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Date: Summer 1951
Location: Siena, Italy
Time: unknown
Summary: Young Luciano Bichi was playing in an outside patio area behind some houses when a beautiful & Elegant female figure suddenly approached from a nearby path. The figure was encased in a bluish light or glow that seemed to emanate from the sky. The woman had a beautiful olive skinned facial features, with pink voluptuous lips and large oriental eyes. On its head she wore a large broad rimmed hat, adorned with what appeared to be matured stalks of wheat. It moved swiftly, apparently floating just above the ground. The figure briefly glanced at the witness with a dark penetrating stare. She did not speak. The witness suffered from a period of general malaise soon after the encounter.

Date: Summer 1951
Location: San Diego California
Time: afternoon
Summary: Norma Jeffries was in the living room ironing and listening to the radio. Suddenly the music stopped and there was no sound coming from the radio at all. She checked the electricity and it appeared to be functioning. Suddenly the room began to darken around her. The room turned a dark gray color. As the witness eyes adjusted to the peculiar light, she saw in the center of the room what appeared to be a large rock. She watched with fascination as the room radiated a bluish glow emanating from just above the rock on the floor. Suddenly the figure of a woman appeared standing on top of the rock. She was described as a beautiful woman wearing a white and blue flowing dress, and barefooted. Her facial features were serene and the witness was filled with an enormous sense of peace. The witness dropped to her knees and said “Ave Maria.” The woman smiled down at the witness, at the same time extending her palm downward, she said “Dominus Vobiscum.” The witness then uttered more words in Latin and warmth descended over her. Then she looked up and the woman and the rock had disappeared. The room again became light, and the radio started playing again.
Source: Corrine Kenner & Craig Miller, Strange But True

Date: summer 1951
Location: Yertarskiy, Tugulym area, Sverdlovsk region, Ural, Russia
Time: 1830-1900
Summary: 5-year old Nikolay Alekseyevich Smyshlyayev was playing with other boys on the outskirts of the village when suddenly everything became dark and a strong wind arose. The wind was quite strong, just like before a powerful thunderstorm, so the boys ran towards the house of the grandmother of one of them which was quite near. The grandmother then told Nikolay to run home before the storm arrived. So Nikolay began running along the street as the strong wind raised clouds of dusty soil. Almost reaching his house he suddenly saw a black-colored “boat” floating in the air over the road perpendicular to their street. Two “men” were sitting inside the flying “boat”. They were also of the same black color. Nikolay then yelled at the men, saying, “Take me with you!” Amazingly the men answered him, “We have no time for that. You are too small yet. We are hurrying to our ship!” One man appeared short in height while the other was taller. The speed of the “flying boat” was approximately equal to the speed of a car moving over the sandy soil. Nikolay then became frightened and rushed inside the house immediately telling his mother what he had seen. Together they rushed back outside but saw nothing. But as they walked back to the house they saw something strange. Over a nearby roof they saw a small “boat-like” object that appeared to be swinging back and forth. After sometime they rushed inside the house as the weather worsened.
Source: Mikhail Gershtein, Saint Petersburg Russia

Date: Summer 1951
Location: Beausoleil, Alpes Maritimes France
Time: 2100
Summary: It was still daylight, Mrs X, 40, her husband, 49, and a police officer friend, Mr. Z 50, were walking down the Rue Des Martyrs to a little square where a theatrical company was giving an outdoor play. Suddenly above the square the three see at approximately 60 meters a transparent ovoid object which was slightly tilted in their direction, motionless at 7 meters above ground level. The audience at the play had their backs turned to the craft and nobody seemed to have noticed it. The puzzled witnesses thought at first that it was some particular display and advance quietly in the direction of the weird object, and they were then able to observe, at profile, a “pilot” dressed in a light colored one piece suit, who seemed fragile and old in appearance with a long white beard, with nothing on his head, but otherwise “normal”. This character was leaning forward and the witnesses swore that he was extremely interested on the ongoing play. A second figure, definitely less visible, was at his side. At this point of the observation Mrs. X was less than 15 meters from the object and estimated that it was between 4 and 5 meters long; no description of the apparatus interior could be provided by the three amazed witnesses. The witnesses exchanged initial comments and then called to the audience to draw their attention to the incredible vision, and then, the object departed very quickly, emitting a gentle whistling sound, and disappeared behind a building in the direction of North-North-East. The rest of the public apparently did not see the object and were apparently angered at the distraction. The observation had lasted about thirty seconds.
Source: Anne Marie & Phillippe Maissa, Thierry Leplat & Eric Zurcher

Date: Summer 1951
Location: Valle De La Sierra Madre, Cuernavaca, Mexico
Time: unknown
Summary: Two anonymous engineers reported the crash of a UFO in the area, numerous dead and apparently carbonized humanoids were found inside. The humanoids apparently had beautiful features (!) and very delicate hands. Apparently the remains of the object and its dead occupants were flown to the U.S.
Source: J Gonzalez Sanchez FSR, Project Becassine

Date: June 1951
Location: Mount Pinos, California
Time: 0200am
Summary: The reporter and his family had gone camping on Mt Pinos in the Los Padres National Forest. The area was past the ski parking area where only a few hunters and campers usually stayed. However when they got there late at night there were 40-50 people in sleeping bags without tents. This area is about 8600 in altitude so is gets very cold. The witness and his family set up their tent and went to sleep. His younger brother and his aunt slept in the car. Around 2am his mother woke him up as she could hear a lot of people walking around and thought that it was unusual. In the morning the tented campers were there but all the people sleeping in bags were gone. They asked the aunt how she slept and she said she had felt very safe since there had been two “helicopters” hovering overhead for several hours and were shining lights down. They also had multicolored lights and made no noise. Several days later the witness father met two friends who owned some acres of alfalfa near the Quail Lake area and had been irrigating at night when they saw 2 UFOs fly in from the east and then a few hours later fly back out.
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 1951
Location: Great Britain.
Summary: An eminent British scientist, R. V. Jones, headed a standing committee created in June 1951 on flying saucers. Jones’ and his committee’s conclusions on UFOs were similar to those of Agency officials: the sightings were not enemy aircraft but misrepresentations of natural phenomena. The British noted, however, that during a recent air show RAF pilots and senior military officials had observed a “perfect flying saucer.” Given the press response, according to the officer, Jones was having a most difficult time trying to correct public opinion regarding UFOs. The public was convinced they were real
Source: CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90

Date: June 1951
Location: Brandon Manitoba Canada
Time: 0700A
Summary: The witness had seen a hovering disc shaped craft with a square black box centered under the canopy descending over the area, and then hovering 30 ft above him. The object then hovered above some power lines, wobbled then ascended into the clouds and out of sight. Later that morning the main witness heard a sound that woke him up, it sounded like the buzzing of many bees. He then noticed very small dust like particles swarming at the foot of the bed. The particles converged forming the image of a man wearing a black outfit. The figure was translucent, ghost like, and wore black clothing. He had white hair in a pompadour style. He was silent but moved his right arm in a slow upward motion of greeting. A whitish blue light emanated from his direction. The terrified witness hid under the covers and apparently fell asleep.
Upon waking up the figure was gon
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 1951
Location: County Wicklow Ireland
Time: 2145
Summary: Two girls walking in a lane saw a little man 2-3 ft tall standing in the road. He was dressed all in black, with a black cap, and seemed “youngish.” They ran into a field through a gate; looking back, they did not see the “fairy” but saw “something about the size and shape of a common tin kitchen clock” balanced on the top of the gate
Source: Diarmuid McManus, Irish Earth Folk

Date: June 1, 1951
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Summary: Wright-Patterson AFB official watched disc make sharp turn.

Date: June 1 [May 31?], 1951
Location: Niagara Falls, New York (BBU 925)
Time: 4:20 a.m. [GMT?] 
Summary: M/Sgt H. E. Sweeney and 2 enlisted men saw a glowing yellow-orange, saucer­ shaped object with arc-shaped wings, fly straight up. 
Source: Berliner

Date: June 5 1951
Location: Vacha, Germany
Time: 2300
Summary: The witness, a member of the local militia, was standing watch when he saw a very bright light on a nearby hill, close to the light stood two or three small figures or persons wearing shiny suits. At the same time a power failure was occurring in the area. The witness was convinced he had seen “angels.”
Source: Ulrich Magin

Date: June 17 1951
Location: Michigan, exact location not given
Time: night
Summary: The 16-year old witness had previously seen brilliant lights outside of his window. There was never an explanation for the lights. On this night he seemed to wake up with a noise. He sat up and to his absolute shock he sees a tall form, walking through the wall from his brother’s room. It was a glowing human form. The figure walked across the room and stood in an opposite corner from the witness turning to look at him. As it turned to look at the witness, the witness felt himself falling backward and falling asleep. He didn’t tell anyone about it for a week. A week later he told his mother and she said she had seen the same thing and told their pastor.
Source: http://mufoncms.com

Date: June 19 1951
Location: Sonderborg Denmark
Time: 1200
Summary: Joseph Matiszewski, a mechanic, heard a whistling sound and saw an object in a meadow. Approaching within 50 meters, he found himself paralyzed and observed that birds had stopped singing and cows seemed to be similarly unable to move. From the UFO emerged four handsome men who had brown skin and wore black shiny suits & translucent helmets. 8 objects also emerged from the craft and hovered above it. Other men inside the craft & on its deck appeared to be making repairs, then the objects flew to about 100 meters altitude and climbed rapidly out of sight. Only then did the paralysis subside. When the objects left he felt a strange
taste in his mouth like battery acid, and later suffered from diarrhea. Clear landing traces were also found on site.
Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia

Date:  June  1951


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