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1954: April UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: September 3, 2016)

Location: Near Denver Colorado
Date: April 1954
Time: dusk
Herb Barlow, a motorist, was driving on Rt. 41 and had come around a bend, slowing down due to heavy traffic to about 10 mph, when he was surprised to see a six story tall structure on the other side of the road. The structure appeared to be resting on a deep canyon on the other side of the road. It seemed to be silvery and dome shaped with yellow patches that resembled windows from which shadowy figures appeared to be watching. The object seemed to be moving slowly up & down as the witness and other vehicles drove by.
Source: Witness letter in Fate Magazine Dec. 1995

Date: April 1954: Muroc AFB, California

Location: Menton, France
Date: April 1 1954
Time: 0240 AM
The witness heard a loud clanking sound then looking outside his home saw a five-meter domed disc land. Two human-looking occupants wearing gray combination suits exited the craft. The whole time the witness was paralyzed by a beam of light coming from the UFO. No other information.
Source: UFOCAT quoting Larry Hatch U computer database

Location: Desert Center, California
Date: April 3 1954
Time: 0300 AM
A mysterious telepathic voice led Carl Anderson to an area outside Desert Center. He made camped out with his wife and two children that night. At 0300A he suddenly wakes up to find his wife and daughter already awake, and his son sleeping. All three see how the tent suddenly becomes transparent and disappears, they could see the desert around them. Nearby, hovering only a few cm above the ground was a large bright disc-shaped object, about 20m in diameter, and 10m in height, it has a fluorescent glow. Anderson tries to approach the craft but his unable to move. They hear voices however they do not see a crew. The object then begins to hum quietly. The glow around the object becomes orange, then red and soon it resembles a fireball. Slowly the object ascends and accelerates shooting into the night sky. The tent now becomes visible again. The Andersons then see a white light flying high overhead and disappearing into the distance. His daughter is perplexed, asking where had the tent gone and why couldn’t they move. Anderson does not have an answer. He photographs the landing site. A few months later he again visits the area along with a friend who flashes a bright flashlight enthusiastically towards the sky. Suddenly an object approaches and floats over the men. Suddenly Jim cries out, the flashlight had become extremely hot and burns his thumb. He runs to the car in order to obtain a first aid kit. The disc then flashes a bright white light and disappears. When the man looks at his thumb again the burn has completely vanished.
Source: UFO Geheimnisse, Germany

Location: Near Reno, Nevada
Date: April 4 1954
Time: dusk
The 11-year old main witness was in the back seat sitting listlessly as the vehicle traveled along the bumpy terrain in the Nevada desert. His mother, Florence, a gifted psychic, had not explained the purpose of the cross country journey to the witness. Suddenly the car stopped. The driver, a man from Brooklyn, her mother and the witness got out. A strange object manifested before the witness as the driver and her mother appeared to be in a state of suspended animation. She stood there and watched it, but felt no fear. It was more like the feeling one gets, when an epiphany unfolds that set their course in time. The object, a ship of some kind, was diamond shaped looking much like a star tetrahedron. The main witness was “beamed” on-board. The ship took off and she clearly remembers being in an orbit around the Earth, as she sat fixated looking out of a circular window. She saw three people, perhaps screened images. She sat on a bench in a circular room with a boy approximately age 5, who said nothing. If she experienced any fear, she was quickly calmed with the ethereal appearance of a male and a female in white robes. The male was an entity she had spoke to all her life “Zoroaster” who she was told would meet one day. From that point on, he would more actively be in her life as what is called a spirit guide. She would meet the boy again, many years in the future, and would know him as Alexander. She was shown a future in which she would help shape the destiny of this planet. She remembers viewing two circular screens in which endless images were shown. One ran alongside the perimeter of the vehicle, which appeared to have scenes of human history, while the other came from a “liquid like core” in the center of the room, producing archetypical holographic messages that she watched with recognition on some level, but to this day do not fully understand. There was a momentary pause, as if the projections were finished. She next remembers being on the ground and “right time” resuming. This experience would never happen again.

Date: April 7, 1954                          BBU
Location: Fentress (3 miles SW of), Virginia
Time: 3 p.m.
Summary: USN pilot C. R. Allen flying F-6F for Fleet Training Center, Norfolk, Virginia, at 3,000 ft heading W near Fentress saw 2 strange saucer-shaped discs in close formation at 3,500 ft height about 15 miles away at about 2 miles NW of Lake Drummond heading NE, seen below and against cloud base of scattered cumulus clouds at 3,000-3,500 ft. Allen turned right to follow objects as they covered about 140° of arc maintaining about the same distance, disappearing near Cape Henry to the NE about 20 miles, covering 30 miles total in about 25-30 secs [3,600-4,300 mph].
Source: Jan Aldrich

Date: April 7, 1954;
Location: At Sea
Time: 11:05 p.m.
Summary: U.S.S. Curtiss carrying nuclear weapons buzzed by UFO. In this incident an unidentified luminous object passed, low and fast, over the ship from bow to stern. The Curtiss was not an aircraft carrier but a airplane tender ship (AV-4) refurbished for carrying components for nuclear weapons for the upcoming tests at Operation Castle, at Eniwetok Atoll.

Location: Chicago Illinois BBU 2962
Date: April 8 1954
Time: 1633
Lelah Stokes saw a white parachute like object with a suspended human like form skimming over the lake in all directions. She called in another tenant of the building. Mr. Boruszak, who also saw the object. She called the Coast Guard. The object diminished in size, till it was no bigger than a piece of newspaper, as it descended and landed. The human figure, now on the ground, was short and wore a tight fitting green one-piece suit covering also the head; he walked up & down the lakefront until the Coast Guard search boat had passed. Then the object enlarged and rose up again; the suspended “pilot” entered it, and it departed soundlessly at great speed.
Source: Project Blue Book Files

Location: Near Caracas Venezuela
Date: April 10 1954
Time: night
Emiliano Martinez was walking back from his hunting trip in the hills outside of the city when there was a sudden movement in the bushes nearby. Martinez stopped, motionless, shotgun in the ready, when the thrashing noise sounded again. He waited briefly then resumed his walk toward his parked automobile. Suddenly he heard a blood curling guttural noise. Terrified he dropped his day’s catch and ran for his car, parked in a nearby clearing. An unintelligible shout behind him indicated that whatever creature it was, it was close to him. He stopped for an instant to glance back toward his pursuer. He then saw two bizarre creatures running after him. They were short, and looked like a half man, half monkey. They were covered with dark hair. Martinez reached the car fumbling with his pockets for the keys. He dropped the keys and picked them up and attempted to open the car. He was then suddenly grabbed from behind. He fell together with his assailant into a ditch besides the road. He dropped his shotgun as two powerful arms closed over his throat. He managed to bake free and scrambled towards the car. The creature jumped on top of him, screaming, growling, and biting like a mad animal. He could not reach his shotgun, so he grabbed a large rock and repeatedly smashed his attacker on the head. Screams of pain slashed through the dark night. Martinez saw his attacker move backward, blood spurting from his head wounds. He then dashed to his car. He snapped the door locked as the two creatures lunged against the car, pounding their hairy fists against the windows in frustrated rage. He managed to start the car and drove away at very high speed directly to the police station. The next day, Martinez and some friends returned to the site and recovered his shotgun they also found some blood stained leaves. They questioned locals and were told that strange disc shaped objects had been seen in the area and that; cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, and two young farmhands had disappeared on the mountain. The farmers have also seen black, bristly haired dwarfs that hid in caves and kidnapped both livestock and humans. Martinez never returned to the area to hunt again.
Source: Warren Smith, Triangle of The Lost

Date: April 12 1954: Muroc AFB, California (2nd meeting)

Location: Near Cibola National Forest, New Mexico
Date: April 12 1954
Time: night
Mr. K. A. a cameraman for the USAF was taken to a special assignment from Sampson AFB New York to Roswell New Mexico (later Walker Field Air Force Base). He was ordered to board an h-19 Sikorski helicopter and flown to the location of a UFO crash site. They headed north parallel to route 285 about 25-30 miles and then changed course to northwest continuing about 10 miles, where they cleared a small cliff. Suddenly below and ahead they saw brightly red, blue and yellow white flashing lights. As they flew overhead, they could see a round silvery object approximately 40-50 ft in diameter. The rim appeared imbedded edgewise into the sand. The disk had a stationary dome on its center, but the outer rim was still spinning counter-clockwise, and the lights on the outer edge were rotating in the same direction. Four small bodies were scattered outside the craft, and 2 more were inside the disk. All were dead. A small opened hatchway was on the side of the disk. The manner in which these bodies were positioned indicated that the aliens had tried to crawl out of the craft on their hands and knees, but all died presumably of oxygen intoxication. The bodies were abnormally proportioned, small Dwarfs, approximately 4 to 41/2 ft tall, with extremely large heads, dressed in tight-fitting blue uniforms. They wore no helmets. They had light green, luminous skin. There was an overpowering stench emanating from the disk, resembling that of automobile battery acid that permeated the air. The disk was brought to Walker Field in Roswell and an attempt was made to house the object in hangar 46 but it was to small, so the craft was eventually stored in hangar 18. Heavy refrigeration equipment and other items were brought and installed. Later the disk and the bodies were moved to Langley AFB Virginia. This story is confirmed by other military men who heard their commander talking about a UFO crash near White Sands around the same time, recovered with an opened hatch and four aliens lying dead outside the UFO. Ukrainian remote viewer Irina Volyk reported that the crash was caused by the destruction of a cubic shaped container with very toxic liquid contents. She reported that the disk was flying from some subsurface alien base in New Mexico to outer space, but crashed on its route to an alien space station
Source: Anton Anfalov, Leonard Stringfield, UFO Crash Retrievals Amassing the evidence, Status Report III

Date: April 15, 1954
Location: Saint Mexant
Summary: Two residents of Correge Department, observed an elongated, cone-shaped object with two red and green lights at the base, flying at a high altitude from the northwest toward the southwest.
Source: CIA information sheet. Headline: Unidentified Object Over Saint Mexant

Location: Dumpton Park Kent England
Date: April 16 1954
Time: unknown
A police officer reported seeing a strange creature resembling a tall “walking fire cone,” it apparently walked on two legs and disappeared into the brush. No other information.
Source: John A Keel, Strange Mutants

Date:  April 16, 1954
Location: Grand Canyon, Ariz.
Summary: School superintendent, explorer, watched elongated UFO with “portholes” pass overhead.
Source: UFOE, VII

Location: San Nicholas Island California BBU
Date: April 22 1954
Time: 1400
Summary: USN Seaman Apprentice James B. Stephens, Jr., and Seaman Bernard G. Klein, Jr., while driving a Navy vehicle on base saw a 4-6 ft long gray cigar-shaped object with pointed nose traveling just above the ground on a near parallel course that would not cross the road until far ahead. The object suddenly impacted the ground sending up a cloud of dirt or dust and disappeared from sight. They stopped and searched for 20+ mins but found nothing. Further USN investigations and radioactivity surveying found no traces
Source: John A Keel, Strange Mutants

Date: April 23, 1954                           BBU 2974
Location: Pittsfield, Maine
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Summary:  Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. and Rose Belle Robinson saw a silver circular saucer­ shaped object with a dome 1/2 the size of the base that was the source of constantly flashing brilliant light, making a loud sound like a swarm of bees, which hovered at about 70° azimuth without tilting, flew horizontally with a whirlwind effect and cold air that moved stones underneath its path, then it rose vertically at 30° azimuth without tilting until out of sight.
Source: Jan Aldrich

Date: April 24, 1954            BBU 2976
Location: Hartland, Maine
Time: 6:10 p.m. (EST).
Summary:  GOC observer Dean Robinson saw a very large, silver, oblong object with a dome on top and flashing light inside the dome, no sound or exhaust trail, stationary on the horizon for 15 mins then climbed straight up to disappearance.
Source: Jan Aldrich

Date: April 26, 1954: Circular object, seen by architect

Date: April 26, 1954                       BBU 2983
Location: Athens, Georgia
Time: 8:35 p.m. (EDT).
Summary:  Cecil M. Cartey, Howard and Mabel Hopkins and their daughter Betty, saw 15-20 yellow objects in a V­ shaped or check-mark-shaped formation, fly at tremendous speed from low elevation in the S in smooth motion to high elevation in the N where they disappeared, no sound. 
Source: Jan Aldrich

Date: April 28, 1954
Location: Pyrenees
Summary: A group of persons taking a walk near Sare in the region close to the Pyrenees border observed a cigar-shaped object traveling rapidly at an altitude of 2,000 meters in the direction of Spain.
Source: CIA information sheet. Headline: Sight Unidentified Object Over Pyrenees

Date: April 28, 1954
Location: Carswell AFB, Texas
Time: 10:00 p.m.
Summary: A T-shaped object was reported to be hovering at 4000 feet over TCU Airport,Texas, near Carswell AFB. The object had varied colors of blue, green, and white. Object was picked up on radar 4 1/2 miles from the base. Another object was seen twenty five minutes later hovering one mile north of TCU Airport. This was just one day and a few hours before a major SAC exercise of night simulated radar bombing evaluation missions against an industrial complex in San Antonio. 
Source: Dan Wilson

Date:  April  1954



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