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Location: Tiszacsege Hungary
Date: early summer 1953
Time: afternoon
5-year old Laszlo Bako was alone playing near a railway bed when he suddenly began to feel strange and noticed a strange little man approaching him. The man was described as human-like, but with a head a little bigger than normal. The being’s body was very smooth and gray colored, and apparently wore no clothing. He was as tall as the witness. The being approached to about 1 meter away from the witness and stopped, he then smiled at Laszlo, who felt a friendly feeling coming from the little man. The being made several motions with his hands while at the same time communicating telepathically with Laszlo. After about 1 minute the little man turned away, walked for about 5 meters then vanished in plain sight.
Source: Gabor Tarcali

Location: Near Camp Polk Louisiana
Date: Summer 1953
Time: unknown
Army personnel reported seeing an ovoid or egg-shaped object about 9-10 meters in diameter, with a kind of collared structure on top crash land into soft, sandy soil near the base. The craft also had a revolving horizontal fin-like protrusion on the equator that was still rotating. Some were ordered to guard the object until ambulances arrived. A door that opened formed a ramp; the ground around the crashed craft burnt into a powdery substance and became extremely hot. Three aliens reportedly walked away from the crash. One was apparently carried out on a stretcher. The beings were described as four-foot tall with large helmeted heads, legs stiff when they walked and wearing tight fitting dull metallic greenish suits, they also wore some kind of mittens. They also spoke in an unknown language.
Source: LeRoy Pea, UFO Crash Secrets at Wright/Patterson Air Force Base

Location: Slobozia Romania
Date: Summer 1953
Time: 1000A
A six-year old girl saw a strange object hovering low over a field. In the middle of the craft there was a small green colored window, behind the window there was a face with strange eyes looking at the witness. The window suddenly disappeared and the craft flew silently away.
Source: Ion Hobana & Julian Weverbergh, UFOs From Behind the Iron Curtain

Location: Easton Pennsylvania
Date: Summer 1953
Time: night
The witness, a 14-year old at the time, remembers several non-human looking beings entering his bedroom at night and carrying him to a nearby remote coal mining area. There he was taken inside a landed disc shaped object and was examined for an hour by the humanoids. No other information.
Source: UFONS # 262

Location: Murray, Utah
Date: Summer 1953
Time: night
The 5-year old witness remembers seeing two glowing almond shaped eyes floating in front of him. They seemed to move towards him. He could not move or scream. He tried to get up but could not. Then there was a bright flash and a popping sound and the eyes disappeared. He ran down the stairs to his mother and told her that “angels” had visited his room.
Source: UFO Experiencer Support

Location: Houston Texas
Date: June 18 1953
Time: 0230A
A huge shadow crossed the lawn; looking up into a pecan tree, Mrs. Hilda Walker and Judy Mayer, 14, saw a man 6.5 ft tall with wings like a bat, dressed in gray or black tight fitting clothes and surrounded by a glow of yellow light. After 30 seconds, the light died out, and Judy screamed. There was a loud “swoosh,” and a white flash like a torpedo shaped object over the housetops across the street. Howard Phillips, 33, also saw the “batman.”
Source: Fate October 1953

Location: Brush Creek California
Date: June 20 1953
Time: 1830
A miner, John Q Black, was in Marble Creek Canyon on 3/20/53 when he saw something “like a piece of circular aluminum” coming down. On 5/20/53, he saw the saucer on the ground in the canyon, & saw it take off, leaving rocks near the stream hot & ashes in the water. On 6/20/53, at the same time he saw a middle aged little man 4-4.5 tall, with black hair, bushy eyebrows and a small mouth, wearing a green seamless parka, a peaked billed cap with a cord running around it, dipping up a bucket of water. The bucket was about a foot long and flared out in the middle; the handle was square and looked as if it was made of foam rubber. Black added that the little man was broad-shouldered and with a barrel chest, his shoes were dull black, apparently without heels and seemed extremely flexible. Beside him was the saucer, looking like “a couple of soup plates put together,” about 8 ft wide & 4-4.5 ft thick, with one small window and a tripod landing gear. It was only 40 ft from Black. The pilot re-entered the craft, which took off at a 45-degree angle with a hissing sound.
Source: Wallace Kunkel for Fate

Location: Hampton Bay, Long Island, New York
Date: June 24 1953
Time: 0018A
A civilian woman saw something like “a large aircraft” flying very slowly and low. It had a lighted red band around the middle and was coming straight toward her house with an oscillating motion. She still thought it was an aircraft of some new design when it stopped near her, 25 m above the ground. Then it flew backward over the water and hovered, making the same noise as a swarm of bees. The top section supported a series of red lights and a cabin with four portholes through which a control panel was visible. No occupants were seen. The cabin rose above the object, rotated, and then glided back. The object tilted toward the west and rose toward the southwest, disappearing within 3 seconds at an 80-degree angle of climb after the 3-minute sighting. Two days later a yellowish moss was observed at the site.
Source: Passport to Magonia

Location: Molfetta, Bari Italy
Date: June 28 1953
Time: 1900
Sallustio Salvemini was walking by some nearby prehistoric ruins, when he noticed a small luminous object that was descending quickly to earth. It was a bright orange color as it landed about 50 meters away. The light dimmed and he could now see that it was a classic disc shaped, flat on the bottom with a turret like structure on top, about 2 meters in height. As its brightness diminished, the witness saw a five-foot tall figure emerge from an opening on the object. The figure wore a shiny greenish coverall, with a gold colored belt, which emitted a lantern type light; it also wore a metallic helmet. The humanoid moved quickly around the terrain, apparently picking up ground samples and placing them inside the object. At this time the witness heard a loud humming sound coming from the turret and the light on the humanoid’s belt became brighter. The witness experienced a tremendous headache as the humanoid quickly entered the object, which shot away into the sky at incredible speed. A sulfur like smell remained in the area after the object left.
Source: Il Giornale dei Misteri # 277

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