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Date: November , 1948
Location: Rockford, Illinois
Time: 18:00
Summary:  One object was observed by one witness for 12 seconds (Schulz).
Source: NICAP 

Date: Nov. 1, 1948
Location: Goose Bay AFB, Labrador, Canada   BBU
Summary: According to a USAF Intelligence Report mentioned in NICAP files, on November 1, radar men at Goose Bay Air Force Base in Labrador picked up a strange object flying 600 miles an hour. VIII) 
Source: Ruppelt manuscript

Date: November 1, 1948
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Time: 22:00
Summary: One object was observed by 35 witnesses for two minutes (Reeves).
Source: NICAP 

Date: Nov. 3-4, 1948            BBU
Location: 10 miles E of Vaughn, New Mexico
Summary: [U.S. Army Col.?] Hayes. [Green fireball?] ()
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: November 4, 1948
Location: Glimakra, Sweden
Summary: Objects were observed. Metallic traces found. Two objects were observed by one witness in a yard (Nilsson).
Source: Rehn, Karl Gosta 

Date: November 5, 1948
Location: Richmond, Indiana
Summary: A star-like object was observed and photographed. An object which flew in a straight line across the sky was reported (Stevens).
Source: Project Bluebook

Date: Nov. 6, 1948            BBU
Location: Wakkanai, Japan 
Time: At 11:57 a.m. 
Summary: local time, a radar operator at a ground radar station observed a blip on the radar screen. The target first appeared as one object but at times appeared as 2 targets. The speed of the object(s) was estimated varying from 160 mph to 240 mph. The target circled the radar site continuously for one hour and five minutes. No interception action was taken due to adverse weather. 
Source: McDonald list, Dan Wilson

Date: November 7, 1948
Location: Lockbourne, Ohio
Time: 15:30
Summary: An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One object was observed for 20 minutes.
Source: Vallee, Jacques Challenge to Science: The UFO Enigma Henry Regnery, Chicago, 1966

Date: Nov. 10, 1948
Location: in Ervalla, Orebro province, Sweden
Time:  10:20 p.m. 
Summary:A 40 meter high cone of multicolored lights enveloped a farmer in Ervalla, Orebro province. The witness received ultraviolet burns to his exposed skin. No object was seen as the source of the cone of lights. Physiological effects were noted. Several cone-shaped objects, about 150 feet across, were observed by one witness on a farm for over one minute.
Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 1357; Andre Liljegren, AFU Sweden News, issue # 23

Date: Nov. 12, 1948               BBU
Location: Clark AFB, Manila, Philippines
Time: Bet. 1 and 2 p.m. 
Summary: Airman Wright with 18th Maint. Sq saw a white speck flying in the distance to the NE, then N, then fly into a cloud bank and emerge to the NNW, approaching closer so that he saw it was a very large 300 ft long 140 ft wingspan snow-white aircraft with low wings darting in and out of clouds much faster than any jet, about 20-30 miles away about 3-6 miles high, leaving an exhaust trail like skywriting and making loud aircraft noise. 
Source: FOIA; FUFOR Index

Date: November 15, 1948
Location: Nevada, Missouri
Time: 16:00
Summary: Hovering cigar-shaped objects were observed. Three discs were observed by one witness on a farm for over one minute. A whirring sound was heard. Large disc hovers, two small objects drop from disc and fly away rapidly to the southwest. Disc flies to the northeast .
Source: Hatch, Larry 

Date: Nov. 17, 1948            BBU
Location: Peace River, Alberta, Canada
Time:  6:18 a.m. (PST). 
Summary: Pilot and radio [radar?] operator of military aircraft saw a bright orange flaming egg-shaped object flying on a SW heading. 
Source: Project 1947; McDonald list

Date: Nov. 18, 1948            BBU
Location:  Andrews AFB / Camp Springs, Maryland
Time: 9:45-10:03 p.m. 
Summary: USAF Lts. Jackson and Combs, 2 reserve pilots, aboard an Andrews AFB T-6 aircraft traveling 150 mph and 2 independent ground observers saw a highly maneuverable whitish-grey oval lighted object smaller than the T-6 cross over Andrews AFB from NE to SW and back again in a circular pattern from 4,000 ft dropping to 1,700 ft then climbing to 7,000 ft. T-6 followed object to identify it, made 3-4 passes at the object while climbing, dove on the object at 240 mph but it dropped down and came up behind the T-6 and continued circling the base. T-6 was able with difficulty to put object in front of city lights on the ground to try to make out details, and came within about 300-400 ft turned on landing light and object responded with a dull glow, then sped off to the NE at 8,000+ ft and 500-600 mph disappearing. Object’s speed varied from 80 to 600 mph in multi directional or omni-directional flight, with vertical maneuverability, highly evasive with high acceleration. Another reserve pilot, a USAF 2nd Lt. in another aircraft over the NE corner of Andrews AFB at 1,000 ft saw the object directly overhead. A further independent witness, USAF Staff Sgt. John J. Kushner, observed object from the ground. 
Source: FOIA; Ruppelt p. 46

Date: November 19, 1948
Location: Santa Catalina Mtns, Arizona
Time: Night
Summary: One object was observed by one witness at a mountain.
Source: Doubt Magazine

Date: Nov. 23, 1948
Location: Vaughn, New Mexico

Date: Nov. 23, 1948      BBU
Location: Furstenfeldbruck AFB, Munich, West Germany
Time: 10:20 p.m. 
Summary: USAF F­80 jet fighter pilot Capt. Slater, another jet pilot Capt., and a 1st Lt. of 23rd Fighter Sq from the ground saw a reddish star-like object to the E moving S over Munich at 200-500 mph, turning slightly SW then SE. Slater called the Race Card DF Station equipped with radar which tracked an unidentified target at 27,000 ft and 30 miles S of Munich, climbing to 40,000 ft at 40 miles S of Munich then circling around. At 2200 hours, local time, 23 November 1948, Capt. —— saw an object in the air directly east of this base. It was at an unknown altitude. It looked like a reddish star and was moving in a southerly direction across Munich, turning slightly to the southwest then the southeast. The speed could have been between 200 to 600 mph, the actual speed could not be estimated, not knowing the height. Capt. — — called base operations and they called the radar station. Radar reported that they had seen nothing on their scope but would check again. Radar then called operations to report that they did have a target at 27,000 feet, some 30 miles south of Munich, traveling at 900 mph. Capt. —— reported that the object that he saw was now in that area. A few minutes later radar called again to say that the target had climbed to 50,000 feet, and was circling 40 miles south of Munich. Capt. —— is an experienced pilot now flying F-80’s and is considered to be completely reliable. The sighting was verified by Capt. —— , also an F-80 pilot.
Source: FOIA

Date: Nov. 26, 1948     BBU
Location: Washington and Oregon 
Source:  McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: Nov. 30, 1948    
Location: Nevada, Missouri
Summary: A daytime disc was observed by one witness.
Source:  Phillips, Ted R. Trace Cases

Date: November 1948
Location: Aspang, Austria
Time: unknown
Summary: Two local men saw a cloud that then floated over Konigsberg. The cloud became bright and then parted. An entity in a blue cloak came out of it. The sighting was regarded as a Marian encounter. According to sources she wore a golden crown on her head and a bunch of roses in her hand.

Date:  November 1948

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