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Date:  Feb. 1956
Location: Nr. Fishguard, SW Wales
Time: Evening
Summary: A man considered in some circles to be the greatest test pilot of all time, Eric “Winkle” Brown, of the Royal Navy described a disc sighting he made in February 1956 (perhaps located in the vicinity of Fishguard, in SW Wales).  He was flying a deHavilland Vampire jet fighter, and could not climb to the saucer’s altitude or catch it.
Source: Don Berliner

Date: Feb. 2, 9, 21, 1956
Location:  Camp Irwin, Calif. (BBU)
Source: McDonald list; BBU Files

Date: Feb. 7, 1955
Location: Harrisburg, Penna. (BBU)
Time: 10:18 a.m.
Summary:  Flying Tiger pilot saw a brilliant object flash off to the S.
Source: Project 1947; Original Docs

Date: Feb. 7, 1955
Location: Knights Landing, California (BB)
Time: 4:30 p.m. local.
Summary: During observations of conventional jet aircraft the witness observed the antics of a winged UFO that reportedly executed a vertical climb and later, a steep dive. This incident was discovered in an OSI document to the FBI, found in the Blue Book file collection. If this actually occurred it would be an interesting, but distant encounter, worth posting in the Cat. 1 file.
Source: Original Doc

Date:  Feb. 7, 1955
Location:  Ft. Wayne, Indiana (BBU)
Time: 7:55 p.m. EST
Summary: An American Airline pilots of Flight 266 while flying over Fort Wayne, observed 5 star-like stationary objects due north at an estimated altitude of 30,000 to 40,000 feet. The objects then departed at terrific speed. 
Source: Original Doc

Date: Feb. 7, 1956
Location: Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi (BBU)
Time: 8 a.m. (CST) 
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 10, 1955
Location:  Bethesda, Maryland (BBU 3427)
Time: 10:03 p.m.
Summary: E. J. Stein, model maker at U.S. Navy ship design facility, saw an object, shaped like a small portion of the bottom of the Moon, with a radiant yellow color, hover for 30 seconds. The bottom changed to a funnel shape.
Source: Berliner

Date: Feb. 11, 1956
Location: S of Japan (BBU)
Time: 7:15 p.m. 
Summary: MATS C-124 air crew sighting of a yellow or amber object at 1,000 knots (1,150 mph). ()
Source: Project 1947; Original Doc; BBU Files

Date: Feb. 11, 1955
Location: Miami to New York
Summary: Pan American Airways flight saw two reddish-green objects speed past under wing.
Source: UFOE, V

Date:  Feb. 12, 1956
Location: Goose bay, Labrador, Canada (BBU 3969)
Time: 11:25 [10:55? 11:10?] p.m. (AST).
Summary: USAF F­89D pilot Bowen and radar observer Crawford saw a green and red object rapidly circle the jet, and tracked on radar. No further details. 
Source: Berliner; FUFOR Index; BBU Files

Date:  Feb. 15, 1956
Location: Riverside, Calif. (BBU)
Time: 8:40 [12:40?] p.m.
Summary: USN pilot Taylor flying aircraft saw a cigar-shaped brown object on a straight level course. ()
Source: Project 1947; FUFOR Index; BBU Files

Date: middle of February 1956: Choisy Le Roi France Alien Encounter

Date: Feb. 18, 1956
Location: N of Montelimar Airdrome, France (BBU)
Time: 8:20 p.m.
Summary: 3 USAF C-119 crew, 780th Troop Carrier Sq, saw a round dot change color every 30 secs from white to red to green. 
Source: Project 1947; FUFOR Index, UFOE,V

Date: Feb. 18, 1956
Location: Paris, France (BBU)
Time: 10:50 [8:20?] p.m.
Summary: Air France pilot De Vaux of DC-3 and radio operator saw large red blinking light flying erratically, tracked by ground radar at Orly Airport. 
Source: Project 1947; FUFOR Index; BBU Files

Date: Feb, 19, 1956
Location: Houston, Texas (BBU 3977)
Time: 6:07 a.m. (CST). 
Summary: Crew of Eastern Airlines Super Constellation saw intense white light, moving 4-5 times the speed of the airplane, evaded by the pilot. 
Source: Berliner; FUFOR Index; BBU Files

Date:  February  1956

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