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Date: 1934
Location: Near Campbell Lake South Dakota
Summary: A local farmer claimed that a giant, four-legged reptile forced his tractor off the road before disappearing into the nearby lake. Huge tracks were found on the shore. Prior to this incident sheep & other small animals had been disappearing mysteriously in the area.
Source: Jerome Clark, The Unexplained

Date: 1934
Location: Mayaguez Puerto Rico
Time: morning
Summary: A young man Juan Rivera Feliberti was flying a kite in a field outside of town when suddenly he felt something pulling on the kite, looking up he now could see a silvery sphere, about 20 ft in diameter, hovering over him. A beam of light was directed at the witness from the sphere, he then floated up and entered the sphere through an opening on its top. Inside he saw a man wearing a dark green tight fitting outfit sitting at a control panel, which had a shiny crystal resembling an emerald. Next to him stood a blond girl with rosy skin and wearing a silvery outfit, she looked very young. She was holding the witness’s kite. He was then taken into another room by the girl and shown a box that emitted certain images. He attempted to get his kite back but was unable to. The little girl then showed the witness a little box, full of colored buttons and asked him if he wanted to play with it. The girl then pressed some buttons on the box and suddenly a cloud of spiraling smoke came out. The smoke took the form of a monkey-like creature; soon several “monkeys” had come out of the box. The girl then asked Juan if he wanted to trade the kite for the box and he agreed. He was finally deposited at the same spot from where he was picked up; he twisted an ankle in the process. According to Juan he kept the strange box for a long time, and even entertained his little friends with the “monkey trick.” Oddly enough, however, grown ups could not see the monkeys only the children. In the end the monkeys caused him great problems because he could not control them and later he ended up burying the machine (box) on a nearby mountain. (However he feels that some of the monkey like creatures had escaped and are probably still roaming the Puerto Rican brush.) In later life, according to Juan Rivera, he had other strange experiences, including encounters with alien women who enticed him to making love with them. He also claims to have received a telepathic message during one of his encounters: “The hour of the new harvest is approaching.” Unsure as to what the meaning is.
Source: Robiou Lamarche, Manifesto Ovni en Puerto Rico Santo Domingo Y Cuba, also Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia

Date: 1934
Location: Fiambala, Catamarca, Argentina
Time: afternoon
Summary: Several girls playing in a fig field were surprised to see a very small human-like “person” resembling a “gnome” staring at them from behind some vines. Terrified they screamed and ran away from the area. Others in this town had reported a similar entity.
Source: Proyecto CATENT, Argentina

Date: 1934
Location: Singapore
Time: afternoon
Summary: A young girl was walking down a road in the countryside when she began to feel very tired. She wanted to rest but there wasn’t anywhere available to sit. Then out of nowhere there came a short large headed dwarf that offered his head for her to sit on. After much bickering she agreed. Then the dwarf followed her home, telling her that it would protect her as long as it lives. Apparently she had additional encounters with the dwarf.
Source: Singapore Paranormal Investigations

Date: January 1934
Location: Near Chattanooga Tennessee
Time: night
Summary: A giant kangaroo-like creature was seen running and leaping across fields. Witnesses also alleged that it attacked or killed dogs, geese, and ducks. Other animal mutilations were also reported in the area.
Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!

Date: January 23 1934
Location: Tromso Norway
Summary: The captain and crew of the freighter “Tordenskiold” observed a large gray colored object resembling an aeroplane maneuvering low over the area. It projected a blinding beam of light towards the freighter. A man wearing an “anorak” and goggles was seen in the cabin of the object.
Source: Peter Rogerson, Mufob Vol. 6 # 1

Date: February 1934
Location: Dollis Hill London England
Time: evening
Summary: On a cold rainy evening a married couple observed a metallic cylindrical object on the ground with two men wearing peaked caps standing near it. The couple approached but the object moved quickly away and the two men with peaked caps had vanished.
Source: Peter Rogerson, Mufob Vol. 6 # 1

Date: February 3, 1934
Location: Sweden, Northern Finland, Norway
Summary: Ghost aviators
Source: New York Times

Date: February 5 1934
Location: Malselv Norway
Time: evening
Summary: An unknown aeroplane was seen by “reliable people” in Malselv to crash or make an emergency landing on Fager Mountain. The next morning it was still to be seen there, with 2 men apparently clearing away the snow; it “made 2 attempts to take off, but without success,” the engine noise being heard in the valley. 8 men “struggled up the mountainside” on 2/6 without finding the craft; at 2200 that night, 4 persons saw an aeroplane pass over Malselv. The next day 3 more search parties climbed the mountain, and one “discovered 2 parallel traces in the snow, about 75 meters in length; also, footprints of people around the traces.”
Source: John A Keel

Date: October 1 1934
Location: Garganta La Olla Caceres Spain
Time: daytime
Summary: An old woman was working in a field when she noticed nearby in a crag a short being wearing a very brilliant outfit. She then heard a voice in her head announcing the birth of her grandson. She then walked towards the being, which began to run and quickly disappeared. When she arrived at her home she was able to verify that indeed her grandson had been born.
Source: Vicente Ballester Olmos, A Catalogue of 200 Type I UFO Events in Spain & Portugal

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