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Date: April 7-15 1951
Location: Puebla, Mexico
Time: night
Summary: A mysterious character that called himself “John Copper” and claimed to be of British nationality arrived in Puebla in the summer of 1944. He claimed he was an 21 “optician” working on a research project and wanted complete privacy during his extended stay. He was apparently working on developing new methods in the development of photography. During his 7 years there he was rarely seen in town, he was seen at times at the local bank where he kept a deposit of 78,000$ (a very large sum at the time) and at times he was seen visiting the local University. One day he arrived at a local grocery and bought a certain amount of canned goods and explained to the proprietor that his “servant” a man name Antonio (of uncertain origin) had left the villa three days ago and had not yet returned. Two months later the owner of the villa became concerned as Copper had not paid the rent and had not called or visit to offer any explanations. He decided to pay Copper a visit to see if there was any problem. After 2 hours of knocking on the door he became convinced that something untoward had occurred and decided to call the local police. Once inside the residence the police and the owner confirmed that Copper was missing and the place in total disarray, besides Copper all his optical equipment was also gone and strangely every piece of paper was also missing. Searching his room they were surprised that most of his personal items were still intact, but every drawer and armoire appeared to have been thoroughly searched. The police immediately contacted the British consulate since Copper claimed to have been a British National, however the consulate denied any knowledge of Copper and had no records of his visits or whereabouts. Some strange details were noted by the investigators, the garden in the villa was completely destroyed as if “a heavy machine or equipment” had run through it, trees were broken in half, fences broken down, and large areas of grass flattened down. And a neighbor, a Mr. Rosario Derode claimed to have seen a sort of “comet” descend over the villa on the night of April 8. Whoever John Copper was, he was never seen or heard from again.
Source: Peter Kolosimo, “Sombra en las Estrellas”

Date: April 14, 1951
Location:  Yellow Sea (BBU)
Time: 1:22 p.m. 
Summary: Radar tracking of unidentified target at 3,755 mph. 
Source: Jan Aldrich

Date:  April  1951


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