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Location: Near Gracheva, near Orenburg, Russia
Date: October 1953
Time: unknown
A disc shaped UFO approximately 5 meters in diameter with a band of multicolored lights around its middle, crashed near this village. The wreckage was transported to the military base at Zhitkur.
Source: Anton Anfalov and Phillip Mantle crash list

Location: Darlington Ohio
Date: October 1953
Time: late night
In a farm area a family observed a round ball of fire hovering over a field where a boy and a dog had been seen running. The boy was then heard screaming for help, and then the father armed with a shotgun ran over to him firing several shots. He then saw several small humanoids carrying the boy into the huge hovering fiery object. The dog was found at the site with its head crushed and the boy was never seen again.
Source: Martin S. Caidin, Natural, or Supernatural?

Location: Jalisco State Mexico
Date: October 9 1953
Time: unknown
Antonio Apodaca, a former engineer turned farmer, claims that in company with work hands, he watched a round, shining object land on his ranch, and that he subsequently met, entertained, and was taken on a four day trip, by small occupants, to an alien world, where he saw many astonishing things, including multiple motor cycle like conveyances, and plants that were grown in “fresh air.” He noted and reported numerous interesting details about UFO construction, flight effects, and everyday life on the alien world, where he met two Frenchmen who were living there. The aliens were mostly short in stature, but on the alien planet he also saw tall and other shaped entities, all living harmoniously. All appeared to be oblivious to him and none appeared to own anything individually. Apodaca described computers and gigantic reference systems, and recorded that the aliens natural speech was a jaw breaking, being far more guttural than German. They communicated with him in Spanish, which they had learnt by monitoring our radio broadcasts. Apodaca also noted that they had no sense of time, there being no night or day, or seasons, on the alien world. After this return to Mexico, Apodaca met with the aliens again by pre-arrangement, and gave them a variety of seeds and pairs of domestic animals and fowl from his ranch as per their request. On this latter occasion they stayed with him and his family for four days, their UFO being camouflaged to prevent inadvertent detection from airplanes passing overhead. Apodaca desired total oblivion afterwards, requesting no publicity.
Source: Bernard Delair

Date: October 13 1953: UFO Crash near Dutton, Montana

Date: October 25, 1953
Location: Santa Fe New Mexico
Time: 2130
Summary: Jim Milligan, 16, was driving through a park when he saw something fall in front of his car and stopped as the object landed in some bushes. He walked toward it, found a craft that looked like two ship hulls, about 3 m long, 2 m wide glued together. When he tried to touch it, the object flew away.
Source: Magonia 119

Date:  October  1953

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