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Date: June 12 1790

Sighting Time: 500 AM


Location: Near Alencon, France

Urban or Rural:

Entity Type: 1 person

Entity Description: dressed in a skintight garment emerged.

Hynek Classification:


No. of Object(s):  1

Size of Object(s): enormous

Distance to Object(s):

Shape of Object(s): globe

Color of Object(s): wrapped in flames

Number of Witnesses:

Source: Inspector Liabeuf & R Jack Perrin

Summary/Description: At 0500A, some peasants perceived an enormous globe apparently wrapped in flames, which flew at a high speed with a hissing noise. It slowed down, oscillated, and then fell on the crest of a hill, uprooting some plants on the hillside.

It emitted such great heat that it started a brush fire, which the peasants brought under control. By evening, the sphere was still warm. A crowd including among others, 2 mayors, a doctor, and “5 other authorities” had assembled.

A sort of door suddenly opened, and a person dressed in a skintight garment emerged. Seeing the crowd, he muttered something incomprehensible, and ran into the woods. Shortly afterwards, the sphere silently exploded, throwing in every direction fragments that burned to a powder. A search for the mysterious man proved fruitless. A police inspector named Liabeuf made a repot to the Academie des Sciences, which did not take it seriously. The crater in the hillside left by the sphere remained visible for years. The crater in the hillside left by the sphere remained visible for years.


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