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Location: Norco California
Date: Spring 1954
Time: unknown
Mrs J. and her daughter went outside to investigate a metallic droning sound, and saw an object passing overhead at low altitude, at 5 mph or less. It came to a stop, the noise subsiding, over a tree only 15 ft away. It was aluminum colored & resembled a rowboat, bout 20 ft long & 10 ft wide; on top was a transparent dome. Inside this dome 5 seated men were visible facing the witnesses. They had “rather long faces,” dark eyes & hair, and dull olive complexions, and wore neutral colored uniforms & helmets. They stared at the witnesses; one in particular gave Mrs J the impression of “a cold scientific mind dissecting me.” These men looked at them for a full minute, and then leant back in their seats; the drone began again and the object moved off toward the NE at about 35 mph.
Source: Donald B Hanlon, FSR

Location: Cote D’Azur, Provence France
Date: Spring 1954
Time: 0240A
Monsieur B was walking home when he came upon a brightly luminous object standing on or hovering over the ground, only 10 meters away; a discoidal craft 5 meters in diameter, the upper part more curved, and with a small dome. Beside it stood a slender man 5”2’ tall, wearing a luminous tight fitting one piece suit including the head. When he turned toward Mr. B he was seen to have a veil in front of his face. He spoke some words to a second being, shorter 4’9” and with a larger head, who wore a similar garb. On his abdomen this 2nd entity wore a sort of flashlight, from which a beam of white light was turned on B, paralyzing him. Then this 2nd entity raised his veil, revealing a grin on his face that exposed all his teeth. His forehead was high, the chin & nose pronounced, the lips very thin, and the complexion dark. The eyes were white, showing no iris or pupil, and exuded a large brown tear. The being made beckoning gestures; then both walked to the craft, got onto it, and vanished into it. B heard a metallic noise, and then lost consciousness. When he came to himself, the machine was 10 meters above the ground, 50-70 meters away, and was spinning, making a faint noise. Its shape now differed, showing 2 illuminated portholes on a bulge. There was an “indefinable” smell. After a bright flash of light, the object became gold-colored; it rose in a spiral, the moved off leaving a trail of sparks. The next day B found flattened greenery at the site.
Source: J Chasseigne, FSR Vol. 21 # 2.

Location: Mattydale, New York
Date: Spring 1954
Time: 0300A
In this suburb of Syracuse on a Sunday, an information specialist and his wife saw a 20-foot wide disc-shaped object being examined on the ground by several men who were taking pictures. The craft had flashing and rotating multi-colored lights on top. The next day an officer told them the event was a military secret. Later police denied the whole incident ever took place. The disk had been loaded into a flatbed trailer, covered by tarpaulin and moved exclusively at night by a military team to nearby Griffis AFB in Rome NY, where it was hidden in a surface hangar. Another source confirmed that he accidentally saw and filmed this object inside the hangar at Griffis. Around 1956 the disk was taken to Nellis testing site in Nevada, or the Papoose range. On its way there the disk was studied at Wright Patterson. Because of its small size and weight it was transported cross country on a flatbed truck. Nothing is known of its alien occupants. The aliens possibly abandoned the disk after it soft landed (crashed) on the outskirts of Syracuse. Apparently the alien crew left the damaged or deactivated disk and it was probably found by the military with its entry hatch opened. There is also the possibility that the disk was a non-piloted alien reconnaissance probe that lost control and plummeted to earth. In the early 1990’s it was removed from the S4 site either to White Sands or to the Fort Huachuca underground facility.
Source: http://www.cseti.org/crashes and Tim Swartz “Uncensored UFO Reports” # 3 1988

Location: Penn Hills Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Date: Spring 1954
Time: afternoon
A ten-year old was returning home after school and had taken a short cut through a wooded area when she came upon a dull silvery metallic object sitting on the ground. It was smooth and was disc-shaped. Six feet to the left of the object stood a figure completely covered in silver; it had its back to the witness and was very thin and never moved. Both the figure and the object suddenly vanished into thin air.
Source: Paul G. Johnson, The Researcher Vol. 9 # 1

Location: Near Turku, Finland
Date: March 1954
Time: 0015A
Several days after Osmo Liene and his brother Esko had seen a large disc shaped object that flew lover over a road over them knocking them down and covering them with a white sandy quartz like substance, Osmo suddenly woke up after hearing steps and voices talking in an unknown language approaching the front porch of his house. Osmo ran to the front door in order to confront the intruders when the door was suddenly yanked open. Three men then entered the house. All were described as somewhat shorter than humans and having oriental eyes. The leader seemed to be a young man of about 19 years of age, who asked Osmo if he was the “young boy who built radios.” Osmo said yes and then the stranger marched into his room and explored Osmo’s radios. During the whole episode Osmo’s family remained sleeping. The younger of the men approached Osmo’s father and looked down on him with a benevolent expression. The second intruder looked to be about 35 years old and was carrying a bag. This man sat on the table in the living room and told Osmo to sit on the end of the table. A small TV-set like device was then produced; it had a monitor and a peg on top. The man lifted the device to the table in front of him. The third man appeared to be the eldest, seemed to be about 45-50 years old stood next to the window looking out, apparently standing guard. Suddenly big drops of sweat began rolling down his face as if he was feeling ill. Osmo suggested some water, but was told, “It was the air they were breathing, that it will soon pass.” Osmo tried to turn the lights on but was forbidden by the strangers. Osmo was told to sit on the table and an “interview” ensued. The 35-year-old man after each questing would crank the peg on the TV-like device and an image would appear on it apparently showing Osmo in apparently future scenes and situations. He was shown images of his future life all the way up “to the end.” At one point Osmo attempting to touch the peg himself but was angrily reprimanded. Osmo noticed that he was able to understand what the men spoke if he looked directly at them, but if he turned his head he could only hear a murmur like sound. The men then conducted an “experiment” on Osmo, which felt like some type of electric shock and he soon fell into a state of ecstasy. He was then apparently interviewed in length. The men eventually left out the front door.
Source: Minna Hyvonen, Finland

Location: Near Turku, Finland 2
Date: March 1954
Time: night
Two weeks later Osmo woke up to a yellow light in his room. He then saw a very friendly elder man standing next to the bed waiting for him to get up. Also the previous visitors were also present. The eldest seemed to be their leader. Osmo was requested to sit beside the table and to be interviewed again. One of the men had the same TV-set like device in his hand. The elder man apparently began asking the same questions as before. During the interview the other men began performing other chores around the house. One carried a bottle-sized cylinder, apparently a medical device. The elder man apparently instructed the others in how to use this device. The men apparently lifted Osmo’s still sleeping father up and a strange headphone device placed on his head next was Osmo’s brother and then his mother. Osmo was apparently allowed to use the TV-like device and the cylinder before the men departed. They all shook hands with Osmo and left.
Source: Minna Hyvonen, Finland

Location: Santa Maria Brazil
Date: March 1954
Time: 1700
Rubem Hellwig, a rice planter, was driving home when he noticed a strange object some 50 meters away. It was about the size of a Volkswagen and was shaped like a rugby football. A man of slim build and brownish complexion, about 5’2” tall, was seated in it, and another outside was picking capon grass and handling it in to him. This man came over to Hellwig, carrying a bottle of reddish liquid, and asked where he could get a small quantity of ammonia that he needed. This request was made in an unknown tongue, yet Hellwig understood it. He directed him to the drugstore in a nearby town. The man thanked him and returned to the craft. A circle of bluish yellow luminosity appeared around it, “making it appear round,” and from each side of the cabin protruded 4 3” tubes; a yellowish flame shot out through these tubes, and the vessel vanished instantly.
Source: FSR Vol. 12 # 6

Location: Santa Maria Brazil
Date: March 1954
Time: unknown
The next day, soon after starting, Hellwig encountered the same or a similar machine, sitting on the highway. This time it contained a tall fair complexioned man and two women with slanting eyes and long black hair. All 3 were dressed alike, in one-piece brown garments resembling suede leather, with a zipper type closure. They called to Hellwig, and an extensive conversation ensued, the beings using their own language (which has no more than 15 letters, and sounds musical) together with telepathy. He was invited to view the craft, which was less than 10 ft long and transparent in front. Source gives details of its construction and propulsion. Those people come from a planet ‘Arion” which is “far beyond the farthest star known to our world,” and is ruled by a monarchy. When the UFO departed, there was only a slight breeze, no sound. Some time after this experience, Hellwig ‘began to experience mental phenomena which, so far, medicine has been unable either to explain or cure.”
Source: FSR Vol. 12 # 6

Date: March 1, 1954
Location: Montevideo
Summary: Time not given. Numerous bathers at the beaches near Montevideo observed a “flying saucer,” a sort of metallic disk emitting yellowish reflections. It remained stationary for 2 minutes at an altitude of several thousand meters.
Source: CIA information sheet. Headline: “Flying Saucer” Over Montevideo

Date: March 2, 1954                           BBU 2923
Location: Near Harrisburg [Middletown and York], Penna.
Time: 10 p.m.
Summary: Research engineer R. C. Swengel saw 3 objects, each with two lights, fly straight and level at medium speed. Military and civilian witnesses?
Source: Berliner; FUFOR Index

Location: Caldbeck, Cumberland, England
Date: March 4 1954
Time: unknown
Undocumented report about a possible UFO crash. According to the source new evidence reveals that the US navy in the Irish Sea whilst participating in Operation Mariner monitored UFO activity on 3-4-1957 and further witness testimony was credible from a report by a Tiger Moth airman in the Magna Flux exercise. Ufologist Sharon Larkin claims to be in contact with a witness who was detained by the military for two weeks at Kirkbride Airfield and the incident takes on a sinister role as a local vicar who also witnessed the crash had died in mysterious circumstances as he was about to go public with his testimony. The source thinks there might be a connection between this case and the March 4 1954 Rouen France UFO photograph. Additional details indicate that three people witnessed the event, a farmer and son who were held by military personnel for two weeks, and a poacher who claimed to have seen two bodies with “faces like the Devil’s” (the poacher had a breakdown soon after). The RAF removed all evidence of the incident from the area.
Source: Nathan Steele (Nathan.steele@btinternet.com) quoting
Sharon Larkin and http://www.paranormaldatabase.com

Date: March 5, 1954                          BBU 2926
Location: Nouasseur AFB, French Morocco
Time: 7:15, 7:38, 9:55 p.m.
Summary:  Crews of USAF KC-97 aerial tanker planes and a C-54 transport saw 1-2 white or amber objects or lights make passes at the aircraft on collision courses as they practiced GCA landings. At 7:15 p.m., KC-97 pilots Capt. G. E. Brown, 1st Lt.. L. B. Gordon and 1st Lt. J. P. Glover, 301st Air Refueling Sq, 301st Bomb Wing, while flying KC-97 to practice landing on 180° heading at 1,500 ft about 5-8 miles SW of Nouasseur base saw 2 white lights to the right at about the same altitude, with one light slightly lower than the other, appearing to be 2 aircraft in formation on collision course or “making a pass” forcing an evasive turn away by the KC-97. Later [at 8:20? 9:20?], after landing and takeoff they saw the same or similar 2 white lights on the same course from the S at 180° on a collision course and they made an evasive 360° turn. At 7:38 p.m. another KC-97 flown by pilots Capt. Robert R. Zadnick, Lt. Paul R. Fisher and Lt. George A. Kerr, also 301st ARS, 301st BW, on GCA landing at 180° heading at 1,500 ft about 5 miles SW of Nouasseur base saw a light at about the same altitude and to the left of course appearing to be headed W on a cross path or collision course, as it crossed it was seen to be 2 lights as if 2 jets in formation, no aircraft running lights. One light passed over and one under the KC-97. At 9:55 p.m., C-54 from Lagos, Nigeria, based at Kelly AFB, Texas, senior pilot Capt. William M. Pond, copilot Lt. I. W. Gilchrist and navigator Capt. James F. Pullen while flying at 2,000 ft on 170° heading on GCA landing at Nouasseur base saw white or amber light like an aircraft landing light at about the same altitude approaching on a collision course heading W 2-3 miles away, then turned onto a direct head on course, passing within 2 miles, then suddenly disappeared like turning off a light for 10-15 secs, then reappeared hovering, descended to ground then rose, and disappeared behind the C-54 after completing its turn onto final landing approach. No radar or other visual contact made. ()
Source: Jan Aldrich

Date: March 9, 1954                                         BBU
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Time: 3:57-4:05? a.m.
Summary:  Civilian-military pilot John H. Stewart while driving N saw a pulsating bluish-white luminous halo surrounding a dark ellipsoidal object that may have been larger than a DC-6 (117 ft) slowly moving S at about 2,000-3,000 ft height, then hovered for 7-8 mins over the General Electric plant, the last 4 mins of which Stewart observed after stopping his car. Object accelerated and suddenly changed color to yellow then red, changed course to the E, then disappeared in an almost vertical climb in secs. ()
Source: Jan Aldrich

Date: March 11-12, 1954                     BBU
Location: Pittsburgh, Penna.
Time: 11:30 p.m.
Continuing on for approximately 6 hours and 45 minutes, anti-aircraft units in the vicinity of Pittsburg, Pa., picked up unusual returns on their instruments. The returns on radars showed a stationary object at 16,000 to 20,000 feet in altitude. Aircraft dispatched by the AF Reserve from the Greater Pittsburgh Airport to investigate the object(s). Fighter aircraft were tracked through the same location as the UFOB.
Source: Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks, McDonald list

Date:  March 12, 1954                           BBU 2937
Location: Nouasseur AFB, French Morocco
Time: 9:35 a.m.
Summary:  USAF 1st Lt. Robert Johnson, flying an F-86 jet fighter, chased an object at more than 530 mph for 30 secs, but was unable to catch it. Object appeared to be the size of a fighter plane but had neither tanks nor trails [tail?].
Source: Berliner

Date: March 16, 1954
Location: Near Santa María, state of Rio Grande do Sul
Summary: Rubén Hellwing encountered, on two successive days, with a number of different entities. On the first day, he saw two slender men, 1.60 meters in height, with dark complexions and helmetless. On the following day he encountered a tall blond man accompanied by two dark skinned women with long black silky hair, and dark slanted eyes. The three were dressed in identical one-piece brown outfits. In both cases, Hellwing was able to see a flying object resembling “an inverted casserole.”

Date: March 24, 1954
Location: Baltimore, Md.
Summary: Maneuvering formation of UFOs observed by Civil Defense official.
Source: UFOE, VII

Date: March 25, 1954                                   BBU
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Time: 3:20 p.m.
Summary: USMC pilot Capt. Dan Holland flying one of 3 jets with the 3rd Marine Air Wing on an E heading at Ft. Lauderdale at about 26,000 ft and 400+ mph saw a gleaming white ball­ shaped object with a gold ring around the lower 1/3, about 2x size of his jet, descend vertically on a collision course, took evasive action, radioed the other jet pilots to look. Object suddenly stopped 3,000-4,000 ft above, he banked toward it and activated gun camera but object then accelerated and disappeared to the E at tremendous speed in about 15 secs. The other 2 pilots flying ahead of him did not see object.
Source: Weinstein; NARCAP; BB files??; UFOE, IV

Date:  March  1954

Location: Sumner Washington
Date: March 28 1954
Time: night
After seeing mysterious lights descend over the area the five witnesses drove to an isolated area near some power lines and soon they saw a white glowing ball of light gliding down wobbling and apparently going into a clump of nearby trees. The light then approached their vehicle, moments later the white globe of light passed in front of the car. At that same moment one of the witnesses saw a tall, well-built, broad shouldered man standing at the same spot where the globe of light had been seen. The figure was encased in a glowing white light. It suddenly disappeared in plain sight.
Source: George Hunt Williamson, Other Tongues Other Flesh

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