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1800 – 1824: UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: August 28, 2016)

Date: 1800s
Location: Australia
Summary: In the early 1800s, a ship reported a ball of fire came hurtling towards it with a thunderous noise and splintered the top masts. A strong odour of sulphur was noted.
Source: The Devil’s Meridian by Kevin Killey & Gary Lester

Date: 1800
Location: Marion Indiana
Summary: A Methodist minister in the area had heard tales from his congregation that a certain tree in the woods along the river was the entrance to an underground lair of little people. The few remaining Native Americans who still lived in the area confirmed this story. The minister, in an attempt to prove that there was no validity to the local superstition, went to the tree with an ax and started to chop the huge tree down. After striking the tree a couple of times, a hole opened up at the base and a group of fifteen to twenty small men clambered out and began attacking the now frightened minister. The little men quickly overcame their much larger foe and cut his throat with a flint blade. The minister survived his terrifying ordeal, despite the jagged cut to his neck. However, he never again made fun of his congregation when they told stories of the little wild men of the woods.
Source: Unnatural Indiana

Date: 1800
Location: Germany, Barsdorf
Summary: A shooting star got larger and larger until it fell to earth between Barsdorf and Freiburg in Silesia. A whizzing noise was heard as it passed close to the ground before it landed and then lay burning. Next day a jelly-like mass was found on the snow.

Date: 1800
Location: Yantic River area, Connecticut
Summary: A child name Martha Uncas was traveling with her parents in a canoe down the Yantic River when they spied several small man-like figures running along the shore, vaguely visible among the pine trees. Martha’s mother said: “Don’t look at the Dwarfs.  They will point their fingers at you and you cannot see them.” The local Indians called these mysterious little people the “Makia Wisag”. These creatures apparently had the power to become invisible at will.

Source: Joseph A Citro, Passing Strange

Date: 1800: Abduction in Colonsay Island, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Date: 1800
Location: Koyuk
Summary: Fortean researcher Mark Chorvinski reported in 1990 on a story that was handed down to Lois Foster through her great-grandmother to her grandmother to her, saying three little men came to the Inuit village of Koyuk around 1800.The great-grandmother said they came in a “silvery looking disc that sailed through the air”.The now quite elderly grandmother told she saw them during her childhood in the early 1910’s. She told her granddaughter that they were very strong, able to lift heavy logs and dead deer without help, that they were stranded in the village because something was wrong with their disc, preventing them to go home.It is said they eventually learned to speak the native language and communicated with the villagers.
Source: “Our Strange World”, article by Mark Chorvinski, in Fate magazine, USA, pp 17-19, 22-23, 26, 28, January 1990.

Date: 1800: Baton Rouge, LA Sighting

Date: 1801
Location: Australia, Melbourne
Summary: Between Melbourne and Sydney at sea. The two sons of the Prince of Wales, one of them the future king of England, were cruising aboard “La Bacchante” when an object resembling a fully lighted ship was seen (“a phantom vessel all aglow”)

Date: September 30, 1801
Location: London, England
Summary: Between five and six in the morning, a very bright object was seen in the East. It was “shaped something like a cross; this was accompanied by two smaller ones like stars, one towards the left, which was also bright; and one just perceptible a little below it, the whole moving fast towards the South.”
Source: London Times, 8 October 1801, 3.

Date: 1803: Croydon England

Date: 1803
Location: Silesia, Barsdorf
Summary: What was recorded, as a shooting star got larger and larger until it fell to earth between Barsdorf and Freiburg. A whizzing noise was heard as it passed close to the ground before it landed and then lay burning. Next day a jelly-like mass was found on the snow.

Date: 1803: Harayadori Japan Sighting

Date: August 15, 1803
Location: Ormans near Evilliers, France
Summary:Two luminous globes emit sun-like rays and hover over a tree. Witnesses: Pierre Mille, from Malcote, with his three daughters and a local craftsman. The whole family was on its way to church for the Feast of the Assumption when they saw two small lights in front of an oak tree, inside which a small statue of the Virgin Mary was found upon investigation. Some time before (at Easter) the youngest daughter of Pierre Mille had seen the Virgin accompanied by two small floating lights at the same spot, “on the path between Maizieres and Ornans.”
Source: Abbe Louis Leroy, Histoire des Pelerinages de la Sainte Vierge en France, Tome II (Paris, 1874), 265.

Date: September 22, 1803
Location: Belfort, Franche-Comte, France
Time: 19:00
Summary: An object was sighted by multiple independent witnesses that had an appearance and aerobatic performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object, about 10 feet across, was observed in cloudy weather by four witnesses for over one minute (Ordinaire).
Source: Philosophy Magazine

Date: December 26, 1803
Location: Russia
Summary: very unusual report to the Tsar from his Third Department of the Chancellery (the former title of the secret police). The report describes certain extraordinary light effects observed in the sky by the inhabitants of the city of Orenburg, and corroborated by the police and military, during the night of December 26,1830.

Date: 1804
Location: Mays Landing, New Jersey
Summary: The famous American naval hero Stephen Decatur was said to have briefly skirmished with a bizarre creature known as the “Jersey Devil.” He was test firing a new cannon when the weird winged creature suddenly appeared overhead. Decatur reportedly fired a shot at the thing but missed, and it flew off.
Source: Phillip L Rife, America’s Nightmare Monsters

Date: 1805
Location: Koyuk Alaska
Summary: Natives told of seeing a silver disc like object that sailed through the air and then landed. Apparently three human-looking “little men” emerged from the object and reportedly stayed in the village for a while.
Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate January 1990

Date: July 1806
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Time: evening
Summary: The reverend Abraham Cummings was informed that two persons had seen what appeared to have been a specter in a field. Ten minutes later he went to check the field. At first as he looked toward an eminence 12 ft distance from the house he saw what appeared to be a white rock on the ground, he ignored it. Three minutes later, he accidentally looked again in the same direction and the supposed white rock was now in the air, its form a complete globe, with a tincture of red and its diameter about two feet. Curious, he walked towards it to obtain more accurate information. The globe then approached to within 11 ft of the witness, it did so at very high speed. It then instantly assumed the form of a female dress, but did not appear taller than a girl seven years old. While he looked upon her, he thought in his mind “you are not tall enough for the woman who has so frequently appeared among us!” Immediately she grew up as large and tall as what a normal woman would be. The female entity appeared glorious and on her head was the representation of the sun diffusing the luminous, rectilinear rays all around. Through the glow, the witness saw the form of a woman in a dress. Others apparently saw it in the area accompanied by a small luminous cloud.
Source: Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia

Date: July 17 1806
Location: London, England
Time: 9:00
Summary: One object, larger than a star, was observed.
Source: Gentlemen’s Magazine

Date: 1806: Maine Sighting

Date: August 7 1806: Chimney Rock, Rutherford, North Carolina Alien Encounter

Date: December 22 1807
Location: Middleton Cheney
Time: Evening
Summary: An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object was observed.
Source:  Contact U.K.

Date: 1808
Location: France, Piedmont
Summary: Formation of ‘luminous discs’ observed in the sky.

Date: February 14 1808
Location: Portsmouth, England
Summary: Objects were sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. Three objects were observed on the ocean.
Source:   Contact U.K.

Date: April 11 1808
Location: Pignerol, Italy
Summary: An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One object was observed.
Source: Contact U.K.

Date: May 16 1808
Location: Skanninge, Sweden
Time: 16:00
Summary: An account by M. Acharius, in the Transactions of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1808-215, translated for the North American Review, 3-319. That M. Acharius, having heard of “an extraordinary and probably hitherto unseen phenomenon,” reported from near the town of Skeninge, Sweden, investigated: That, upon the 16th of May, 1808, at about 4 p.m., the sun suddenly turned dull brick-red. At the same time there appeared, upon the western horizon, a great number of round bodies, dark brown, and seemingly the size of a hat crown. They passed overhead and disappeared in the eastern horizon. Tremendous procession. It lasted two hours. Occasionally one fell to the ground. When the place of a fall was examined, there was found a film, which soon dried and vanished. Often, when approaching the sun, these bodies seemed to link together, or were then seen to be linked together, in groups not exceeding eight, and, under the sun, they were seen to have tails three or four fathoms long. Away from the sun the tails were invisible. Whatever their substance may have been, it is described as gelatinous — “soapy and jellied.”
Source: Fort, Charles Book of the Damned Boni-Liveright, 1919

Date: July 22 1808: UFO report in Camden

Date: September 1, 1808
Location: Moscow, Russia
Summary: Alexander Afanasyev, of the manuscript department of the Russian State History Museum, found a document in the personal archive of a Moscow senator Peter Poludensky. “On September 1, 1808 at 8 o’clock and 7 minutes after noon, in the sky, clear and sown with stars, a phenomenon appeared, incomparable in its beauty and rigor, as well as in radiance and enormous size, to anything seen before. As we noticed it, attracted by the loud cracking sound, it was rising in an arch over the horizon, from 55′ to almost 90′. Having passed this distance in an instant, it stopped among the clouds as if over the Kremlin and looked like a long straight plate some nine arshin (6.35 meter) long and half arshin (0.35 meter) thick. “Then on its front edge, turned to the South-West, an oval flame flared, some two arshin (1.4 meter) long and one and a half arshin (about one meter) thick, with a flame that can only be compared to the radiance of burning phosphor. “Floating in a circle without open fire or sparkle, it nonetheless lighted everything around as broad daylight; then the flame went out, the light disappeared, but the bright plate remained and quite smoothly went perpendicularly upwards, reached the stars and still could be seen for some two minutes and then, without disappearing, it became invisible due to the extraordinary height.” A sketch was attached, depicting the flying object. Afanasyev ruled out the possibility of a hoax based on the age of the paper and the writing style.

Date: 1809
Location: Perelberg, Germany
Summary: British diplomat Benjamin Bathurst vanished into thin air in 1809. Bathurst was returning to Hamburg with a companion after a mission to the Austrian court. Along the way, they had stopped for dinner at an inn in the town of Perelberg. Upon finishing the meal, they returned to their waiting horse-drawn coach. Bathurst’s companion watched as the diplomat stepped over to the front of the coach to examine to horses – and simply vanished without a trace.

Date: 1809: Mermaid Sighting near Sandside, Caithness, Scotland

Date: August 10 1809
Location. London, Hatton Garden, England
Time: morning
Summary: John Staveley reports he saw many objects moving around a black cloud: “They were like dazzling specks of light, dancing and traipsing thru‘ the clouds. One increased in size until it became of the brilliance and magnitude of Venus on a clear evening. But I could see no body in the light. It moved with great rapidity, and coasted the edge of the cloud. Then it became stationary, dimmed its splendor, and vanished. I saw these strange lights for 207 minutes, not seconds. For at least an hour, these lights, so strange, and in innumerable points, played in and out of this black cloud. No lightning came from the clouds where these lights were playing. As the meteors increased in size, they seemed to descend.”
Source: The Edinburgh Annual Register for 18092 (1811): 508.

Date: August 1810
Location. Amherst, Massachusetts
Time: unknown
Summary: Nocturnal lights were reported (Webster, N).
Source: Eberhart, George M. A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies Greenwood Press, Westport, 1980

Date: August 1810
Location. Outside Meklong, Thailand
Time: unknown
Summary: On a road outside the city Dr Jacob Hazlitt, a missionary, reported that he saw a man dressed in silver clothing. He described the skin of the humanoid as “gleaming” and that the entity had only one eye.
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin

Date: September 1810
Location. Meklong Thailand
Time: night
Summary: Awoken by an unknown force one night, a local Siamese woman was surprised to hear that the surrounding area was devoid of the usual animal noises. Looking out the window, the woman beheld a strange humanoid in her backyard. She claimed that the humanoid had only one eye and was dressed in a suit, which seemed to be made out of metal. The episode ended with the woman claiming to have been abducted to a “palace of lights.”
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin

Date: September 1810
Location. Brazeau, Holland
Time: between 5:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M.
Summary: A remarkable incident occurred in the Dutch village of Brazeau. The 36th volume of the Philosophical Magazine reported that between 5:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M., “a luminous 208 meteor appeared to the south, and about the distance of a quarter of a league from the small commune of Brazeau: persons who attentively examined it assert that it was nearly a quarter of an hour in collecting, floating over the place where it was first seen; and that when all its parts had united, it appeared all at once as a very considerable globe of fire, taking a northerly direction.” The phenomenon “spread terror among the inhabitants of the village, who believed their houses would be burnt, and they themselves perish.” It was followed by thick fog. Curiously, “in crossing a river it absorbed water, of which some afterwards fell as rain.” It is difficult to imagine a natural phenomenon with these characteristics. Its duration is also an anomaly, as it lasted forty-five minutes before turning into a column of fire and rising towards the sky.
Source: “Meteor seen in Holland”, The Philosophical Magazine 36 (1810): 395-396

Date: 1811
Location:   Antwerp, Belgium
Summary: An object was observed. Metallic traces found
Source: Delaire, J. Bernard UFO Register Volume 2 (1971) Data Research, Oxford, 1971

Date: 1811
Location:   Heidelberg, Germany
Summary: Fall of a gelatinous substance, after the explosion of a meteorite, near Heidelberg.
Source:  Leslie, Desmond Flying Saucers Have Landed British Book Center, 1953

Date: September 1811
Location. Chimney Rock Pass, North Carolina
Time: afternoon
Summary: Several Rutherford County mountaineers reported the “Specter Battle of Chimney Rock Pass.” The principal witnesses, an elderly farm couple living in the deepest part of the ravine, described a battle between “two opposing armies of horse-men, high up in the air all mounted on winged horses.” The “battle” lasted 10 minutes after the commander of one army cried “Charge!” the two armies dashing into each other, thrusting and hacking, the ring of their clashing swords audible, their blades glittering and flashing in the setting Sun’s rays. When one army was routed and left the field, the shouts of the victors and wails of the defeated were plainly heard. On subsequent evenings, the old couple and three “respectable men” visiting them again saw the “specter troopers”, but not in battle.
Source: T Peter Park, The Anomalist # 10

Date: 1811: Creature Spotted near Corphine, Kintyre, Scotland

Date: November 7 1811
Location:    London England
Time: 20:50
Summary:  An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One object was observed by one male witness (Forster
Source:   Philosophy Magazine

Date: November 21 1811
Location:  Charleston, South Carolina
Time: 15:00
Summary:  One object was observed.
Source: Contact U.K.

Date. March 20 1812
Location: Between Manosque & Villeneuve d’Apert, France
Time: night
Summary: Several persons traveling by couch during the night of the earthquake saw what appeared to be a luminous balloon, which flew over them and seem to divide itself into 4 fiery pieces. At this point the stunned travelers saw around them four men carrying lanterns, locked hand to hand and dancing around the couch.
Source: Pierre Delval Contacts of the 4th type

Date: April  1812
Location: Manosque, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d’Azur, France
Time: 20:00
Summary: Luminous globes over road. four figures with lights seen inside. An object was observed. Occupants of the craft were seen. One luminous ball was observed by seven witnesses on a road for two minutes
Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit

Date: 1812: Phantom troops seen in the sky in Havarah Park, England

Date. 1812
Location: Bucovina, Romania
Summary: The war between the Russians, French and Germans, over the town of Bucovina. ”Towards noon a large star with many rays appeared and in the night she ascended higher and flew in the direction of the Russians; afterwards she returned and went to the west, where the beams where extinguished. Thus did the star reveal herself for four months.
Source:  Contact U.K.

Date: 1813: “Immaculate” seen near Leipzig, Germany

Date: 1814: Portgordon, Scotland Mermaid Sighting

Location. Portsmouth, Virginia
Date: July 25 1814
Time: 1600
Summary: Carpenter Edward Hansford wrote to Jefferson on July 31, 1813 to describe the object which he and a Baltimore citizen named John L. Clark had witnessed: “A Ball of fire as full as large as the sun at Maridian (sic) which was frequently obscured within the space often minutes by a smoke emitted from its own body, but ultimately retained its brilliancy, and form during that period, but with apparent agitation. It then assumed the form of a turtle which also appeared much agitated and as frequently obscured by a similar smoke. It descended obliquely to the West, and raised again perpendicular to its original hite (sic) which was on or about 75 degrees. ” Edward Hansford lived in Norfolk County during the Revolutionary War, working on forts erected by the Commonwealth. In 1802, he was appointed harbormaster for the District of Norfolk and Portsmouth.
Source: “Edward Hansford to Thomas Jefferson, July 31, 1813” in The Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 1. General Correspondence, 1651-1827. Library of Congress, Digital Archive “American Memory”

Date: 1814: Mermaid off the West coast of Scotland

Location. near Agen, France
Date: September 5, 1814
Time: 11 A.M.
Summary: At 11 A.M., by clear sky and as a stiff breeze was blowing, a slow moving, perfectly round white object with a grayish center appeared at great height northwest of the town. Although first described as a “cloud,” it became completely stationary in spite of the wind and remained in that position until about noon, when it suddenly sped off to the south, revolving on its own axis, and emitting rumbling noises that culminated in an explosion. A shower of stones was released, after which the “cloud” stopped again, and slowly faded away. The explosion was heard throughout the region and terrified the inhabitants?
Source: Annales de Chimie et de Physique 25, tome XCII, Oct. 1814; Philosophical Magazine & Journal 44 (1814): 316 and 45 (1815): 23-26.

Date: 1815: Little creatures spotted in Ilkley Moor, England 

Location. Gallardon, Beauce, France
Date: January 15 1816
Time: twilight
Summary: 33-year old ploughman Joseph Martin was in the fields collecting horse manure when he heard a voice challenge him from behind; at first he turned around and did not see anything. Afraid he picked up his pitchfork and again heard the voice, this time more insistent. This time when he turned around he distinctly saw a strange figure, which he described as a small caped man, with a hat and a clear frock coat. The stranger ordered Martin (addressed him a “my friend”) to go to Tileries and ask an audience with King Louis XVIII and speak to him on the stranger’s behalf. As night fell, the stranger vanished. Martin goes home and tells his wife what had occurred, she makes fun of the situation and advises him to down to the cellar to fetch some cider.

Once in the cellar the short caped stranger who tells him to trust him because he is “an Angel of God” again confronts Martin. The supposed angel formulated a secret message for him to present to the King. The next morning Martin tells the abbot of Laperruque about the encounter and this one recognizing Martin’s excellent reputation in town, passes the information over to higher authorities. On April 2 Martin is granted his audience with the King, which lasts for about an hour. The message has given to the king has remained secret to this day, but the next morning King Louis XVIII abdicated and along with the Duke of Angouleme went in exile to England never to return.
Source: Louis Pauwels, “Martin of Gallardon”

Location. Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: October 1816 
Summary: Many people saw a large, luminous crescent-shaped object flying over the city. Many objects, about 300 feet across, were observed
Source: Leslie, Desmond Flying Saucers Have Landed British Book Center, 1953

Location. Adams, Robertson County, Tennessee
Date: 1817
Time: daytime
In the early 1800’s John Bell moved his family from North Carolina to the Red River bottomland in Robertson County, Tennessee, setting in a community that later became known as Adams. Bell purchased some land and a large log home for his family. The Bells quickly made many friends and gained prominence in the community. John Bell acquired additional land and cleared a number of fields over the next several years. One day in 1817, John Bell was inspecting his cornfield when he encountered a strange-looking animal sitting in the middle of a cornrow.

Shocked by the appearance of this animal, which had the body of a dog and the head of a rabbit, Bell shot at it several times without any apparent effect. The animal then vanished. Bell thought nothing more about the incident—at least not until after dinner. That evening, the Bells began hearing “beating” sounds on the outside of their house. These mysterious sounds continued with increased force each night. Bell and his sons often hurried outside to catch the culprit but always returned empty handed. The noises were soon followed by more problems. The Bell children began waking up frightened and complaining of sounds much like rats gnawing at their bedposts. It wasn’t long until the children began complaining of more terrifying things—having their bed covers pulled and their pillows were tossed onto the floor by a seemingly invisible force.
Source: The Bell Witch Legend of Tennessee

Location. Atlantic Ocean
Date: May 1817
Time: 1400
Summary: Witnesses onboard the ship “Leonidas” sailing from New York to Havre France reported seeing around two in the afternoon at a distance of about half the ship’s length, they saw a strange fish. Its lower parts were like a fish; its belly was all white; the top of the back brown, and there was the appearance of short hair as far as the top of the head. From the breast upwards it had a near resemblance to a human being and looked upon the observers very earnestly. It apparently remained in sight all afternoon.
Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!

Location. Amhurst, Massachusetts
Date: September 25, 1817
Summary:At 6:25 P.M. three travelers who had just visited the roman monument near Lanuejols and were going through the “Causse de Mende” to reach that town saw in the south-southeast (towards Villefort) a luminous object, “reddish in color, in the shape of a disk three or four times larger than the full Moon.” It disappeared 2 or 3 minutes later. The sky was hazy and a fine rain was falling.
Source: Le Midi Libre, 25 September 1954. We have not traced an earlier source.

Location. France
Date: September 25, 1817
Summary: One red disc was observed by three witnesses on a farm for over three minutes.
Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit

Location. Tower Of London
Date: October 1817
Summary:  An object was observed. Physiological effects were noted. One object, about 3 inches across, was observed by two witnesses, a married couple, at a castle for two minutes (Swifte).
Source: FSR

Date: 1818
Summary: In 1818, a geologist named Dr. Edward D. Clarke was looking for fossils in a chalk quarry 270 feet underground. Dr. Clarke found some fossilized sea urchins and newts. He dug three well-preserved newts out and placed them on paper in the sun. To his astonishment, they began to move around. Two of the newts died shortly, but the third remained lively and was released into a pond. Dr. Clarke claimed the newts were unlike any other living at the time and were an extinct species unknown to science.

Location. Steyr, Oberosterreich, Austria
Date: 1819
Summary: An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object, the size of the moon, was observed by one male witness at a mountain for over four minutes (Schoen).
Source:  Flying Saucers Magazine

Location. Amherst, Massachusetts
Date: August 13, 1819
Summary: A white silvery fireball light accompanied by a violent explosion was seen.  Afterwards, a bad-smelling object covered in a “cloth-like nap” fell in Amherst, Massachusetts. Upon removing the nap, Professor Rufus Graves found a “buff-colored, pulpy substance”. When exposed to the air, it became a “livid color resembling venous blood”.
Source:  Delaire, J. Bernard UFO Register Volume 2 (1971) Data Research, Oxford, 1971

Location. Embrun, France
Date: 1820
Summary:A formation of flying objects crossed the French town.  Francois Arago wrote of this date in the ‘Annales de chimie et de physique’: “Numerous observers have seen, during an eclipse of the moon, strange objects moving in straight lines. They were equally spaced and remained in line when they made turns. Their movements made a military precision.”

Location. Hopkinton, New Hampshire
Date: 1820
Summary:At dusk a young man was followed home in a patch of forest called “The Lookout” near Putney Hill (also known as Gould Hill) for almost two miles by several glowing balls. They would stop whenever he stopped to look back at them, and then resume their movement as he started walking again, but never came closer than within 50 feet. Such glowing balls had been seen in the area since 1750, moving slowly in mid-air, so one may suspect a natural phenomenon. The date given here is a rough estimate.
Source: Charles Chase Lord, Life and Times in Hopkinton, N.H. (Concord, NH: Republican Press Association, 1970).

Location. Manchester, New York
Date: Spring 1820 (March 20?)
Time: afternoon
Summary: Mormon spiritual leader Joseph Smith, 15-years of age at the time, said that he had gone out into the woods to meditate after a particular harrowing day. As he headed toward a hill near his home: “Immediately I was seized upon by some power which entirely overcame me, and had such an astonishing influence over me.” He could not speak as thick darkness gathered around him. Moments later a pillar of light descended gradually until it fell upon him. His next memory was of seeing two “personages” that were glowing brightly and stood above him in the air. They called him by name and introduced themselves as father and son.
Source: The Pearl of Great Price, by Joseph Smith – History 1:5-8, 14-19, 22.

Date: September 7, 1820
Location: Embrun, France
Time: night
Summary: Astronomer Francois Arago, director of Paris observatory, reports that “numerous people have seen, during an eclipse of the moon, strange objects moving in straight lines. They were equally spaced and remained in line when they made turns. Their movements showed military precision.”
Source: Francois Arago, Oeuvres Completes de Francois Arago (Paris, 1857), v. 11, 575-8; “Etoiles filantes en plein jour”, in Annales de Chimie et de Physique, vol. 30 (1825): 575-8.

Date: 1821
Location: Robertson County, Tennessee
Summary: Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one male witness (Bell).
Source: FSR

Date: October 23 1822
Location: Berlin, Germany
Summary: Germany Astronomer Pastorff watched two disc pass in front of the face of the Sun.
Source: Hatch, Larry

Location. Manchester, New York
Date: September 21 1823
Time: night
Summary: According to Joseph Smith the most important visitation happened on this date.He discovered a light appearing in his room, which continued to increased until the room was lighter than at noonday, when immediately a personage appeared at his bedside, standing in air, for his feet did not touch the floor. The entity had no shoes but wore a loose white robe that shone so brightly that Smith declared that he did not “belied that any earthly thing could be made to appear so exceedingly white and brilliant.” The figure introduced himself as Moroni a messenger sent by God. Moroni had a message for the young man. Smith had been chosen to translate part of the scriptures then would let the world know the true story of the American continent. All he had to do was to dig them up at a particular spot on the Hill of Cumorah, where they had lain buried for centuries, and translated them into English. Adding a few quotes from the Old Testament for good measure, mainly about ancient prophesies that were shortly going to be fulfilled. Moroni then left. This is how Joseph Smith described the moment that this happened: “I saw the light in my room gather immediately around the person of him who had been speaking to me, and it continued to do so until the room was again left dark, except just around him: when, instantly I saw, as it were, a conduit open right into heaven, and he ascended until he entirely disappeared.” A little while later, on the same night, the “angel” reappeared in Smith’s room.According to the visitor, the future was grim, and “great desolations by famine, sword and pestilence” would be coming. Having related those things, he again ascended as he had done before. The mysterious Moroni appeared again that night.
Source: Virtually




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