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Date: In Fall 1953
Location: Dutton, Montana
Time: 19:00
Summary: An object was observed. Electromagnetic effects were noted. Men in black later interviewed witnesses. One object was observed by one male 53-year-old witness for eight minutes.
Source: MUFON 

Date: September 4 1953
Location: Tonnerre France
Time: 2130
A woman saw 2 objects on the ground and 3 1.5-meter tall men running toward the craft. They had oversized heads and wore helmets and boots. One entered the elongated object, 5 m long, 1.5 m wide, which spread ‘wings” that made it look like a butterfly. It then took a vertical position, resting on a tripod, and took off with the spherical object into which the other 2 creatures had gone. Traces were found at the spot.
Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia

Location: Brovst Denmark
Date: September 12 1953
Time: unknown
Two humanoids with scaly, rugged, gold colored skin and cold hands like those of a fish jumped out of some bushes and attempted to abduct a girl. The 2 beings also emitted a bright golden light from their bodies. The girl apparently got away. No other information.
Source: Jacques Vallee

Date:  September  1953

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