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Date:  May  1950
Location:  Florence, Toscana, Italy
Summary:   Two discs were observed by one male witness (Donnini).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date:  May  1950
Location:  Flagstaff, Lowell Observatory, Arizona
Summary:  An object was observed using optical instruments. One disc was observed by one experienced male witness (Hess).
Source:  Flying Saucers, Flying Saucers Magazine (Palmer)

Date:  May  1950
Location:  Albany, New York
Summary:  A daylight disc was observed by a female witness.
Source:  Eberhart, George M. A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies Greenwood Press, Westport, 1980 ISBN:0-313-21337-2

Date:  May  1950
Location:  Navasota, Texas
Summary:  More than three objects were observed by several witnesses for over one minute (Miguez).

Date: May 1950
Location: Vaux en Dieulet, near Buzancy, France
Time: 0630A
Summary: Mr. Pierrard and his sister’s daughter, 14-year old Madeleine had gone to check on the cows accompanied by their dog. As they were crossing the field, the young girl screamed and pointed to the sky to what at first she thought was the sun. They then heard a strange noise, resembling: “hou, hou, hou”. It was a ball of fire that approached them and passed in front of the pair. The object stopped to hover and both noticed that it was in fact a saucer shaped object, made out of a completely translucent material, like glass. Inside they could clearly see a small “man” about 1.40 m in height, with arms on its side, wearing what appeared to be a tight-fitting diving suit, he was absolutely motionless. His suit resembled that of the popular “Michelin” man ads. He wore something resembling a motorcycle helmet with a visor made out of a clear Plexiglas like material; it had two pipes that connected to two bottles above its shoulders. Both witnesses felt totally paralyzed during the observation and felt a heat wave enveloping them. After two minutes the object rose then turned slightly on itself while going up in successive steps, emitting the same noise as the beginning. The object disappeared in the direction of Buzancy. A scorched area was found on the ground.
Source: Jean-Michel Ligeron, UFO in the Ardennes, 1981

Date: May 1950
Location: Desierto de los Leones, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Time: evening
Summary: Samael Aun Weor (Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez) was out sightseeing in the area when he suddenly caught sight of a strange craft that slowly descended into a clearing. Curious he approached the area and was surprised to see a spherical craft somewhat flattened at the top, which had landed on a tripod-like landing gear. A hatch-like opening became visible and a man of medium stature, thin, with bronze skin, blue eyes and a broad forehead stepped out, descending to the ground on a small metallic ladder. He carried an unknown object on his right hand. Several similar figures, both male and female closely followed behind him. Unafraid the witness approached the group and saluted them in Spanish, which they answered in perfect Spanish also. The witness was impressed when the visitors told him that they knew all the languages on Earth. At this point Samael felt an immense yearning to visit other worlds in the universe, and grabbing one of the tripod legs he asked the leader of the group if they could take him to Mars. The alien leader acted surprised and told the witness that why Mars, that it was to close. At this point the leader called to the other group and they held a meeting sitting on top of several dead tree trunks. Again the witness approached and begged them to take him to visit other civilizations in space. Their leader remained quiet, while the group remained sitting on the tree trunks. One of the female aliens then stood up and told the witness a strange parable, “If we take a perfumed scented plant and place it next to one that’s not, it is obvious that the one who is not will eventually absorb the aroma of the scented plant, isn’t that right?” The witness agreed. She then mentioned that the same applies with other worlds that at first were “on the wrong path” but little by little were radiated by the positive vibrations of other worlds and eventually changed for the better. She then pointed out that for some unknown reason the same was not true for the planet Earth. “What is happening with your earth”? She added. The witness was at a loss for words and could only said that earth was “a mistake of the Gods”. The rest of the alien crew seemed to agree with a respectful bow of their heads. Soon they all stood up and prepared to leave, but not before the witness asked them one more time. Their leader’s only response was that “We will watch you along the way”. At this point Samael understood that he was not ready. He stood and watched as the alien group re-entered their craft. He stood back and watch the object rotate on its axis and rise slowly into the air and then shoot away at tremendous speed.
Source: Samael Aun Weor, AGEACAC

Date: May 1950
Location: Vaux en Dieulet, Ardennes, France
Time: 06:30
Summary: Ardennes resident and ufologist Jean-Michel Ligeron indicated in 1981 that he collected the testimony of Madeleine Pierrard, aged 14 when she experienced a closer encounter of the 3rd kind in Vaux en Dieulet, in May 1950. At 06:30, as usual, she went up to the meadows with her father and accompanied by their dog, to go get the cows. Arrived at the height of the park, she suddenly exclaimed: “Look Dad, look at the sun, it is terribly near?” They heard a strange noise which she transcribed as “hoo! hoo! hoo! hoo!” and immediately afterwards, something like a ball of fire appeared. When this ball of fire approached, then landed in front of them, and was immobilized, they noted that it was rather a kind of saucer.Her father asked her not to move and not to approach, for fear she would get burned. Right in front of her, inside the completely glass-like translucent object, she saw a small being of approximately 1.40 meters in height, arms spread as if it was obstructed by the diving suit that he was wearing. It was absolutely motionless and made her think of the “Michelin man.” He carried a kind of motorcyclist helmet with a transparent visor and two pipes were apparently connected to two bottles above its shoulders. What shocked her the most was that it seemed to stare at her constantly. She felt completely paralyzed during all the observation, and felt a heat stroke similar to that felt when one gets a suntan. She did not move during this period which lasted approximately two minutes. Then, the object rose like a spinning top, while turning slightly on itself, going up by successive steps, emitting the same noise as at the beginning, and then it moved away and was lost of sight in the direction to Buzancy.

Date:  May 1 1950
Location:  Filer, Idaho
Summary:  An object was observed and photographed. One banana-shaped object was observed by a male witness (Mueller, W).
Source:  Arnold, Kenneth Coming of the Saucers Authors, Amherst, 1952

Date:  May 1 1950
Location:  Boux.Salmaise & Dijon, Bourgogne, France
Time:  15:00
Summary:  One object was observed by multiple witnesses.
Source:  Plantier, Jean La Propulsion des Soucoupes Volantes Mame, 1955

Date:  May 1 1950
Location:  Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
Time:  15:10
Summary:  Time: 1510; Number of Observers: 2; Reliability: unknown; Area: Kirtland AFB, New Mexico; Direction: Southwest to northeast; Altitude: apparently a few thousand feet; Course: was angling downward; Color: silver lucid metallic object; Train: none; Duration: not quite a seconds; Sound: none; Shape: cylindrical; Speed: tremendous; Disappearance: flash of brilliant white light.
Source:  AFOSI

Date:  May 3 1950
Location:  Savoyeux-Haute, France
Time:  15:00
Summary:  Several girls see large cylinder fly south rapidly to the north shooting silvery rays, in a residential area for over one minute.
Source:  Lumieres dans la Nuit

Date:  May 3 1950
Location:  Neuville-sur-Sarthe, Pays-de-la-Loire, France
Time:  16:30
Summary:  Flying discs were observed. Four discs were observed by numerous witnesses in a city for 30 minutes.
Source:  Vallee, Jacques

Date:  May 3 1950
Location:  Louisa, Kentucky
Time:  21:00
Summary:  One object was observed by several witnesses on a river for a few seconds (Vinson).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date:  May 4 1950
Location:  Birmingham, Alabama
Time:  22:00
Summary:   Nocturnal lights were reported in a city for ten minutes (Reid).
Source:  Project Bluebook

Date:  May 6 1950
Location:  Roma, Italy
Time:   16:30
Summary:  A daytime disc was reported in a city for ten minutes.
Source:  Boncompagni, Solas UFO in Italia, Volume I, (Periodo 1907-1953) Tedeschi, Firenze, 1974

Date:  May 7 1950
Location:  English Channel
Summary:  One disc was observed by one witness.
Source:  Weinstein, Dominique Aircraft UFO Encounters Project ACUFOE, Paris, 1999

Date:  May 7 1950
Location:  Llantarnam, England
Time:   09:45
Summary:  A daytime disc was reported.
Source:  Hill, H. Edward Catalog Through 1950

Date:  May 7 1950
Location:  Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France
Time:  13:30
Summary:  One object was observed.
Source:  Vallee, Jacques 

Date: May 07, 1950
Location: Ely Nevada
Time: 1845
Summary: A couple and their grandson were returning from a picnic when, about 14 km south of Ely, they saw a silvery-white object at treetop level. It hovered for 10 min, then oscillated “as if attempting to rise” and suddenly flew out of sight at high speed.
Source: Magonia 79

Date:  May 10 1950
Location:  Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Summary:  A witness later died. Traces found. One object was observed by one male 35-year-old witness on a highway.
Source:  Stringfield, L

DateMay 11 1950: McMinnville, Oregon UFO Photographs

Date:  May 11 1950
Location:  Kirchberg, Austria
Summary:  Nocturnal lights were reported.
Source:  Schoenherr, Luis

Date:  May 13 1950
Location:  Sutter Buttes, California
Summary:  Several white objects were observed for five minutes.
Source:  Gross, Loren E. UFOs: A History. 1950: April-July Author, Fremont, 1982

Date:  May 13 1950
Location:  Wilmette, Illinois
Time:   20:50
Summary:  Nocturnal lights were reported for over one minute.
Source:  Gross, Loren E. UFOs: A History. 1950: April-July Author, Fremont, 1982

Date:  May 14 1950
Location:  St Louis, Missouri
Time:  14:30
Summary:  Cream-colored disc-shaped UFO, flying at 1500 feet altitude, 10 feet diameter. One cream disc was observed by four witnesses for over one minute
Source:  Newspaper 

Date:  Mid May 1950
Location:  Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time:   08:30
Summary:  20 objects were observed by a male witness for ten minutes (Mitchell).
Source:  Bloecher, Ted R. 

DateMay 15 1950:  Epu Pel La Pampa Argentina

Date:  May 16 1950
Location:  Zaragoza, Spain
Time:  20:50
Summary:  Nocturnal lights were reported.
Source:  Ballester Olmos, Vicente-Juan 

Date:  May 18 1950
Location:  Canon City, Colorado
Time:  Around 2200
Summary:  Physiological effects were noted. More than one object was observed by two witnesses.
Source:  Data-Net Report

Date: May 19, 1950
Location: 100 miles E. of Honshu, Japan     BBU
Time: 10:30 a.m. 
Summary: Two military aircraft pilots saw triangular object tracked by ground radar. Two military aircraft pilots saw stationary kite-like object tracked by ground radar. One ball was observed by over three witnesses and radar.
Source: Project 1947; McDonald list

Date:  May 19 1950
Location:  Loire River, France
Time:  16:00
Summary:   One object was observed by one witness.
Source:  Vallee, Jacques Passport to Magonia Henry Regnery, Chicago, 1969

Date:  May 20 1950
Location:  Flagstaff, Arizona
Time:   12:15
Summary:  An astronomer witness at Lowell Observatory saw a dark UFO against bright cloud, moving southeast to the northwest, perpendicular to the cloud drift, at 100 mph. The sphere or disk-shape was partially lit by sunlight, estimated 3 to 5 feet in diameter.
Source:  Michel, Aime The Truth About Flying Saucers Pyramid T1647, New York, 1967

DateMay 20 1950: Cours Les Barres France Abduction

Date:  May 21 1950
Location:  Montrose, Colorado
Time:  07:30
Summary:  Round huge object hangs in sky, joined by second one. Headed north, turned, to the east. Hovering objects were observed. Two round objects, of huge size, were observed by four male witnesses, typical age 60, for five minutes (Linscott; Seevers; Zanon).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date:  May 22 1950
Location:  Warren AFB, Wyoming
Time:   14:00
Summary:  Four objects were observed by six witnesses at an airfield for two minutes (Duquoin).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date:  May 23 1950
Location:  Loveland, Colorado
Time:   20:00
Summary:  Two objects were observed by two witnesses for over one minute (Johnson).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date: May 24, 1950
Location: Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, New Mexico       BBU
Summary: During an MX-674 Tarzon controllable vertical bomb test, Floyd Fannon and other USAF crew members saw 8 unidentified objects then separately tracked and filmed 2 of the objects down the North American Aviation missile firing range. Cinetheodolite station P-8 filmed one object to the NE for 6 frames (1.0 sec) moving uniformly to the S from azimuth 38°26’59.2″ to 38°33’59.2″ and elevation 47°32’20” to 47°25’50”. Cinetheodolite station P-10, located 5.6781 miles down range to the N (to azimuth 347.07723°) from P-8 and 7 ft higher, filmed another object, hence no triangulation possible, viewed to the E for 74 frames (14.6 secs) moving uniformly to the N from azimuth 86° 9′ 9.2″ to 85°47′ 9.2″ and elevation 25°48′ 0″ to 25° 7’50”. 
Source: Sparks

Date:  May 25 1950
Location:  Upton, Wyoming
Time:   03:00
Summary:  Two objects were observed by numerous witnesses for several hours (Messersmith).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date:  May 25 1950
Location:  Canon City, Colorado
Time:   22:00
Summary:  11 objects were observed by two witnesses for 11 minutes (Herzel).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date:  Late May 1950
Location:  La Porte, Indiana
Time:   10:00
Summary:  A hovering flying disc was observed. One disc was observed by two male witnesses for 12 seconds (Gulledge).
Source:  Hartle, Orvil R. A Carbon Experiment Author, La Porte, 1963

Date:  May 29 1950
Location:  Sawbill Bay, Ontario, Canada
Time:  Daytime
Summary:  Type 2.1 Nautical UFO. 4′ tall shiny clothes, hose in lake. A 4-foot-tall dwarf, wearing a shiny suit, was seen.
Source:  Pereira, Jader U. Les Extra-Terrestres Phenomenes Spatiaux, Paris, 1974

Date: May 29, 1950
Location: About 7 miles W of Mt. Vernon, Virginia (BBU)
Time: 9:20 p.m. 
Summary: Capt. Willis T. Sperry with about 10,000 flying hours, copilot Bill Gates, flight engineer Robert Arnholt, a stewardess and 2-3 or 8 passengers on a DC-6 airliner headed 230° (about SW) out of Washington, D.C., en route to Nashville, at 7,500 ft at 250 mph, saw a spindle-shaped 150 ft long metallic object with intense blue light (about mag. -6) on the tail, beginning with Gates who sighted blue light from their DC-6 airliner on head on collision course. Sperry made evasive 45° turn to the right (to 275° heading), object passed from 11 o’clock to 7 o’clock position (about 125° or SE) to the left at slightly higher altitude meanwhile crossing in front of upper part of full moon to the S (at 145° or 159° azimuth 22° or 27° elevation, depending on whether EST or EDT time, 97% full) where submarine-like silhouette clearly seen, about 5 miles away. Sperry turned left back onto original course to get the object back in view, object may have stayed stationary about 30 secs at this point. Gates then noticed object circled around to the right side, Sperry banked right again, while the object paced the airliner about 20-30 secs before climbing to the E at a 30° angle at “fantastic” speed and disappearing.
Source: Sparks

Date:  May 29 1950
Location:  Trasimeno, Italy
Time:  Night
Summary:  Nocturnal lights were reported (Donnini).
Source:  Boncompagni, Solas UFO in Italia, Volume I, (Periodo 1907-1953) Tedeschi, Firenze, 1974

Date:  May 30 1950
Location:  Anadarko, Oklahoma
Time:  Daytime
Summary:  One object was observed by one witness (McCarland).
Source:  Newspaper 

Date:  May  1950

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