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Location: Home Counties, near London England
Date: July 1953
Time: mid afternoon
Twelve-year old Gerry Armstrong was hiding in a wooded area playing hooky from a school field trip when he apparently blacked out and found himself in total darkness. His next recollection was being awakened by an angry schoolteacher. Later under hypnosis he remembered seeing a light in the sky that seemed to descend behind a nearby clump of trees. Moments later he noticed some movement through the foliage and saw two figures walking in his direction. The witness became very frightened and was totally unable to move. As the figures approached he began to hear voices in his head telling him not to be afraid. The beings then positioned themselves on either side of him and picked him up apparently floating him away. As he floated through the trees he could see a bright light in a clearing and a vaguely round object behind it. As he reached the object he was instructed to climb a ladder by his captors. These were described as small with white gray skins, small mouths, and large eyes. Once inside the object he found himself alone in a brightly lit room. As he explored the room he felt a strange sensation and a noise apparently because the object was now moving. After awhile the beings returned and led him along a corridor to another room where he was met by a being dressed in red, this man like being claimed he was the witness’s father. He was then instructed to look on a screen on the wall where he saw what appeared to be the planet earth. Later the craft landed and he descended down a ramp and entered a huge domed structure that was apparently full of children. He was left alone and allowed to explore, he saw other flying craft and was later approached by a woman that took a silver cross from his neck and told him “it was not right to worship.” The being in red then touched his head and he passed out. Later he found himself being carried back to the wooded field where his teacher found him.
Source: Carl Nagaitis & Phillip Mantle, Without Consent

Location: Near Arkadak, Saratov region, Russia
Date: July 1953
Time: night
Former military physician, Vladimir Shabanov was camping overnight on the eastern shore of the Khoper River. At night while preparing a bonfire he decided to go into the woods and gather some brushwood. After entering the thick forest he gradually went deeper into. As he collected tree branches and sticks he suddenly felt an inexplicable uneasiness, he looked around and noticed a strange glow penetrating through the trees. Without dropping his firewood he walked directly towards the glow. After about 300m he came to the edge of an extensive clearing, which was overgrown with tall grass. The clearing was covered in thick fog which vividly reflected white light that was coming from a strange object that had apparently landed in the middle of the clearing. The object was shaped like a convex lens and rested on three leg-like supports. In the center of the upper surface of the object was a gradual dome of spherical form. On the equator of the object was a ring similar to that of the planet Saturn. The surface of the object emitted a bluish metallic luster. After coming closer to the clearing Shabanov suddenly grew torpid and held on tightly to the firewood. He was not exactly afraid but knew he was experiencing something uncommon. Suddenly from behind the object appeared several human-like figures dressed in tightly-fitting, slightly luminous coveralls gray in color, and tight belts. The distance of the object from the edge of the clearing was approximately 250m to 300m and the figures were clearly visible. They walked around the object as inspecting something and did not look in the direction of the witness. The witness stood mesmerized and watched the scene for about 10 minutes. And then the figures approached the object again stood under it and appeared to be sucked into the craft just like a vacuum cleaner. 10-15 seconds later the surface of the object began to emit a pink light and the ring around its equator began to rotate at a very high rate of speed, the color of the object then became bright white like that of a welder’s light. The supports were then pulled upwards and it left vertically rapidly disappearing from sight. The witness did not see any windows or lights on the object and thinks that the upper dome could have been transparent in nature.
Source: Newspaper “Voice” Moscow 1991 # 41, UFO Navigator July 18 2005

Location: Villares Del Saz Spain
Date: about July 2 1953
Time: 1300
Maximo Munoz Hernaiz, a 14-year old illiterate cowherd, heard an intermittent whistling sound; turning around, he saw a small luminous steel colored “balloon,” 30 cm wide and 130 cm high. When he went toward it, a door opened in it, and 3 squat little men only 25” tall jumped out; they had yellow faces and narrow eyes, and wore blue suits with peaked caps. They came up to Hernaiz and spoke to him; when he did not understand, one smacked his face. They jumped back into their craft, which glowed more brightly and took off. At the spot were found footprints, and 4 holes forming a 36 cm square.
Source: Antonio Ribera, The Humanoids

Location: Warmbaths, South Africa
Date: July 10 1953
Time: unknown
Reported crash of a UFO and the recovery of five dead alien bodies. Unfortunately there is no other information on this case.
Source: Anton Anfalov list  

Date: July 31, 1953
Location: Wolin Poland
Time: 1900
Summary: A metallic object 30 m in diameter was observed by five Polish and two German workers as it landed in a field close to a railway. It was shaped like a sphere with a flat disk around it, showing numerous openings at the periphery.
Source: Magonia 114

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