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Date: August 1951
Location: Mount Semenicului, Romania
Time: night
Summary: The young witness was at a pioneer camp in this isolated region and was staying at a solitary cabin surrounded by a few trees. The cabin was built exclusively from Elm and it had two levels, the front level contained a balcony where at nights they would gather to play games and sing songs. One night they were awakened by the cries of alarm of the professors, coaches and service personnel. They were yelling that they were being attacked by “bandits”. However after a thorough search nothing was located and the main witness was left to wonder who would want to attack a cabin full of young children in the middle of the night. Later while examining a particular cabin where all the attention seemed to have been concentrated on the night in question, the witness and others found strange tracks on the wooden walls resembling those that someone wearing track cleat shoes would wear. Strange tracks were also found on the ground leading to the cabin and on the roof, it appears to have somebody taking very long strides. They assumed that whoever had climbed the walls had used equipment employed by alpinists, but why? And how did they disappear so quickly. No answers were forthcoming.
Source: Calin N. Turcu OZN 1517-1994 Romania

Date: August 1951
Location: Central, N. Mex.
Summary: Mining engineer sighted two discs with “portholes.”

Date: August 3, 1951
Location: Nr. Pinckney, Mich.
Summary: NICAP Adviser saw a glowing, yellowish UFO which moved on an undulating course. 

Date: Aug. 8, 1951
Location: NE of Port Clinton, Ohio (BBU)
Time: 2:10 p.m. 
Summary: USAF pilot Skelops (?) in flight and ground witnesses saw a 20 ft dark cigar-shaped object flying at high speed.
Source: Project 1947; FUFOR Index

Date:  August 11, 1951
Location: Portland, Ore.
Summary: Former Air Force fighter pilot observed formation of three discs.

Date: August 14 1951
Location: Veghanza, Ferrara Italy
Time: 1300
Summary: An anonymous farmer saw an object come down to the ground and land in some open ground adjacent to the town’s cemetery. As it was coming down it looked rather like the planet Saturn, but tentatively he approached to within 150 feet of the object and obtained a clear view of it on the ground. It was about 20 feet in diameter and it had the color of a white, aluminum-like metal. It looked like a double saucer placed rim to rim, with a big dome on top. On this dome there were large “ailerons.” The center of these seemed to remain fixed while the outer surfaces rotated, but this was only noted with the object took off. The farmer says the craft sat on telescopic supports, and had a set of stairs at each side that came down from the middle of the object to the ground. A row of portholes was visible on the side, seemingly set in a ring around the rim. These were dull blue. While standing transfixed and staring stupefied at this sight the farmer was approached by six strange beings. They seemed to be looking around at the cemetery with great curiosity and, when they saw him, they came towards him laughing. Five were clean shaven but one had a short red beard. He made a gesture towards the farmer with his hand, which was interpreted as a greeting. They seemed to communicate with one another by a system of similar hand signs. They seemed to communicate with one another by a system of similar hand signs. The beings were about four feet tall, or just under, and were dressed in one piece shiny overalls of a white color. They wore white ankle boots which rose up to the knees. On the back they carried several 37 cylinders or “oxygen bottles” that were strapped on, and attached by tubes under the chin. Around the hips were belts about 8 inches in diameter. These had various “lenses” of differing colors slipped into them. The faces of the beings were a whitish color and looked rather like those of monkeys. The eyes were round, and colored azure blue. The arms appeared to be longer than those of a human, stretching down to below the knees. Each being was carrying a “weapon” that looked something like a “Tommy gun.” They had round magazines and at one point one was raised and pointed at the witness. There was a flash which was dazzling but seemingly had no effect on the man. On their heads, says the farmer, the entities wore round transparent helmets that had three antennae sticking out. Two came from the sides and one from the top central part of the helmet. After the ‘shot’ was fired the farmer, recovering from the shocked surprise, noted that the entities had moved back towards their craft and mounted the steps either side, three by three. The red bearded creature was the last to climb into the object. As soon as they were all inside the protuberances started to retract smoothly, and then there was a brief, loud noise, something like that of a vacuum cleaner. A little nozzle then appeared on the central underside and spouted flame of a red/green color (rather like kerosene burning) at which the object started to rise slowly. It reached a certain height and then stopped. A few seconds pause, then it lifted to the side and streaked away at an incredible speed in the direction of Venice. An area of burnt soil about 25 feet in diameter was left where it had stood.
Source: Maurizio Verga, FSR Vol. 24 # 6

Date: Aug. 21, 1951
Location: Northern Sea of Japan (BBU)
Time: 12:05 a.m.
Summary: A USN P2V-3W patrol plane at the position of 41 degrees 55′ N – 133degrees 52′ E, a target appeared of the plane’s radar, an AN/FPS-20. The squadron electronic officer viewed the scope and identified the target as authentic and distinct from sea return. The target caused a strong presentation on the scope throughout the 45 minute contact.
Source: Jan Aldrich, Dan Wilson

Date: Aug. 26, 1951
Location:  Larson AFB, Washington (BBU)
Time: 8:28 a.m. PST
Summary: An object was picked up on an AN/CPS-1 radar set and an AN/CPS-4 radar set. The object was tracked continuously for a period of six minutes at an estimated altitude of 13,000 feet and a speed of 950 mph. Initial pickup was at 0828U (Uniform Time Zone or PST) and the last plot was at 0836U. An F-86 was scrambled but radar contact was lost before the aircraft was airborne. An electronic signal was received from this object that appeared to be a mode one response from an AN/APX-6 transponder. This response was received twice at approx.115 miles and at 80 miles from the radar station.

Date: Aug. 25, 1951
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico (BBU 955)
Time: 9:58 p.m. 
Summary: Sandia Base Security guard Hugh Young and wife saw a flying wing-shaped craft pass overhead at about 800-1,000 ft altitude and 300-400 mph with no sound. Size estimated at 1.5x wingspan of B-36 bomber, or 350 ft. Dark, clockwise stripes on underside, and 6-8 pairs of soft, glowing lights on trailing edge of wing. 
Source: Berliner

Date: Aug. 26, 1951
Location:  Larson AFB, Wash. (BBU)
Time: 8:28 [00:28 ??] a.m. [double 8-hour PST conversion?] 
Summary: Two radars tracked 900 mph unidentified target at 13,000 ft heading NW. Attempted scramble of F-86 interceptor too late. 
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index; cf. Ruppelt pp. 96-98, 108-109

Date: Aug. 27, 1951
Location: Vandalia, Illinois (BBU)
Time: 8 p.m. 
Summary: Private pilot Raymond Williams was on the runway about to take off when he saw a large blinding orange light to the SW, radioed the CAA tower but light went out. After takeoff he saw the object again, noticing it was not an airplane, the light was at one end of the object and had a small red light on top, and it came directly at him, circled his plane twice, then headed to W to Greenville. Williams followed, saw object circle Greenville twice then return E towards Vandalia. Commercial pilot at 20,000 ft radioed he also saw the object. 
Source: NARCAP; FUFOR Index

Date: Aug. 31, 1951
Location: Matador, Texas (BBU 962)
Time: 12:45 p.m. 
Summary: Mrs. Tom Tilson and 1-2 other women driving N on Hwy U.S. 70, all apparently of excellent reputations, saw to the W a pear-shaped object the length of a B-29 fuselage (100 ft), aluminum or silver-yellow with a port or some type of aperture on the side, move with smaller end forward, drifting slowly at about 150 ft altitude, then shot up in a circular fashion and out of sight after a few secs. 
Source: Berliner; McDonald files; Jan Aldrich

Date: August 31, 1951
Location: Lubbock, Texas
Summary: SEE  1951: The Lubbock Lights

Date:  August  1951

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