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Location: Cagnes-sur-Mer Alpes Maritimes France
Date: May 1953
Time: 0030A
Pierre Cavallo, 50, a cinema projectionist, was walking home, pushing his bicycle, and collecting snails, when he was surprised by the apparition in the sky of an orange luminous cigar with blue spangles in its interior. This passed silently in 20-30 seconds, leaving a trail of orange sparks. Astounded, Mr. Cavallo remained where he was for about 40 seconds. Then he sensed a presence near him, and, turning his head, saw a face of extreme pallor, with blue eyes, the head perfectly bald, and the mouth mixed in a “sanctimonious smile.” A hedge only 3 ft high hid the body. After staring for some seconds, Cavallo jumped on his bicycle and sped away.
Source: Christian Hycnar & Eric Zurcher

Date: May 1, 1953             BBU 2555
Location: 10 miles S of Goose Bay AFB, Labrador, Canada
Time: 11:35 [11:20?] p.m. (AST).
Summary:  USAF 59th FIS pilot Capt. R. L. Emberry and radar operator 1st Lt. J. R. Morin of F-94 jet interceptor flying at 24,000 ft, and control tower operator, saw a white light or unidentified aircraft with afterburner but unlike any known aircraft, about 10,000 ft below the jet, evaded interception by F-94. Both object and F-94 climbed to 40,000 ft but object outpaced the jet and continued climb until out of sight. 
Source: Berliner; Joel Carpenter

Date: May 4, 1953            BBU
Location: Goose Bay AFB? Harmon AFB? Labrador, Canada
Summary: Canadian civilian woman saw a football-shaped light metal colored object reflected in a rotating beacon traveling S at high speed, low altitude, disappearing in stratus cloud over the base. Sound like tins striking together. 
Source: Joel Carpenter

Date: May 5, 1953
Location: Yuma, Ariz.
Summary: Scientist observed silvery disc; concentric rings visible through Polaroid glasses. 
Source: UFOE, VI

Date: May 12 [13?], 1953                 BBU
Location: [39 miles NW of ?] Goose Bay AFB, Labrador, Canada
Summary: [Unidentified radar tracking by pilot Lt. D. C. Rogers and radar operator Lt. J. A. Lane who attempted interception but unable to make visual contact.] 
Source: McDonald list; Joel Carpenter

Date: May 12, 1953
Location: Pacific Northwest, Washington & Oregon States
Time: 8:15 p.m. PST. 
Summary: Several unidentified blips occurred on both airborne and ground radar sets. Aircraft attempted interception but none could make any visual contact. One fighter aircraft (Pronto Red) reported that it made many contacts and lock-ons. The total length of observation was 2 hours and 21 minutes.
Source: BB files, Dan Wilson

Date: May. 20, 1953
Location: Brush Creek California
Time: 1830
Summary: Two miners, John Q. Black, 48, and John Van Allen, reported that an object, silvery, 2.5 m in diameter, 2 m thick, with a tripod landing gear, landed on a sand bar 50 m away from them. An occupant described as a broad- shouldered dwarf wearing clothing that covered the head and the trunk was also seen. His arms and legs were covered with tweed like cloth fastened at the wrists and ankle. He filled a shiny pail with water and handed it to someone inside the craft. He then appeared to notice Black and jumped into the craft, which made a hissing sound and departed.
Source: Magonia 109

Date:  May 20, 1953: Kingman Arizona UFO crash

Date: May 21, 1953: Kingman, Arizona Sighting

Date: May 23, 1953
Location: Lackland AFB, Fla.
Time: 8:43 a.m. CST. 
Summary: Five or more radar targets were observed from a radar site at San Antonio, Texas. The radar targets appeared to be orbiting over Monclova, Mexico. When first detected the targets were at approximately 35,000 feet at approximately 240 knots flying in a northerly direction for 40 to 50 miles and then began to orbit. The formation faded off the radar screen in the same locale. The observation lasted for one hour and five minutes. The radar in use was the AN/FPS-3. 
Source: Dan Wilson, BB files

Date: May 23, 1953
Location: Union of S. Africa
Summary: South African headquarters announced in November that on May 23, radar had tracked an unidentified object near the Cape at over 1000 mph.
Source: Prescott Evening Courier, May 22; UFOE, VIII

Date: May 27, 1953              BBU 2577
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Summary:  Many unidentified civilians, including Jacobson, saw 9 separate meandering lights. 
Source: Berliner

Date:  May  1953

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