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Date: July 1956
Location: Otterburn, Northumberland, England
Time: morning
Summary: A Mr. Stocker, wireless operator for the Territorial Army and a driver were traveling through open moorland in a Land Rover on a single-track road. As they crossed a bridge and ascended a slight hill, Stocker saw what looked like an elderly woman dressed in a long, gray coat and a shawl. She was standing on a sandy area on the left hand side of the road beneath a hawthorn tree. After they passed her, Stocker glanced in one of the vehicle’s rearview mirror, but now could see no one beneath the thorn tree. The drive too had seen the figure. They went back but there was nobody visible anywhere on the open moor around and there were no footprints in the sandy ground at the spot.
Source: Paul Deveraux, Haunted Land

Date: July 1956
Location. Quebrada de Agua Chuya, Argentina
Time: afternoon
Summary:In a remote location sheepherder Ernesto Salitonlay encountered in a ridge a huge figure entirely covered in dark hair that screamed at him using loud guttural sounds. His animals became terrified and fled from the area. Salitonlay fired at the creature with his rifled and this one ran up a hill and vanished. He reported the incident to the police.
Source: Gustavo Fernandez

Date: July 6, 1956
Location:  Euclid, OH (BBU)
Time: 9:37 a.m. (EST).
Summary: One spherical object, large, white in color, appeared to be revolving at 5 to 6 thousand feet. Ground visual and ground radar sighting. AN/FPS-E radar used. Local fighters diverted to Cleveland lake shore area. No visual contact.
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index; BBU Files

apro109Date: July 10, 1956
Location: Anaheim California
Time: 8:55 p.m. EST. 
Summary: An The following feature is reprinted from  the Anaheim (California ) bulelletin for tuesday, July 10, 1956 where it was found by member ross raham the builletin photographer took  16 frames of this phenomenon all of wwhich will soon be available for apro.al sterling of 111 s melrose st has pictorial proof of some as yet unexplained fantastic appearing  tracks around the desert cottage the pictures  were made bay a Anaheim & bulletin photographer  who helped  sterling attempt  to find ou the source of the mysterious marks Steriing has a cabin near Joshua Tree which he and his uife used lo occuil)’ on weekends. One recent Saturday night or early Sunday morning he and his wife were awakened by  a loud noise sterling  described it as a loud whoosh Thinking the wind had blown down a large piece of plasterboard he had leaning against the cabin’ Stel sterling and  his wife went back to sleep  on rising next morning  the night’s occurrence had been dismissed form sterling’s mind and after breakfast he began building a road for his truck form the cabin. it was while shoveling sans over cut sagebrush that he came across the first “track  a six foot long straight  indentation in the sand As his wonderment increased he remembered the whoosh” in thc night and went around to tl.le sldc of thc cabin where he found the plasterboard still in place against the wall. Hc thcn l’clllclntered that tlte desert night had bccn clear and calm with no wind when he had gone to bed- Upon further investigation Sterling found the stretch of rveircl tracks reached in a semi-circle  around his cabin. The tracks just began and as abruptly ended with no indication of front whence they came. Sterling theorizes they must Iravt’ ltcclt rnlrdt’ by sol)l(‘ lr-l)(‘ ol airborne vehicle:.’ Thc saud was not dtstrtt’bctl rn that’ctr cxcept where the intermediate tracks were laid down’ Ail evidences of the tracks point to a strange vehicle landing on Sterling’s property, travelling on thc ground and then taking off again. The hugc marks in the sand give the apPearance of being rnade by some huge caterpillar tractor but thcre is not a tractor made with the wide tread needed to leave the gigantic marks ;there were more than 20 of these  gigantic marks surrounding the house. each of these left a depression about three inches deep in the sand edge cutting sharply and the trailing edge leaving a small mound of sand behind  it which  would apparently  indicate the trace were actually in motion and propelling something over the desert
Source: APRO

Date: July 17, 1956
Location: Mastic Airport, Long Island, NY (BB)
Time: 8:55 p.m. EST. 
Summary: An Air Force pilot made an air-visual sighting of one green tear shaped object the size of a 10 by 5 foot door seen for 1-2 seconds. It appeared to flash off and on. Five minutes later the pilot saw three more green flashes. 
Source: BB files, Dan Wilson; BBU Files

Date: July 17, 1956
Location: Westover AFB, Mass. (BB)
Time: 9:30 EST
Summary:  A regular but larger than ordinary radar target was picked up on a CPN 18-A radar set. The target had fast acceleration of speed as high as 2400 mph and was able to make a 180 degree turn in less than 6 seconds. The target increased and decreased speed in a matter of seconds. The length of observation was 4 minutes. ()
Source: Dan Wilson; BBU Files

Date: July 17, 1956
Location: Otis AFB, Westover, Mass. (BBU)
Time: 11:42 p.m. (EDT).
Summary: USAF jet fighter pilot saw a white ­yellow circular object that reversed course. 
Source: McDonald list; Weinstein; FUFOR Index

Date: July 17 1956: The Drakensberg Photos

Date: July 17 1956: UFOs Reported over Jasper, Colorado

Date: July 17 1956
Location: Van Nuys California
Time: afternoon
Summary: Awakened by a sonic boom and his dog’s barking, Todd Kittredge saw a golden ball 8 ft in diameter descend into his front yard, splitting a tree. 3 men 6.5 ft tall emerged, walking through the wall; they had shoulder length blond hair & wore green one-piece coveralls with shoes attached. Their eyes looked as though made of stone. When Kittredge came out, they shook hands with him & in mechanical sounding voices said they were from Venus, and were here to help earth people. When a dog snapped at one, they walked back in and the ball ascended.
Source: Idabel Epperson for CSI

Location. Panorama City California
Date: July 19 1956
Time: afternoon
Summary: Mrs M. J. a housewife said a giant steel like ball had landed in her rose garden, and 3 6 foot tall men with shoulder length blond hair, wearing green ski suits, got out & said they were from Venus. She then called a local newspaper to report the encounter.
Source: Idabel Epperson for CSI

Location. Van Nuys California
Date: July 19 1956
Time: afternoon
Summary: An anonymous telephone lineman called the Hollywood Citizen News to report that a huge ball came down near his pole, and 3 tall men in green ski suits walked through the wall, shook his hand, & told him they were here to help earth people.
Source: Idabel Epperson

Date: July 19, 1956
Location: Hutchinson, Kansas
Summary: Naval Air Station reported tracking “a moving unidentified object” on radar, observed visually by state police as “teardrop shaped” light source. Noticeable maneuvers of UFO “vertically and horizontally over a wide area of the sky” mapped by Wichita Eagle.
Source: UFOE, VIII; BBU Files

Date: July 19, 1956
Location: Phoenix, Ariz.
Summary: Luminous round object hovered, sped away.
Source: UFOE, XII

LocationPanorama City California
Date: July 20 1956
Summary:  Three witnesses independently claimed that they observed a huge, ball-shaped object from which emerged three beings. They were nearly 2 m tall, had long, blond hair, and wore tight, green suits.
Source: Magonia 384

Location. Near Vallenar, Chile
Date: July 23 1956
Time: 1800
Summary: In a desert location between the towns of Huasco and Freirina a miner reported encountering a strange object on the ground. The craft was about 150 meters from his location and was round and silvery in color, about 1.50m in altitude and 50m in diameter. It was emitting green flashes of light and had landed on 3 leg-like protrusions. On top it had a cabin-like structure with portholes and a ladder leading into it. From the desert brush 5 humanoid figures appear and quickly climbed up the ladder and into the cabin. The witness described the humanoids as man-like, about 1.80m in height, athletic in built, and wearing shirts, shorts and “military caps”, the color of their skin was rosy-white. As the humanoids disappeared inside the cabin, this one was immediately covered by a metallic disc-like lid, concealing it completely. Immediately after that the craft took off emitting bright flashes of multicolored light. It quickly disappeared into the distance.
Source: Ovnis Extraterrestres y Otros en Chile

Date:  July 26, 1956
Location:  Rio de Janeiro
Summary: A cigar-shaped object was seen and tracked on radar. And the CIC radars said it went off the scope in two or three sweeps. That was witnessed by John C. Hau, Chief Warrant Officer.” Aboard Aircraft Carrier FDR.
Source: Carl Feindt catalog

Date:  July 26, 1956
Location:  Atlantic 43.12N 49.30W / 500 miles SE of Gander, Newfoundland (BB)
Time: 10:12 p.m. local time.
Summary: A civilian airline pilot flying a Pan American Airways DC-7 at approximately 15,000 feet observed a circular blue green pulsating light the size of a golf ball with a speed greater than any aircraft.
Source: Dan Wilson, BB files

Date:  July 29, 1956
Location: Pasadena, Calif.
Summary: Hovering/speeding light seen by Ground Observer Corps, tracked on radar.
Source: UFOE, VII

Location. Van Nuys California
Date: July 30 1956
Time: 1800
Summary: Going to his backyard, Todd Kittredge again saw the golden ball hovering, & two men beside it. He was taken on a ride 700 miles above Los Angeles, and saw the mother ship, called a “Giganta-Liner.” They spoke to him telepathically by laying hands on his shoulders. The trip lasted 20 minutes.
Source: Lt Louis C Sauter, USAF Project Blue Book

Date:  July  1956

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