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Date: July 1951
Location: Over Georgia
Time: unknown
Summary: A lozenge shaped object collided with a Piper Club piloted by Fred Reagan and it fell until a force pulled him upward, into the UFO. Inside it were beings like metallic stalks of asparagus, about 3 feet tall, who communicated somehow, but seemingly in English. They apologized for the accident, then gave him a medical examination and healed him of cancer, so they claimed. They deposited him unconscious on the ground beside the wreck of his plane, without a scratch or bruise on him. In May 1952 the witness died of brain deterioration attributed to radiation.
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 15 # 5:

Date: July 1951
Location: Mountain Home AFB near Boise, Idaho
Time: after dawn
Summary: Several military men were in their barracks, including the informant Walter De Young, which was part of a detachment to reactivate the base which would serve as a departure base towards the Korean peninsula. De Young was reading a book inside. Suddenly one soldier runs inside and yells out that a UFO was hovering above the road. However De Young thinks is a joke and stays in bed. Then he hears his colleagues start a C45 aircraft and runs out. He then also sees the UFO, which is hovering over the road at about 120-150meters in height. The craft is disc-shaped and 6 to 7.5m in width with lighted windows. Figures could be seen inside. The aircraft takes off and approaches the UFO which suddenly leaves silently and at very high speed. The witnesses reported watching the object as if in a hypnotic trance. A colonel reportedly experiences a nervous breakdown. After the incident all the soldiers are dispersed to different military bases worldwide and do no see each other again.
Source: Dispatch, Saint Paul Minnesota 11-1-1979 & Mufon UFO Journal # 279 July 1991

Date: July 1951
Location: Near Orange, France
Time: late evening
Summary: 19-year old Pierre Monnet was traveling on his “velo-motorcycle” and as he reached a crossroads he saw an object hovering a few meters from the ground. The object was extremely bright and he saw several figures moving within the light around the vehicle. As the figures stepped out of the light he noticed that it was four very tall men with long blond hair wearing metallic light combination suits with epaulets on their shoulders. One of the men spoke in a loud reassuring voice, apparently using telepathy. Monnet stood three meters from the aliens as they communicated. Monnet could not remembered how long the contact lasted and does not remember how the aliens left but feels that he was given a message that he was to divulge as time went by. The aliens claimed they originated from the planet “Vega” located within a star system comprised of 14 planets, of which nine were inhabited, they also claimed to have a base on one of the rings of the planet Saturn.
Source: Guy Tarade, “Ovni, Terre Planete Sous Controle”

Date: July 1, 1951
Location: Seoul, South Korea (BBU)
Time: 10:50 [10:20?] p.m.
Summary: USMC pilots flying 4 F4U­5N fighters with 1st Marine Air Wing saw several bright green spheres [fireballs?]. Ground radar confirmation [?]. 
Source: Project 1947; FUFOR Index

Date: July 3 1951
Location: Near Ukiah, Calaveras County, California
Time: 0300A
Summary: The young witness staying at a catholic school camp and had cut his foot while hiking. Somewhere in the night he suddenly awoke startled realizing that he was sleeping on the cement serving area about 6 blocks from his cabin. What woke him up was a weird blue-green light that he could see with his eyes closed. It was about 2 telephone poles above him and slowly rising creating a low buzzing sound in his head. He looked up to see a huge (city block wide) black disk with pieces of silver around its edges. In the center was the bluish-green light, it slowly rose over him and zipped out of sight. Despite his injured foot he walked back to the cabin creating quite a commotion. He tried to explain to the counselors what he had seen but was rebuked. Soon his memory came back as to what had actually occurred. He remembers being confronted by a female entity, with a large head, huge shiny black cat-like eyes, dull white skin tone and short in stature. The short female being spoke with the witness by using telepathy, using soft gentle tones. She said her name was “Nane” and explained to the young witness that she was the leader of a force that protected her planet’s security. In an instant they were in a “planet” who’s color looked like white or gray everywhere. He seemed to float just above the ground and was told that it was not safe for him. He asked where he was and was told he was at the “place of ashes” that the humans call the moon. She added that once there had been a huge civilization on the moon but a great war had wiped it out, she pointed out that the currently visible craters had been a result of the “war”. She said that the Universe was like a giant highway, similar to the highways on earth. She also spoke about different types of UFOs, planets and aliens. She claimed that the story of Jesus Christ was just that, a story used by governments on earth to control the populace (I beg to differ), she asked him if a real loving God would allow all the disease, murder, war, hatred and death on earth. The alien female told the witness that she had visited him 3 times before and was always near. (The witness is planning to write an E-book about the incident)
Source: NUFORC

Date: July 9, 1951
Location: Near Dearing (25 mi W of Augusta), Georgia (BBU)
Time: 1:40-1:50 p.m. (EST). 
Summary: 1st Lt. George H. Kinmon, Jr., 160th [117th?] Tactical Recon Wing, Lawson AFB, Columbus, Ga., flying F-51 fighter at 250-270 mph at 8,000-8,500 ft on heading 247° saw high speed white oval disc about twice size of his plane [or about 75 ft] [or 10­ 15 ft?] in head on collision from the direction of the sun [sun at about 237° azimuth 72° elevation]] suddenly dive underneath narrowly missing his plane. He turned to pursue but couldn’t find object, then 15 secs later the object made another head on dive at him, repeated it several times, on last pass climbed upward out of sight. [Conflicting account to AFOSI states after first dive object continued to barrel-roll around the plane for 10 mins, then disappeared under the plane. Pilot states object was 300 to 400 feet from plane and appeared to be 10 – 15 ft diameter.] Object flat on top and bottom, white not aluminum. Front view with rounded edges slightly beveled, and small crater-like spots. Top view as it dived, object appeared round and spinning clockwise. From front view as object dived observer noted.. No vapor trails or exhaust or visible system of propulsion. Described as traveling tremendous speed. He compares its speed to that of a jet plane. Pilot turbulent wake “bump” when object passed under plane. Object left the plane a few miles S of Milledgeville, and 15-20 miles from Macon. ()
Source: Weinstein; NICAP; BB files??

Date: July 9, 1951
Location: Corona, New Mexico (BBU)
Time: 10:30 p.m.
Summary:  USAF Sgt. Meadows, security guard at Corona Experimental Radar Site, saw red glowing ball about size of full moon to the W descending into the tree line for 30 secs and afterglow seen another 10 secs. [Crescent moon was setting in the W about 268°­272° azimuth about 10-10:30 p.m. depending on height of mountains and tree line to the W.] 
Source: McDonald files; Jan Aldrich; FUFOR Index

Date: July 14, 1951
Location: Holloman AFB, New Mexico (BBU)
Summary: A UFO which sped near a B-29 was tracked on radar, observed visually and photographed.
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: July 16 1951
Location: Near Murmansk, Russia
Time: morning
Summary: On a clear summer morning a Soviet La-11 fighter aircraft was on a routine patrol around the coastal area. The first 30 minutes of the patrol went on smoothly without any incidents. However as Captain Peter Vusov was almost ending his patrol he noticed at an altitude of about 4000 meters above sea level a slow moving object. The speed of the intruding aircraft was only about 100km/h and Vusov initially thought he was dealing with some kind of blimp. But as he approached the object, Vusov realized that it was a dark disc-shaped craft about 20meters in diameter, unmarked, but armed with powerful cannons sticking out the bottom. Vusov was stunned, he had never seen such a machine, so he immediately contacted the base and reported the bizarre intruder. At this point the occupants of the disc apparently noticed Vusov’s aircraft and abruptly changed course. As the intruder was apparently hostile Vusov decided to attack the strange object. The first volley of 23mm shells apparently did not have any effect on the disc, and Vusov then turned around and went on a second strafing run. Suddenly he received a message on his radio, Vusov and his wingman Lt. Ivanchenko were ordered to immediately cease fire, and observe complete radio silence, and return to base. Once at the airport, NKVD units already awaited Vusov and Ivanchenko, accompanied by a strange man in civilian clothing. The two pilots were strongly urged to ‘hold their tongues’ about their bizarre encounter. That same day Vusov was transferred to the Pacific fleet and Ivanchenko to Khabarovsk. As a kind of compensation and guarantee of silence they were also advance in rank.
Source: http://vik.clan.su/news/2008-12-10-48

Date: July 23, 1951 (wrong date in UFOE. See Sept 23rd)
Location: March Field, Calif.
Summary: Radar-visual sighting of silvery object circling high above aircraft. 

Date: July 24, 1951
Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire (BBU 943)
Time: 7:10 p.m.? 
Summary: Hanscom AFB Operations Officer Capt. Cobb and Cpl. Fein saw a greyish 100-200 ft tubular object with many black spots, 5:1 length/width ratio, with fins at one end, fly 800-1,000 mph at 1,000-2,000 ft altitude, leaving a faint trail.
Source: Berliner, Wilson

Date: July 30, 1951
Location: Selfridge AFB, Mich. (BBU)
Time: 7:14 a.m. EDT
Summary: An unidentified object was observed on the scopes of an AN/CPS-6B radar at the 752nd AC&W Squadron at Empire, Michigan. The speed of the blip varied from 3,000 mph to 28,000 mph. The length of the observation was 18 minutes. 
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index, Dan Wilson

Date:  July  1951


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