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1931: UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: June 22, 2016)

Date: 1931
Location: Tasman Sea
Summary: The late Sir Francis Chichester was on a flight across the Tasman Sea when what looked like a dull gray-white airship approached him. It was pearl-shaped, flashing brightly, periodically vanishing, re-appearing, accelerating and finally disappeared.

Date: 1931
Location: Near Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Time: morning
Summary: A local resident, Mr. Yakov Tabunshikov reported seeing a strange globe hovering above the roof of a nearby house. Its diameter was no more than 2 meters. The globe was completely transparent, with no visible engines. It floated between his home and a nearby home approximately 40 meters from him. He was amazed to see a man seating inside the globe, as if seating on an invisible chair. The man was dressed in red clothing without a helmet. He had a light red beard and a thick red longish hair on his head. His faced appeared wrinkled. He stared ahead of him in a fixed glance, emotionless, completely ignoring the witness. Soon the globe and its occupant drifted away and vanished from sight.

Date: Jan. 1, 1931
Location: Cobden, Ont., Canada
Summary: UFO sighted in early morning, had bright light on front which lit up tree-tops, flashing lights on rear. Object made sweeping curve, sped up and climbed out of sight.
Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, 1964, Hall

Date: Oct. 11, 1931
Location: West VA
Summary: Flaming, one-hundred foot blimp

Date: 1931
Location: Arnhem Land, Northern Territories Australia
Time: evening
Summary: A local aboriginal elder reported a UFO landing and aliens (undescribed) emerging from the object and abducting a 2-year old aboriginal child. Another UFO landed near a station and a woman who approached reportedly received a telepathic message from the aliens that they wanted to take her. The UFO left without the woman when the station manager emerged with a gun. The object left a circle on the ground that apparently can still be seen today.
Source: Bill Chalker, The Oz Files

Date: 1931
Location: Jasper, Tennessee
Time: night
Summary: An object was observed. Metallic traces found. A crashed disc was reported.
Source: Hall, Richard H. From Airships to Arnold: A Preliminary Catalog of UFO Reports in the Early 20th Century (1900-1946) UFO Research Coalition, Fairfax, 2000

Date: 1931
Location: Moselle, France
Time: night
Summary: A local couple is perturbed by the repeated appearances in their home of a smiling “head” or face of what appeared to be a “Chinese” entity. The strange apparition would appear in their bedroom at night. Both would wake up to see the head or face vanish in plain sight. After awhile it was not seen again.
Source: Raoul Robe, Regional Catalogue

Date: January 1931
Location: Eslov Sweden
Time: night
Summary: Helge Eriksson observed a group of small bearded human like beings wearing brown smocks walking on the hard snow in goose formation towards a blue-violet light that was surrounded by a misty cloud. The beings were talking very loud among themselves in an unknown language. There was a strong chemical smell in the air during the incident. The beings apparently disappeared into the blue-violet light.
Source: Mrs Elin Graeper, Canadian UFO Report Vol. 2 # 8

Date: end of March 1931
Location: Cannes Alpes Maritimes France
Time: 1500
Summary: M Blanc, the conductor of a streetcar, saw 300 ft in front of him, beside the road, a sort of gray white luminous curtain, looking as if rain were falling behind it. As the streetcar approached, he saw the luminous curtain part, and in the middle appeared a human form, about 5.5 ft tall, which he took for an apparition of the Blessed Virgin. This figure was wearing a veil on its head and a close fitting long white robe with a blue girdle, and had its hand held out in front. After about 15 seconds, the figure rose up, and appeared to be sucked up into a lenticular shaped gray cloud; the cloud rose to 60 ft altitude and went off horizontally toward Nice at high speed, leaving a trail behind it. The passengers on the streetcar saw only the cloud. The next day the Nice newspaper L’Eclaireur reported a similar apparition in Nice half an hour later.
Source: Alain Gamard & Jean Luc Rivera

Date: August 1931
Location: Warwickshire England
Time: daytime
Summary: A woman and her daughter reported encountering on several occasions in their garden and among the flowering shrubs several eighteen-inch tall female beings that moved gracefully among the bushes and hid as the witnesses attempted to approach. One wore a pink transparent gown and the others bluish ones.
Source: David Lazell, Fortean Times # 71

Date: 1931
Location: High Bridge, New Jersey
Summary: This week we continue our look back at the little- known UFO flap of 1931. During June of that year, at the same time Mrs. and Mrs. Giddings witnessed strange lights on the moon from their Riverside, California home, two boys–Howard B. Menger, age 9, and his brother, Alton Menger, age 7, spotted two daylight discs at their home in High Bridge, New Jersey, about 55 miles (88 kilometers) west of New York City. Here is the story in Howard Menger’s own words:

“It was in this pastoral setting, in the warm lavish extravagance of June and July (1931) that I began to experience other feelings that I am at a loss to explain…About this time we began to see the discs in the sky.” “My brother (Alton) and I continued seeing the bright, shining, circular objects in the sky, and one day one of them landed in the field where we were playing.” “It was a disc-shaped object about ten feet (3 meters) in diameter. Afraid, but fascinated and curious, we walked toward it to get a better view. As we neared it, we noticed another bright object, a much larger one of similar design, hovering in the sky above the smaller craft, as if observing it and us.” “Our hearts palpitated, but curiosity overwhelmed our fright as we proceeded cautiously.” “When we were about 25 feet (7 meters) from the object, the larger airborne craft disappeared; and while we were trying to muster enough courage to go closer, the disc on the ground began vibrating, then took off at a terrific rate of speed in a blinding flash of light.”
Source: See FROM OUTER SPACE TO YOU by Howard Menger, Saucerian Books, Clarksburg, W.V., 1959, pages 20 and 21.



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