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Location: Peekskill New York
Date: February 1954
Time: unknown
Mr. & Mrs Forster stated they saw a craft on the ground, with a woman close by. She was wearing luminous clothing, a sort of hood, and thick glasses, and held a tube in one hand and a box in the other. Mrs Forster had to be taken to the hospital in a state of shock.
Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia

Location: Lombez Gers France
Date: February 1954
Time: 1400
While pushing her son in a baby carriage across the bridge over the River Save, Mrs Jandot observed a motorcyclist staring into the sky. Going a few feet further, and seeing no change in his concentration at something above, she too looked upwards and, a short way off over a grove of poplars, just above the river; she saw a motionless, silent object of oval form and metallic appearance. A little cone at the rear ejected a white smoke; inside the object she was able to see two human heads, “heads like you and me.” She thought it was perhaps 4 meters across. The heads were seen presumably through transparent ports or windows, although this is not stated. After a short period of time, the object departed at a vertiginous speed in the direction of Toulouse. There were two other persons on or near the bridge that had also stopped to watch, and whom Mrs Jandot knew. Curiously, not one of the four witnesses acknowledged to any other having sighted such a strange spectacle; rather they all continued on their way as if nothing unusual had just occurred.
Source: D Lacanal, G Menu & G Romeo LDLN # 176

Location: Terni, Italy
Date: February 1954
Time: 2330
An anonymous working man returning home on his scooter was attracted by a large white light, about 30 meters in width and about 200 meters away from the witness. He stopped the scooter and propped it up against a tree and decided to investigate what the light was. As he approached the light he noticed that it was a disc shaped craft with a large dome on the top. Suddenly an opening on the center part of the dome and a ladder was lowered to the ground. Two figures then descended to the ground. These were kind of hard to distinguish since the light from the object was still very bright. They seemed to be wearing tight fitting diver suits that covered their bodies except for the head. They stood around and appeared to converse amongst each other; soon they noticed the stunned witness and walked towards him. Paralyzed with fear the witness could not move and could only stare at the beings. He described them as about 1.40 meters in height, with large pear shaped heads, with large slanted eyes and pointed chins. Their outfits were luminous and very tight fitting, revealing parts of their anatomy, which was human-like. One of the beings then spoke in perfect Italian, telling the witness not to be afraid that they were friendly in nature and would not do him any harm. He then imparted an anti nuclear war message and one of peace. Moments later both figures climbed back inside the object. The witness then heard a loud whistling sound and the craft became white-blue and then bright red in color. It rose up vertically and disappeared at great speed into the sky. According to the witness at the site where the object had landed he found a scorched area of about 30 meters in circumference.
Source: ITACAT

Location: Mansfield, Massachusetts
Date: February 1954
Time: night
Bill Sheehan and four school-friends were sledding when they saw a bright star-like object approaching from the west. It grew closer until it was visible as a flying saucer with pulsating lights round its scalloped edge. The lights were alternating blue-green and red. The disc moved directly over the witnesses, who were huddled together on the ground. A blinding light enveloped them, causing a tingling sensation. Under hypnosis, Sheehan recalled communicating with the UFO entities, though he did not see them. About one hour of “missing time” was never accounted for.
Source: N.E. UFO Newsletter October 81

Date: Feb. 1, 1954                    BBU
Location: 35 miles SW of Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Time: 3:15 [2?] p.m.
Summary:  Crew of USN Office of Naval Research aircraft heading E towards a cosmic-ray balloon at 90,000-100,000 ft and 15-30 miles away saw 6 objects fly over and around the balloon, hover then vertically ascend out of sight.
Source: Hynek-CUFOS­ Willy Smith files

Date: Feb. 4, 1954
Location: Carswell AFB, Ft. Worth, Texas
Time: 11:00 p.m. local time
Summary: An object was detected by the Carswell AFB Ground Control Approach (GCA) radar, an AN/CPN-4 radar, at a distance of 13 to 15 miles to the SW and was heading directly toward the base. Carswell Weather reported in and said they had the object sighted on radar at approx. same time and location. The object remained on a straight course and the GCA operator notified the Control Tower. Control Tower personnel sighted the object as it moved directly over the Control Tower at an estimated speed of 240 – 250 mph. The object was observed for approximately 6 minutes with standard binoculars during entire observation. The object was at an altitude of approximately 4,000 feet confirmed by GCA, according to the Control Tower operator. The object was described as larger than a B-36, having a long fuselage, elliptical wings and stabilizer, gray in color, and no visible means of propulsion or exhaust. Nor did the object leave any trail and no sound was heard. The object passed out of sight to the NW. At 11:29 p.m., two targets were picked up on the Carswell GCA radar at 17 miles SW of Carswell. The targets were flying formation at an estimated 5,000 feet altitude at a speed of 200 mph. These two targets merged into one target and when 12 miles from Carswell they separated again and assumed a southerly heading. At approximately 14 miles from the base the target to the rear suddenly reversed its course, flew for two miles, then reversed course again and gradually overtook the lead target. Both targets departed thy area flying in formation to the SSE. The INVESTIGATION OF UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS report states that the reversal of course was for about two miles or 3.3 seconds.
Source: Dan Wilson

Location: Malibu California
Date: February 8 1954
Time: pre-dawn
Wakened by a motor like sound, John Fante saw a 100-foot ball of luminous blue haze about 300 yards away. From it emerged small human figures “which made their way down an iridescent funnel from the crest of Pt Dume to the ocean.” Going to the cliff edge, he saw that this “conveyor belt—no more than 24” tall—entered the ship’s hold and emerged carrying bright cylindrical objects,” with which they returned to the ball.” There must have bee 5000 of these grotesque creatures.” Then the ball gave a muffled roar and rose, and the ship sailed away. At the site where the ball had rested, Fante found one of the silvery cylinders. Breaking it open, he found in it 2 lb of coffee.
Source: Humcat quoting Newspaper source

Date: February 15, 1954
Location: Coniston, England
Summary: Stephen told a reporter they could clearly see every detail: “The object was glistening and it was a silvery milky colour. You could tell the outline of it very plainly indeed and see portholes along the upper part, and a thing which looked like a hatch on top. There were three bumps underneath and the centre of the underneath part was of a darker colour. I took the first picture when it was moving very slowly about three or four hundred yards away and then it disappeared from my view as there was some undergrowth in the way. When it came into sight again I took another picture but then it suddenly went up into the sky in a great swish. As it went upwards it tilted and I could see the underneath side more clearly. There was some sort of whistling sound as it went up which I think was the wind.”

Source: Stephen Darbishire photograph.
Darbishire made news again in 2004 by admitting a complete hoax, long suspected by most ufologists.

Date:  Feb. 15, 1954                              BBU
Location: Nr. Savannah River AEC site, South Carolina
Time: 10:15-10:36 p.m. (EST).
Summary:  USAF ADC radar operator S/Sgt. K. A. Payne, 728th AC&W Sq, Dobbins AFB, Greenville, South Carolina, using MPS-7 radar tracked high speed unidentified target the size of about 2 normal aircraft to the S at 203° azimuth at roughly 100 miles range (at about 33.5° N, 83.0° W, near Siloam, Ga.) heading E about 100° true at about 360 knots (400 mph) and 20,000 ft altitude as of 10:18 p.m. (when near Crawfordville). At 10:21 at about 33°28′ N, 82° 5′ W (near Augusta) the target had reached 22,000 ft and turned slightly right to about a 110° heading straight toward the Savannah River AEC plant and accelerating to operator estimated speed of 900 knots (1,000 mph) average speed (or as recalculated from mapped positions about 750 mph, probable peak speed about 1,000 mph at 1 g at 10:21:30), then it violated the prohibited AEC airspace at 10:22 at about 33°24′ N, 81°53′ W. Pope AFB radar also tracked the target violating AEC airspace and notified Payne at Dobbins AFB. At that point at 10:22:30 (?) object had made a left turn to about a 75° heading, slowing to about 600 mph and continued turning to about 55° heading. At 10:23 at about 33°30′ N, 81°39′ W (near New Ellenton, S.C.), target made a sharp 75° turn to the N at about 340° heading having accelerated again to about 1,200 mph average speed (probable peak speed about 1,800 mph at 1.5 g’s at 10:22:45) heading out of the AEC prohibited zone. Target slowed to about 600 mph again by 10:24 near Aiken when it sharply turned to the E on a heading of about 70° then 50° then 45° while passing to the S of Columbia, then turned N to a heading of about 20° where it faded near Kershaw at 10:36 p.m.
Source: Sparks; Jan Aldrich

Date: February 18 1954
Location: Lossiemouth Scotland
Time: 1530
Summary: Walking along the coast near Lossiemouth, Cedric Allingham heard a swishing sound, and looking up, saw through binoculars a flying saucer only slightly different from Adamski’s. 3 hours later he heard and saw it again, coming in for a landing 50 yards away. “The whole metallic body, seemed to glow faintly,” but was not translucent; it was 50 ft wide and 20 ft high, resembling polished aluminum. A 6 ft man with a deep tan skin and a high forehead got out. His garment covered him from neck to toes—he wore no shoes. In each nostril was a tiny tube. When Allingham drew planetary orbits, he nodded when Mars was pointed out, and repeated “Mars.” In further exchanges he verified Allingham’s suggestions that the Martian canals consist of a central string of water surrounded by vegetation. Allingham touched and photographed the saucer and also photographed the pilot, from a side rear angle; these photos are reproduced in his book. A slight humming marked the take off of the saucer. The interview had lasted ½ hour.
Source: Cedric Allingham, Flying saucers From Mars

Location: Edwards Air Force Base near Los Angeles, California
Date: February 20 1954
Time: late evening
The 34th US president, Mr. Dwight David Eisenhower was flown to Palm Springs where he dropped his wife off. His press secretary told the world that he was on a golf vacation. The president had a press conference scheduled for that day but never showed up for it. There were rumors that he was ill. The official explanation was that he had a toothache and needed to see a dentist. Newsmen, however, were never able to learn which dentist treated him. Instead he was flown by helicopter to Edwards AFB. There, the preliminary arranged meeting with representatives of an alien civilization was organized. The president was brought in, along with several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, MAJESTIC-12, several members of the National Security Council and a representative from Rockefeller’s office, plus a representative from the Rothschild’s and some scientists. Five alien spacecrafts had landed. 3 saucer-shaped and 2 were cigar shaped. Three UFOs landed on the runway close to the hangars. Aliens went out of the crafts, and negotiations were being conducted. The aliens were of the typical Nordic type, with flaxen long golden hair and pale blue eyes. Negotiations were inside isolated and very guarded hangars of the base. One of the witnesses an anonymous U S test pilot who told British Lord Clancarty about the case, informed that the aliens spoke English and wanted Eisenhower to start an education program for the people of the United States, and eventually the Earth. Eisenhower replied that he didn’t think the world was ready for that. The president said that his concern was that a worldwide announcement that aliens had landed would likely cause panic and collapse of all political, economic and religious institutions. The aliens agreed with that opinion, saying that they would continue to contact isolated individuals until the people of earth got used to the idea of their presence. The aliens also demanded from the US Government to get of rid of nuclear weapons and were proposing other advance technology in exchange for that, but this alien proposition was taken with high suspicion and was rejected. While Eisenhower viewed the UFO 2 individuals were able to tip it upside down. The UFO was a smooth disk about 30 ft in diameter. Everyone stood back and the strangest phenomenon on record of the base occurred. The UFO dematerialized (or became invisible) right in front of their eyes. Everything was filmed. Then it materialized again. This possibly was the direct cause of Mr. Eisenhower’s first heart attack. There is apparently independent confirmation of this supposed meeting.
Source: The Ultimate Deception by Commander “X”, Anton Anfalov

Date: Feb. 22 [Mar. 2?], 1954                               BBU
Location: York, Penna.
Summary: Several pilots of fighters in the air and GOC observers on ground saw 14 discs climb when the fighters approached. Ground radar tracking.
Source: Weinstein; BB files??

Date: Feb. 26, 1954                               BBU 2913
Location: Newburyport, Mass
Time: 2:30 p.m.
Summary: Architect R. M. Pierce, marine engineer George Avery and another, saw a silver disc, with a white trail, make a loud roar.
Source: Berliner, Dan Wilson

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