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Date: June , 1949    
Location: Youngstown, Pennsylvania
Time: .  08:30
Summary:  Sitting on porch looking at full moon, witness and husband heard buzzing sound. Looked for plane, saw ellipsoid object instead. Continued watching as it crossed the moon then out of sight. One multi-colored elliptical was observed in clear weather by one female 60-year-old witness on a farm for over three minutes.
Source:  MUFON

Date: June , 1949    
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Time: . 
Summary:  Nocturnal lights were reported (Roberts, A).
Source:  Eberhart, George M. A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies Greenwood Press, Westport, 1980 ISBN:0-313-21337-2

Date: June , 1949    
Location: Lewisham, UK
Time: . Around 1500
Summary:  A hovering flying disc was observed. One disc was observed (Sturzaker).
Source:  BUFORA

Date: June 1, 1949            BBU
Location: 2 miles from Stewart Field, Newburgh [or at Walden?], New York
Time: 8:30-9 p.m. (EST). 
Summary: S/Sgt. and 6 others saw yellow oblong soundless object appear and disappear every few mins 30° NW of the moon [which was at about 268° azimuth 35° elevation].      30 mins
Source: FOIA; FUFOR Index

Date: June 2, 1949    
Location: Glendale, Little Tujunga Canyon, California
Time: . 12:00
Summary:  A silver disc-shaped object flew toward the northwest into Little Tujunga Canyon near Glendale, California at around noon. It travelled very fast. was observed by two female experienced witnesses in a canyon for over 15 minutes.
Source:  Hatch, Larry 

Date: June 3, 1949    
Location: Petaluma, California
Time: .  03:50
Summary: One object was observed by one witness for 12 seconds (Moore).
Source:  Doubt Magazine

Date: June 3, 1949    
Location: Shaker Heights, Ohio
Time: .  08:00
Summary:  One object was observed by one male witness (Comella).
Source:  Fate Magazine

Date: June , 1949    
Time: . 
Summary: M

Date: June 10, 1949             BBU
Location: 20 miles SW of Boston, Mass
Summary: USAF pilot Kirschbaum flying T-6 with 58th FI Sq saw a white tubular 100 ft long flying at 100 mph, chased but lost.
Source: Project 1947; FUFOR Index

Date: June 10, 1949
Location: White Sands, N.M.
Time: 15:40
Summary: Two round white UFOs maneuvered around a missile in flight. A team of Navy engineers and technicians under the command of Robert B. McLaughlin watched two white discs pace a V-2 rocket during its test launch from the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico . One of the discs passed through the rocket’s exhaust and then shot straight up. The event was witnessed by at least five U.S. Navy rocket scientists and engineers. Two white round objects, about 20 feet across, were observed by more than five male military witnesses near a missile for over 15 minutes (McLaughlin). No sound was heard
Source: Confirmed by Capt. R. B. McLaughlin, USN

Date: June 10, 1949    
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Time: .  21:00
Summary: A disk, first visible at about 10,000 feet elevation at a distance of about ten miles, became noticeable as it proceeded ssw and emerged from behind the southern profile of the Chugach Range. As it cleared the southernmost peak visible from Anchorage, viewed from approximately 12th and G streets, it made a right turn. This turn was nearly a U-turn and the disc proceeded nne, now on the west side of the mountains and fully visible from the vantage point. The disk was now an elevation lower than the mountain peaks, they are between 5,000 and 7,000 feet. As the disk moved nne it slowly lost altitude and moved closer to the vantage point. The disk now appeared clearly disc shape with a slightly curved underside, a wider band slightly below the midpoint and a dome shaped top with windows just above the midpoint. The windows appeared nearly clear yellow, as if from heat, and the craft was that color with slight glowing appearance of hot metal showing green, blue and orange very slightly. The disk began to wobble as it descended and it was obvious it was about to crash. There was no sound while it was in the air, although one expected to hear something, and there was no sound from the impact but there was a difference in sound, possibly a very low vibration. I was a child when I observed this, in the company of adults. The next day I was told that a group of government employees had been sent out to find any remaining debris. They located the crash scene, crated their findings and sent them to Wright Patterson. Because this occurred so very long ago I am not sure of the date but have given my best estimate.
Source:   NUFORC 

Date: June 14, 1949                BBU
Location: White Sands, New Mexico
Summary: Not listed among the original BB Unknowns, this case IS listed in the Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns by Brad Sparks. According to Sparks, the date must have been the 14th, rather than the 10th as previously thought.. There was a report in the LA Times that there was film taken but AFOSI was told the film showed nothing. The WSMR launch records show the only Navy missile launches in the period were the Viking No. 1 on May 3rd and No. 2 on Sept 6, 1949, and nothing in June 1949. There was however an Army V-2 launched on June 14, 1949. My search of the BB microfilm records turned up the correct date and the fact that it WAS a V-2 rocket. The film may have showed something but there is no evidence to support it as yet. () (Note: Blossom IVB Ionosphere-solar/Biological mission Launch Vehicle: V-2. V-2 47 Apogee: 134 km (83 mi). Launched 15:35 local time. Reached 133.9 km. Carried cosmic and solar radiation, temperature, pressure, ionosphere, photo experiments for Air Research and Development Command. Second V-2 flight carrying a live AF Aero Medical Laboratory monkey, Albert II. The monkey survived but died on impact. – Dan Wilson)
Source: Brad Sparks

Date: June 14, 1949    
Location: Emmett, Idaho
Time: .  21:00
Summary:  One object was observed by several witnesses for 20 minutes (Knox).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date: June 17, 1949    
Location: Battle Creek, Michigan
Time: . Daytime
Summary:  An object was observed and photographed. One luminous triangle was observed by one witness (Sanders; Saunders).
Source:  Arnold, Kenneth Coming of the Saucers Authors, Amherst, 1952

Date: June 20, 1949    
Location: Glendale, California
Time: . 
Summary:  One transparent object was observed by 18 witnesses in a residential area for over 15 minutes. Semi-transparent object hovered, flipped over, then vanished.
Source:  Hatch, Larry

Date: June 20, 1949    
Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico
Time: . 20:10
Summary: Time: 2010; Number of Observers: 1; Reliability: good; Area: Los Alamos, New Mexico; Direction: west to east; Altitude: directly overhead; Color: blue green; Train: none; Duration: 1-1/2 seconds; Sound: none; Disappearance: vanished as the extinguishing.
Source:  NICAP 

Date: June 21, 1949    
Location: Tuolumne County, California
Time: . 
Summary: One object was observed for several hours.
Source:  Doubt Magazine

Date: June 22, 1949    
Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Time: .  19:00
Summary: In Oak Ridge, Tennessee on this evening, a teacher, a scientist, and one other watched two delta-shaped UFOs and a disc fly over the US government nuclear research facility around 7 p.m.. The objects appeared to be metallic, and flew slowly toward the northwest, seen for 15 minutes. Teacher incident
Source:  Hatch, Larry 

Date: June 23, 1949    
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Time: . 
Summary:  An unidentifiable object was observed at close range (Gass)
Source:  Project Bluebook

Date: June 24, 1949    
Location: Central Part, Washington
Time: . Daytime
Summary:  An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One changing color  white to gray to white to gray, object revolved while hovering, perfectly round. Moved away at high rate of speed, was observed by three experienced male military witnesses at a military facility (Howard, R).
Source:  Sullivan, Edward CSI/LA investigation files

Date: June 24, 1949           AFOSI Case 75
Location:  Mesa, Arizona
Time: 3:45 p.m. 
Summary: Five objects observed by two witnesses. One object moved vertical. Described as steel gray and at least one was a disc with two flanges. 400 mph. Time: 1545 1630; Number of Observers: 2; Reliability: unknown; Area: Mesa, Arizona; Direction: one to southeast two to east three to northeast four vertical five to E; Course: four horizontal one vertical; Color: steel gray; Duration: four at 30 minutes one at 25 seconds; Sound: none; Shape: disc with 2 flanges; Speed: max of 400 mph; Disappearance: faded from view.
Source: Project Bluebook

Date: June , 1949    
Location: Wildrose Canyon, California
Time: . 21:00
Summary:  One object was observed by four witnesses for a few minutes (Turner).
Source:  Bloecher, Ted R. 

Date: Late June , 1949    
Location: Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Time: . Around midnight
Summary:  One object was observed by one witness briefly (Delong).
Source:  NICAP 

Date: June 27, 1949    
Location: Albera Ligure, Italy
Time: . 20:20
Summary:  A brass domed-disc with a transparent clear dome was seen at only 10 meters altitude in Albera Ligure, Italy at 8:20 p.m. It emitted a gaseous cloud of vapor, then flew away over a hill.
Source:  Hatch, Larry 

Date: June 27, 1949    
Location: Durango, Colorado
Time: .  22:35
Summary:  One object was observed by one witness briefly (Heard).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date: June 29, 1949    
Location: White Sands, New Mexico
Time: . 
Summary: Naval rocket expert observed a silvery disc
Source:  NICAP 

Date: June  1949    

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