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Date: 1936 – Black Forest, Germany – UFO Crash?

Date: 1936
Location: Dourdan Woods, France
Time: unknown
Summary: A lone witness reported encountering in a wooded area a 3-meter tall humanoid female figure wearing a long black cape and dark outfit. There is no other information.
Source: .Denys Breysse, Project Becassin

Date: 1936
Location: Great Falls Maryland
Time: 0200A
Summary: A night security guard at the local “Maryland mine” while doing his rounds encountered a bizarre being in one of the shafts. The being was described as a man-like creature with fiery eyes and a ten-foot long tail. The creature crawled out of the mine and disappeared into the forest.
Source: .Mark Chorvinsky & Mark Opsasnick, Strange Magazine # 5

Date: 1936
Location: Nottingham, England
Time: morning
Summary: Young Marjorie T Johnson was lying in bed enjoying the early morning sunshine which streamed in through the low, open window, suddenly she felt compelled to sit up in bed and turn her eyes to the empty fire grate. There, on a filmy cobweb on the bars, sat a strange little creature. It seemed quite unafraid and, from the broad grin on its face, appeared to enjoy the witness’s observation. As the witness stared, it blinked back at her with a blank expression, which showed very little intelligence. Curious she climbed out of bed. The elf like creature then immediately disappeared. Marjorie climbed back, and when she looked again the creature was perched in the same place. This went on for several minutes until she brushed away the cobweb. She never saw the creature again. She described it as about 4inches to 6inches in height; with very large ears and a glimmering green colored body.
Source: .Janet Bord, Faeries Real Encounters with The Little People

Date: 1936: Pacific Ocean Sightings

Date: 1936
Location: Near Jefferson Wisconsin
Time: night
Summary: A night security guard making his rounds came upon a strange creature that was apparently digging a hole at an old Indian burial mound. The creature turned around and looked at the witness that was now terrified and began to pray. The creature seemed to show some fear and uttered something like sounded like “Gadara.” The creature was described as huge, black in color & emitting a putrid smell, it had long finger like claws, a man like built, pointed canine like teeth, pointed ears and a muzzle like nose. The creature slowly disappeared into the nearby woods.
Source: .Linda S Godfrey, Strange Magazine # 11

Date: January 1 1936
Location: Potterne, England
Time: night
Summary: A man was driving to meet his wife from a New Year’s party when he saw a young woman in a green suit with a dark collar, at the side of the road. He stopped and asked if he could give her a lift. She got into the back of the car and he drove on. Suddenly the air grew dreadfully cold and when he glanced back to the girl, no one was there.
Source: . Ken Rogers, The Warminster Triangle

Date: March 1936
Location: Arran Stirlingshire England
Time: daytime
Summary: The witness was walking along a wooded path when he heard the sound of high-pitched conversation from somewhere nearby. As he walked over to the path to investigate he confronted a group of tiny man like beings that seemed angry and were hurrying along the path. They ran away as he approached.
Source: .David Lazell, Fortean Times # 71

Date: April 1936
Location: Hertfordshire England
Time: daytime
Summary: The witness was driving along a quite lane concentrating on his vehicle when as he rounded a bend in the road he caught a glimpse of a short round-faced humanoid wearing a pointed cap, sitting on top of a tree stump and looking straight across the road ahead of him. As the witness slowed down to get a better look, the being had already vanished.
Source: .David Lazell, Fortean Times # 71

Date: Summer 1936
Location: Halandri, Athens, Greece
Time: noon
Summary: Maria K, 12, was playing with 5-6 other children in an area that was then sparsely populated. As they played the area was suddenly filled with clouds of dust. They stopped playing and looked at the direction from which the clouds had come from. There, they saw a large egg-shaped silvery object, slightly bigger than an airplane. It had landed on the ground on small legs, 100-150 meters away. They did not see any open door on the object, but on the ground under the object, there was a small humanoid wearing a white outfit and a broad belt, with small lights. The creature had long white hair and turned to their direction for a while. After that, it waved its hand like a salute. Suddenly it disappeared. A loud hiss was heard and the object took off vertically between clouds of dust. It rose into the sky until it was gone. The children were shocked and were not in the mood to continue their game until their parents called them for lunch. The parents did not believe them.
Source: .Makis Podotas, UFO Greek File

Date: July 1936
Location: Palm Springs California
Time: unknown
Summary: Undocumented report of an encounter with three helmeted humanoid figures, that in spite of being wingless, appeared to be flying over the area. No other information.
Source: .Aldrich/Project 1947, quoting Gray Barker

Date: July 1936
Location: B’Bugia Bay Malta
Time: evening
Summary: Several witnesses watched a “zeppelin” shaped object moving at great speed over the sea. One of the witnesses was a soldier that had a telescope. He said he was able to see people inside a cabin wearing strange helmets.
Source: . David Pace, UFOs over The Maltese Islands

Date: July 25 1936
Location: Pilar de los Muertos, Guadalajara, Spain
Time: night
Summary: Lieutenant J V and two other soldiers were returning to base after a scouting mission when a potent white light suddenly surrounded them. Moments later they found themselves only about 4 meters away from two tall white garbed humanoids, which stared at the men. Apparently a short telepathic conversation between the men and humanoids ensued. To this day J V is not sure if the language was Spanish or if it was some type of maverick mental communication. Several minutes later, the two humanoids and the bright white light vanished. (This occurred during the bloody Spanish Civil war).
Source: .Antonio Perez, Spain

Date: 1936: Sighting in Eklutna

Date: Winter 1936
Location: Near Port Colborne Ontario
Time: unknown
Summary: The fifteen-year-old witness watched a metallic saucer shaped craft fly low overhead and land on a nearby field. He approached the object and apparently encountered some human like occupants and was invited inside the object where he was shown some “machinery.” No other information.
Source: .Robert E Bartholomew, Ufolore, quoting Musgrave

Date: Winter 1936
Location: Pavlodar Region Kazakhstan
Time: dawn
Summary: Mrs E E Loznaya recalled, how as a teenager she had a strange and unforgettable encounter. Fifteen at the time, she was on her way to school along a deserted, snowy, country road on a fine cold winter morning, just before sunrise. She saw a dark object some distance away in the air moving in her general direction. As it drew closer she could see that it was a man like figure dressed in black and seen in profile. Its direction formed a 60-degree angle with the road. The “man” was of medium height and the black garment covered him completely—she saw no hands, and on his head was something like a helmet. He held his massive arms tightly against his sides. On his back was a device something like a rucksack. He suddenly changed course and headed straight for the student. She could now see his right arm was slightly bent at the elbow. As he came closer, she was unable to make out any features on his face—only a black surface. At this point she became aware of a rumbling sound that increased in intensity and it occurred to her that this thing might be more machine than man. The distance then was no more than 40 meters. Thoroughly frightened, she turned to search for some place to run; there was no place to hide on the barren snow covered steppe. When she turned, the figure had vanished as if into thin air; it occurred to her that he might have dived into a nearby snow bank. She fled to her home. The sighting had lasted about one minute and was so remarkable she could never forget it.
Source: .Vladimir V Rubtsov, FSR Vol. 24 # 4

Date: 1936
Location: Guipuzcoa, Spain
Summary: A sighting in the midst of the Spanish Civil War.   English novelist and former soldier Valentine Williams and two others were driving from General Franco’s headquarters in Burgos to Biarritz, France. The sighting occurred at 4:18  pm in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa, about 75 miles from San Sebastian.  Williams’ companions gasped in amazement; he turned to see what he thought was a flare or traced round on a course at right angles to the road, heading northward at an amazing velocity. Williams later described it as ‘like a streamer of white smoke… As it went, it burst into a bright orange flame. There was no sound or explosion.’  When they reached Biarritz, they told their story. Tom Dupree, from the British Consulate at Hendaye, said the had been at San Sebastian (about 30 miles west of Biarritz) at the same time of that day and had seen the same object. This UFO could have been a particularly large fireball, burning brightly enough to be visible by daylight.  However, the accounts give the impression that the object was traveling paralleled to the ground, not falling towards the earth

Date:  1936

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