3, 1569
Location: Japan
Summary: In Japan, in the evening, a flaming star appears in the sky. It was interpreted as an omen announcing major changes: the fall of the dynasty Chu
Source: Valley 1969

Date: November 1569
Location: Oslo, Norway
Summary: the priest Absalon Pederssøn Beyer reports that we see the “hot rice” (rice burning) in the sky
Source: Armand / Holm-Hansen: UFOER OVER NORGE., 1971, 74

Date: 1569
Location: China
Time: evening
Summary: In the evening, a flaming star appeared in the sky. It was regarded as an omen of serious changes announcing the fall of the Chu Dynasty





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