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Location: Sherbrooke Nova Scotia Canada
Date: December 1953
Time: night
A Mrs. Orfei heard a knock at the door in the middle of the night and got no answer when she asked who it was, only louder knocks. Her Alsatian dog jumped toward the door, and then retreated, trembling as if terrified, to a corner. Mrs Orfei went to an upper floor and saw 2 “indescribable” shadows go away from the house. A while later a big, round object took off 100 yards away with a blue green lighting. The police found broken bushes as evidence of an enormous weight.
Source: Jacques Vallee, quoting Oltre IL Cielo, Vol. I

Location: Near Twenty Nine Palms, California
Date: December 1953
Time: night
A man named Adam, staying at in an isolated cabin was standing outside looking at the firmament, which strangely seemed different on that night, was suddenly enveloped in an ethereal music and saw what appeared to be star falling from the heavens. The star appeared to become much larger changing from its previous amber to a yellowish green color. Suddenly as the light approached, it turned off completely and the “music” seemed to increase in volume. Magically, before him, there appeared an insubstantial, slowly congealing, silvery, dome-shaped craft, beside which stood a slender, beautiful woman. Adam was invited onboard the flying saucer. Adam and the woman sat side by side in a blue hazed iridescence interior of the craft, which began to translate into opacity as it pulsed in a dim-bright cycle. Soon the lovely, blond haired, alien told Adam to address her as “Vega” and proceeded to explain some of what was happening. They had just passed through the ionosphere. Adam came to understand that the vessel was a remote controlled scout, was being impelled by a magnetic and gravitational force directed by a distant mother ship. He apparently saw the earth with an atmosphere made of an aural halo of rainbow colors.
Source: Paris Flammonde, quoting Angelucci in The Age of Flying Saucers

Location: Near Racine Wisconsin
Date: December 6 1953
Time: unknown
On the western shore of Lake Michigan a hotel worker reported encountering four strange men wearing green suits and caps with red star like emblems that came ashore in a rubber life boat. The men approached him and asked him where the nearest airfield was. He refused to answer and the men returned to the lifeboat and floated to a nearby floating object about 200 yards away. Coastguard vessels and planes patrolled the area but failed to locate anything.
Source: Harold T. Wilkins, Flying Saucers on the Attack

Location: Leon province Spain
Date: December 18 1953
Time: late afternoon
A young farm girl, Veronica S. H. was doing some chores on the outskirts of a tiny village when suddenly she was approached and attacked by three humanoids, human-like but of android in appearance and movement. The beings reportedly sexually assaulted her repeatedly. After the incident she remained in a coma-like state for 3 months. Later she went on to describe that the beings had short rough textured penises, apparently metallic and that instead of ejaculating sperm, they produced a viscous reddish liquid similar to volcanic lava. She did not report seeing any object or craft in relation to the humanoids.
Source: Pedro P. Canto, Visitantes de Dormitorio

Date: December 20 1953
Location: . Near Warren Ohio
Time: night
Summary: Al Como was driving from Warren when he saw a glowing ball come to the ground about 500 yards away. Thinking it to be a plane on fire, Como ran to the spot. In a clearing in the woods he found, hovering just above the ground, a black bell shaped craft with 3 balls on its underside and a rectangular glass like enclosure between them, illuminated by a violet light. Inside he could see shadows moving about. He could not get closer than 20 ft to the object, because an invisible “wall of force” surrounded it After 10 minutes he went back to the road and found that his car was gone. He went back & observed the craft for 15 minutes more, then returned to the road & found his car there, but turned around to face toward Warren. He drove to Warren to fetch his brother in law, but when they got back the craft was in the air above the trees. It tilted upward & silently vanished.
Source: Tom Comella Jr. Mystic April 1955

Date: December 23 1953
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Time: evening
Summary: Three human-like humanoids were seen entering a landed metallic disc-shaped object; they all had long brown hair and wore tight-fitting brown coveralls. A few minutes later a similar but older appearing humanoid came out of the object, stood around for a while then went back in. The object then took off and left the area at high speed.
Source: Revista Brasileira Ovni

Date: late December 1953
Location: Unnamed military base Japan
Time: late night
Summary: The witness, a soldier, had just returned to his barracks and had gone to bed when he suddenly found himself in the middle of the airfield standing near a landed object. He was then guided through a blue haze into the object and into a large circular room, there several humanoids, described as five-foot tall, with short blond hair, blue eyes and wearing tight fitting metallic outfits communicated with the witness by using telepathy. He was reassured and was apparently given a short trip on which he saw through a large round glass window what appeared to be the earth, as it would have looked at the “beginning.” The aliens finally brought him back and gave him the following message, “Trust only in our return and we shall deliver your.”
Source: UFONS # 237

Date:  December  1953

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