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1914: Alien Encounter

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(Last Updated On: January 25, 2016)


Date: Summer of 1914

Sighting Time:


Location: Blida, Algeria

Urban or Rural:

Entity Type: several small humanoids

Entity Description: The figures wore helmets and light-colored combination suits.

Hynek Classification: CE3

Duration: few minutes

No. of Object(s): 1

Height & Speed:

Size of Object(s): large

Distance to Object(s):

Shape of Object(s): large sphere

Color of Object(s): luminous 

Number of Witnesses: multiple

Source: Le Forum De L’Ufologie, France

Summary/Description: Blida, Algeria, in the Summer of 1914, at night, right before the declaration of WWI, a French settler was walking back home from the fields after turning on the irrigation valves when he watched a large luminous sphere flying over the fields and then land silently only a few meters from him. Afraid, the witness quickly hid behind a hedge and was able to see several short figures exit the sphere. The figures wore helmets and light-colored combination suits. These spread about on the field moving very quickly appearing to collect samples from the ground. After a few minutes, the short figures re-entered the landed sphere, which then took off and quickly disappeared from sight.

The next day other neighboring farmers reported that they had seen a luminous sphere flying over the fields the night before.” 



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