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Date: November 1953
Location: Sjusjoen Bridge Norway
Summary: Mr. Trygve, Mrs. Bufflot and a neighbor saw an object rise from behind a hill, oscillate over a lake, follow their car, and stop ahead of them just above the ground. They stopped, felt “pricklings” until the craft took off vertically. A watch stopped working, and numerous people vouch for the fact that the paint on the car changed from dark beige to bright green.
Source: APRO Mar., 62; FSR 56, 5: Magonia 120

Date: November 1953: St. Francis River, Northeastern Arkansas Sighting

Date: November 23 1953: The Kinross Air Force Base Incident

Location: Baia Dos Patos Brazil
Date: November 28 1953
Time: daytime
The witnesses, Pedro Serrate & Francisco Teixeira, were duck hunting when a UFO alighted on the bay, only 15 ft from one of them. The dark blue hull was like two “basins” put together, 16 ft long, 8 ft high, and 6 ft wide; around the perimeter was a 3 foot rim of transparent glass. Two curved tubes were dripping water, and behind the hull was a sort of rudder 3 ft long. Serrate could see 4 young men and 2 young women sitting in a row, all red haired with pink faces, and the women with long hair. All wore dark blue uniforms. When then noticed that they were observed, the craft took off at fantastic speed, disappearing within seconds.
Source: J. Escobar Faria & Richard Hall

Date:  November  1953

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