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Date:   Dec. 1956
Location:  South Florida
Summary: A large egg-shaped object was spotted on radar 65 miles SW of Miami at an altitude of 7,000 to 8,000 feet going about 4,000 mph. The observation was made by Donald Freestone, a radar expert for Pan American Airways. Six other Pan American radar experts confirmed his observation. 
Source: Dan Wilson

Date:    Dec. 1956
Location:  Far East, Asia
Summary: Cat. 3, 9. Air Force jet pilot tracked UFO on radar; observed visually as “large round object.” Radar jammed by strong interference
Source: UFOE, I

Date:   Dec. 1, 1956
Location:  Valley City, ND
Time: 12:20 AM. 
Summary: One round object, red to orange in color, was observed at approximately 1000 foot altitude. The object had rapid movements movements up and down, sideways, and hovered. As a police car approached the object the police car lost radio contact with station at Valley City. Valley City also lost contact with Jamestown, South Dakota. All radio contact was regained after the object left the area. 
Source: BB files, Dan Wilson

Date:    Dec. 17, 1956
Location:  Nr. Itazuke AFB, Japan (BBU)
Time: 3:20 p.m. local time. 
Summary: An object was picked up on airborne radar of an F-86D aircraft at 20 nautical miles. The aircraft had a lock-on at 15 nautical miles on a steady overtake on a course of 270 degrees at 600 to 700 knots. The object and the observing aircraft were heading 270 degrees through the entire chase. A visual contact was made at 8 nautical miles and the F-86 closed to within 5 nautical miles and could not close any further. The object then started to pull away from the F-86 and at 12 nautical miles all indications on radar disappeared. The pilot estimated the speed of the object upon radar disappearance at 1500 to 1800 knots. Observation times were, radar: 7-8 minutes, visual: 3-4 minutes. The object was described as tan in color and round on top. Interference resembling ECM was experienced by both the observing aircraft and wingman. The general area of observation was 34-00N, 131-00E, slightly east of the Japanese island of Tsushima. ()
Source: Weinstein; FUFOR Index; BBU Files

Location:  Conashaugh Pennsylvania
Date:  December 17 1956
Time: 2100
Mrs Marie Carow went out after dark with a 5-cell flashlight, and discovered 2 little men, 3.6, and 3 ft tall, standing motionless on her back lawn. Both wore helmets and snug fitting suits of glistening silvery material, and were of fair complexion; the shorter one was stocky, the taller one slender. Mrs Carow played the beam on them for about 3 minutes, then ran back to tell her husband. When she went out again 15 minutes later, they were gone.
Source: J E Myer & Dr Berthold Schwarz

Date:    Dec. 27, 1956
Location:  Los Angeles, Calif.
Summary: Real estate investor saw three spherical UFOs reflecting sunlight.
Source: UFOE, VII

Date:   Dec. 31, 1956 [Jan. 1, 1957?]
Location:  Guam (BBU 4577)
Time: 2:10 a.m. 
Summary: USAF 1st Lt. Ted Brunson, flying an F-86D jet interceptor, saw a round, white object fly under the jet, which was unable to turn as sharply as the object. ()
Source: Berliner; FUFOR

Location:  Near Hughenden Queensland Australia
Date:  late 1956
Time: afternoon
A young girl was crossing a paddock on her farm when she felt a strange force upon her and heard a soft hum. She felt being lifted off the ground and then fainted. Later she awoke to find herself in a strange large room accompanied by two men wearing silver white ski suits. The men did not communicate with her. The room had a colored galaxy display on the wall. She also noticed an arched doorway leading into a corridor and also what appeared to be porthole like windows along the wall. She then felt an enormous pressure and lost consciousness. She then found herself back in the farm at a different paddock. A huge saucer shaped object hovered above her, the craft ascended rapidly towards the west and vanished.
Source: Keith Basterfield

Date:   Late 1956
Location:  Castle AFB, nr. Modesto, Calif.
Summary: Cat.9/11. Luminous elliptical object and two F-86’s, radar.

Date:    Late 1956
Location: Bt. North & South Dakota
Summary: Cats. 8/9/11. UFO filmed by AF crew. Radar.

Date:  December  1956

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