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Date: November 1947
Location: Vancouver Island, Washington
Time: unknown
Summary: Angler George W Saggers encountered a strange serpent-like animal in Ucluelet Harbor, at a distance of 150 ft. Its head and neck were four feet above the water; it had “two jet black eyes about three inches across and protruding from the head…it appeared to have some sort of mane.” The color of the mane was dark brown and it appeared to have whiskers or hair on its face.
Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!

Date: November 1947
Location: La Tortiñosa, Caceres, Spain
Time: late afternoon
Summary: Farmer Teodosio Gomez reportedly encountered in a field a giant humanoid wearing dark clothing that moved and then stopped at the same time that Gomez did, apparently mimicking or mocking him. Terrified he ran to town. He described the humanoid as possibly a “female” over two meters in height.
Source: Iker Jimenez, Encuentros, La Historia De Los Ovni en España

Date: November 1947
Location: Garganta La Olla, Caceres, Spain
Time: late afternoon
Summary: Days after the preceding encounter, goat herder Jose Pancho Campo encountered a similar creature in a wooded field outside of town. While observing the enigmatic black clad creature he was astounded to see that it possessed a pair of goat-like feet. Terrified Campo began to scream, this apparently caused the creature to scamper away from the area at great speed. The witness became very ill after the encounter, loosing all his stamina. He died 15 years later after suffering from chronic pain.
Source: Iker Jimenez, Encuentros, La Historia De Los Ovni en España

Date: Nov. 2, 1947
Location: Anderson Rd., Houston, Texas    BBU
Time: Daybreak
Summary: Immigration Service [agent?] Brimberry saw an almost round or oval or saucer-shaped object with bright light [?] about 100 ft [?] diameter spinning in its descent

Date: Nov. 3 or 4, 1947
Location: Vaughn (near), New Mexico
Time: Approx 8:00 pm.
Summary: Basketball-Sized object explodes near colonel.

Date: Nov. 5, 1947
Location: Persian Gulf
Summary: Crewmen aboard the oil tanker Chipola were said to have sighted eight saucer-shaped objects whizzing through the air a mere half mile away while the vessel made its way through the warm waters off Arabia. As the sailors watched, the objects in question climbed out of sight gaining height while in an echelon formation.
Source: UFOs A History 1947; 284. 75

Date: Nov. 12, 1947
Location: 40 miles N [S?] of Cape Blanco, Oregon, 20 miles off coast    BBU
Summary: Early morning. USS Ticonderoga USN 2nd Officer Williamson saw 2 balls of fire with a fiery trail headed NW at 700-900 mph.

Date: Nov. 15, 1947
Location: Wichita, Kansas                         BBU 2224
Time: 7:02 a.m.
Summary: USAF Maj. R. L. Wallander, Capt. Belleman, A/3c Phipps saw an orange object (a blue streak?) varied in shape, as it made jerky upward sweeps with 10-15 sec pauses. 3-5 mins.

Date: Nov. 15, 1947
Location: Wichita, Texas                                         BBU
Time: 8:25 p.m.
Summary: USAF B­47 crew and passengers saw an elliptical blue-white object with orange or red tail, moving erratically

Date: November 22 1947
Location: London England
Time: afternoon
Summary: During hypnosis experiment the witness entered a trance-like state during which she seemed to travel at great speed to a place with a cloudy atmosphere. She then entered a doorway into an underworld place where she saw machinery and heard the sounds of its operators. Suddenly two women seized and overpowered her and then took her before a man. The beings were tall. The man was nearly bald; the women wore silvery helmets and black shirts. She blacked out then awoke to find her shoulder exposed as the beings searched for a mark. They failed to find it then the man took out some sort of gun and burned the figures “H6AQ” onto her leg. (These were still visible when she came out of the trance!) The man gave a cackling laugh when he caused her this pain and then threatened her. The beings did not speak English, but somehow she understood them.
Source: N S W Chibbett, FSR Special Issue # 3


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