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Location: Forest of Marsois Haute Marne France
Date: Summer 1956
Time: 0700A
The witness had been walking along a broad path in a wooded area searching for mushrooms when as she reached the vicinity of a local “dolmen” she caught sight of two short figures coming towards her on the path. The witness thought that these were children, so she walked towards them, but she suddenly halted, as the figures got nearer, she then realized that they were indeed not children at all. The beings had stopped and were staring at the witness. These were described as having stocky thickset bodies, with short thin legs. They wore close fitting white one-piece suits, black mittens on their hands, black half boots, and a broad belt around their waists. They also wore a round black helmet and their faces were covered with a transparent visor. No facial features could be seen. The witness asked who they were, but they ignored her and walked into the woods disappearing from sight.
Source: Lionel Danizel, FSR Vol. 27 # 5

Location: Near Yellowstone California
Date: Summer 1956
Time: early evening
The young witness was sitting in the back seat of the family car as they drove through an isolated road near the National Park. He suddenly looked out the rear window to see three objects quickly descending from behind the treetops. The objects were silvery orange metallic discs with a glass dome on top. Inside each dome stood a human-like figure. One disc pulled away while the other two approached to within 30 feet of the vehicle. The closest object tilted slightly so the witness was able to see its pilot inside. Described as a human-like figure wearing dark goggles. The witness waved at the occupant, that then waved back slowly using the palm of hand. He shouted at his parents but when he turned around the objects had already disappeared.
Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & The World

Location: Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina
Date: Summer 1956
Time: evening
As several families were retiring home after work witnesses spotted a strange luminous sphere flying parallel to the railroad tracks and headed toward the railroad station. Numerous witnesses gathered to see the silent craft continued on its journey. It appeared to be about 2 meters in diameter. It was lighted from within but the light did not project outside. Witnesses could see a man like figure in profile apparently sitting and operating some unseen controls. He appeared to have been wearing a large round helmet. The witnesses watched as the object disappeared silently into the distance.
Source: Fabio Picasso, Argentina

Location: Kadzherom, Komi Republic, Russia
Date: summer 1956
Time: late evening
12-year old Vladimir Nikishin (involved in a later encounter) was walking with a friend along the railway and without noticing it they wandered a long distance away from the village. The evening was dark but they were not concerned since they were walking close to the railway. When both boys decided to turn around to return to the village they noticed sometime that made their blood freeze. A huge black humanoid figure was standing on the railway embankment; the figure was at least 2.5m in height and wore something resembling a large cap or hood on its head. The humanoid held a long thick rod or staff in his hand. Both boys grew torpid, like frozen in place, unable to look away from the imposing humanoid. The entity slowly turned its head and the witnesses now saw the entity’s eyes which emitted a burning bright red light. The tall black entity then began to walk slowly toward the witnesses. The boys wanted to run away but their legs did not obey them, both were apparently paralyzed. The humanoid came closer and closer but suddenly the boys heard the hoot or honk of the steam engine locomotive which was approaching them from behind. The strange entity then uttered a muffled growl and then said in a loud, brutish voice, “I will be back to take you”. And in the next moment the humanoid vanished. Both boys then began to run home. Upon reaching the hamlet they told the adults what they had seen, thinking that they would not be believed, but apparently other locals had seen the same or similar creature since the 1930’s. Others in the area had disappeared without a trace.
Source: Vladimir Nikishin in: “The Secret Power” (Taynaya Vlast) newspaper Moscow # 15, 2002

Date: Summer 1956: Ombues near Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina Close Encounter

Location: Stuttgart Germany
Date: Summer 1956
Time: 2100
During a storm, student Karl Ackermann, took refuge in a wooded area, he then saw a large disc shaped object pass over him and land on a nearby meadow. Soon the witness heard a crashing noise approaching his Location: A gigantic figure now appeared from behind a nearby hill. The witness became frightened as the figure approached. It was described as wearing some sort of diver’s mask and it appeared to be breathing heavily. It also carried a small box under its arm. It made a gesture with its hand towards the witness motioning him to follow him; it then moved quickly up the hill and was gone. The witness followed and then saw at a distance the figure standing next to a huge shiny structure. The witness then heard a loud buzzing sound and felt extreme heat, and then everything disappeared.
Source: Ulrich Magin

Location: Near Auxerre France
Date: Summer 1956
Time: 2300
The witness was riding his motorcycle along an isolated rural road and as he was making a right turn he was overcome by a strange eerie feeling, he also noticed the outline of a very dark and large object on a nearby field. The lights of his motorcycle suddenly illuminated the figure of a six-foot tall man wearing a tight fitting gray silvery color outfit. At this point the witness stopped with the figure only four feet away. The being, described as very human looking and slim, looked silently at the witness for a few moments. The witness then accelerated his motorcycle then stopped and looked back to see the huge dark object become brightly lit, it emitted a humming sound and began changing colors. The witness could now see that it was oval shaped and had numerous lighted portholes. Several human like figures could be seen moving inside. The object ascended slowly then angled away from the witness shooting away at tremendous speed.
Source: Robert D. Barry, Saga UFO Annual 1975

Date: Summer 1956: Belleville, NJ Triangle

Location: Near High Bridge New Jersey
Date: Summer 1956
Time: night
While the 12-year old son of Howard Menger was dying of brain cancer & was bedridden, several persons reported seeing a pulsating “bar of light” hovering over the boy’s bed. That same night four men wearing luminous uniforms were seen on a hill top 300 feet away.
Source: Jerome Clark, Fate June 1991

Location: Between Wimereux & Boulogne, Pais de Calais, France
Date: Summer 1956
Time: night
A witness traveling on a road spotted a shiny disc-shaped object on the ground. A figure about 1-1/2 m in height stood next to the object. Afraid the witness did not approach and left the area.
Source: LDLN, Denys Breysse Project Becassine

Location: Jarvenpaa, Finland
Date: Summer 1956
Time: night
The witness, a 15-year old girl at the time, was sleeping in the main farmhouse and her brother in a nearby storehouse. During the night she suddenly awoke and noticed two small humanoids with large eyes and wearing gray suits in her room. Afraid, she pretended to be asleep as she watched the humanoids. They seemed to be interested in the two alarm clocks in the room. After a while they moved to the living room, and she could her how they seemed to tamper with the large wall clock. Soon after, the humanoids went out of the main building. Now the girl watched through the window and saw one of the humanoids standing at the open door of the storehouse in which her brother slept. The humanoid carried an alarm clock on his hand. Then both humanoids came out of the storehouse and in a strange way began to “bounce” one after the other towards the corner of the field where a strange vehicle with many lights and a cupola rested. The humanoids bounced into the vehicle, which then ascended straight up. Next morning all the clocks in the farmhouse displayed different times, between 2400 and 0430A. During the upcoming years nothing grew in the corner of the field where the strange vehicle had landed.
Source: Mervi Virtanen, Finland

Date: Summer 1956
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date: June 1956
Location: Feyzin, France
Time: 0600A
Summary: Roland X was traveling on his “velo” (a kind of moped) when he notices a shiny object on the side of the road, resembling a hat and partially covered by vegetation. The principal body of which is the darkest section and is surmounted by a kind of cockpit. Afraid to approach, he observes the craft from a safe distance and suddenly sees a robust, gray being, with very wide shoulders, and about the size of a 9-year old child. The humanoid is wearing a diver’s suit and moves slowly. It suddenly disappears in plain sight of the witness. The craft then rises up in a spiral, and then angles away at very high speed, all in absolute silence. The witnesses had noticed that there had been some type of “energy” between him and the object, which paralyzed and him and forced him to divert his glance. He quickly pedaled away from the area.
Source: Figuet, J L Ruchon

Location: Near Gorman California
Date: June 1956
Time: night
Jan Whitley was driving along a mountain road with Emily Cronin and the latter’s six-year-old son who was sleeping in the back seat. They pulled off at a rest stop to sleep awhile. They remembered seeing a light resembling a truck headlight at first; also they heard a high-pitched whining sound and felt paralyzed. Both felt the car sway for an unknown reason. Emily perceived a mental message telling her that someone was going to take her away. Then she saw a man looking in the back window of the car. Under hypnosis Emily recalled seeing a tall humanoid with a thin face and wearing black clothes, which was looking into the car apparently fascinated by the sight of the little boy. Two other beings tried to call away their curious companion. Emily understood the conversation among them to say that the encounter was a mistake, but the curious being shook the car and continued his observations, despite the other’s objections. The witnesses eventually managed to leave the site, but later were unable to locate the exact spot alongside the road.
Source: Ann Druffel & Idabel Epperson

Location: Near New Hampshire Ohio
Date: June 1956
Time: 2200
Two women were traveling by car along a farm road when as they passed a round barn they noticed a bright light approaching from a small wooded area. They stopped the vehicle on the side of the road. The light then approached their vehicle; at this point they now realized that the light was attached to a large dark rectangular shaped object. The object descended almost touching the ground at the edge of the road across from the witnesses. Both witnesses were terrified as an entire wall of the object facing them lit up from inside with a pale green light. They could now see three humanoid entities inside the object. One what standing at what resembled a console and was operating some controls. Two other similar humanoids stood behind another structure behind the first being. The humanoids appeared to be shorter than normal humans, with arms that reached below their knees; they appeared to have much visible dark hair on their exposed portions including the head. All were wearing what appeared to be short-sleeved smocks of a light colored material. After a few minutes the object began moving slowly away and gradually disappeared into the distance.
Source: Cufos Associate Newsletter Vol. 13 # 3

Date: June 1 1956
Location: Belton Missouri
Time: 1900
The witness had gone out to empty the trash when he saw a 6’5” tall well proportioned bright blue glowing human shaped figure that was apparently looking at the neighbor’s back porch light bulb. At this point the witness could hear a voice in his head telling him to be calm & not to be afraid. The witness mother came outside at this time, distracting the witness briefly, as he pointed towards the figure it had vanished.
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 2, 1956
Location: Newton, Mississippi (BBU)
Time: 10:51 p.m. 
Summary: Military pilot of Convair T-29 saw white-green light on parallel course at 5-7 miles [distance?].
Source: Project 1947

Date: June 5 1956
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Time: 0930A
The young witness was camping deep in the woods alone listening to radio with ear phones when suddenly the radio quit working, checking the batteries which were brand new he realized that they now appeared drained. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw something apparently landing nearby. There was no sound as the object came to within 3 feet of the ground and stopped. A glass-looking ramp came out of it silently, but making a small sound as it hit the ground. He then saw “something” begin to leave the object, became afraid and covered his eyes. He then heard walking and branches being moved, the sound then stopped and he waited at least 15minutes before he uncovered his face again. The object still sat there but there wasn’t anyone around it. He then tried to move and heard movement behind him and as he began to turn he felt something very cold “like an ice cube” touch the back of his neck near his ear, he tried to move away but it seemed to move with him, he then blacked out. He later awoke sitting on the same spot but the object was gone. He walked his bicycle home because he felt dizzy. As he reached his parent’s house and went in he found them all dressed up like they were going to church, incredibly it was already Sunday afternoon. He had lost 24 hours of time. Later after seeing a doctor he learned more details of what occurred to him (no information on that).
Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/sightings

Date: June 6 1956 BBU 4127
Location: Banning California
Time: 0430
An object hovered about 30 m above and 100 m away from the witness’s car. Showing something like a dome on top, it crossed the road slowly, turned, and crossed the road again behind the car, then vanished suddenly.
Source: Magonia 383; BBU Files

Location: Near Eagle Pass, Texas
Date: June 11 1956
Time: afternoon
Dan Martin (involved in a previous encounter) answered a tap at his back door and upon opening it found a man and a woman who said, “You are Mr. Martin, Dap O’Day.” Grasping him by the elbows, the pair levitated Martin to the upper atmosphere, where he felt surrounded by blackness and stars. Then he suddenly became aware of having come to hover beneath a vast canopy, the center of which was a tube, multiple shuttered like a camera lens. Martin and his companions were drawn up into a control room with buttons, levers, dials, and the other accepted “scientific” accouterment. Shortly, he was moved into a vast hall about the length of a football field, where another female addressed him as “Mr. Martin, Dap O’Day” and led him into a smaller chamber, where sat “a man the like of which I had never seen before except, in a astral experience” Martin was seated on a couch next to the Girl Guide, who, in spite of being the male’s mate apparently insisted on rubbing thighs with Martin. Following a brief resume of his various lives, some of the history of the flying saucers, apparently of the mother ship type, was unfolded for him.
Source: Paris Flammonde, The Age of Flying Saucers

Date: June 12 1956
Location: Harsby Ostergotland Sweden
Time: 1900
Summary: Mrs Brita Raninger, sat beneath an oak meditating when she heard a monotonous buzzing sound and saw an object which looked like a flat plate resting on a glade about 150-200 meters away. It had a cupola and was shimmering with a blue green color. The diameter was about 4.5 m and it was 120-130 cm in height. Then she saw a couple of Mongol-like “beautiful and slender” creatures running around the object. They were about 150 cm tall and dressed in shining green, tight fitting coveralls, uniform like and made out of a material similar to leather. They had no hoods, but their long, black, and curly hair fell on their shoulders. They moved swiftly around the object and when one of them turned around and stared at the witness, she felt as though hypnotized. She got the impression, maybe by telepathy that they had landed to repair the vehicle. The witness was not afraid but was somewhat shaken and felt stiff. 10-12 minutes later the creatures ran into the object where their faces were seen in the cupola, smiling. A strong buzzing sound was heard and the object took off circling slowly at first, then shot away like a rocket. The object left an acrid smell of phosphorus in the glade. A few weeks later a friend found a round circle in the glade where the grass was scorched and burnt.
Source: Sven Olof Svensson

Date: June 15 1956
Location:  Tripoli (Libya
Time: 0200A
Summary: Lights in sky (mars brightness) seen several nights in a row by USAF members at Wheelus AFB. After finishing a graveyard shift, a number of other airmen and myself would often hang out at the basketball court at the 6930th RGM at Wheelus AFB in Tripoli, Libya. One such morning I looked to the north and saw a light sweeping across the sky with a very slight undulating path. I pointed it out and we all speculated what it might be. (this was a bunch of pretty smart guys due to our mission) We discounted inversion reflections, F-86D with afterburners (no satellites yet!) meteors. While speculating, here comes another one! Well for three nights in a row, we saw 4 to ten in one night. Although they were comeing from different parts of the norther horizon, they seemed to vanish pretty nearly the same place on the southern. (as determined by a fiducial point, an antenna)The path, when check on a map, was straight across the libyan desert crossing the Tbilsi Mountains.I did talk to an airman at the A C & W squadron (radar) after hearing the F-86D’s scramble obviously in response to these odd lights. He said, “Oh, Yeah. We see these all the time” and quoted a speed I can’t remember but was very fast.(it was odd to scramble jets at that time of the morning unless it was for an earnest cause- the officers do like their sleep!)
Source: NUFORC 

Date: June 15 1956
Location: Edroy, Texas
Time: 0100A
Summary: The witness was awoken by two beings approximately four feet tall in his bedroom. She was paralyzed and could not move or talk, yet she was able to communicate with the two beings telepathically. They told her that she had to go with them. She then asked them if she could tell her mother who slept in a bed next to her. They told her no. It looked to the witness that the aliens had huge black teardrop eyes. They said that she must go with them. Everything else relating to the encounter is a blank to the witness. Her next conscious memory was of being back in bed. She told her mother what had happened but she was told that it had only been a dream. According to the witness she attempted regressive hypnosis but was unsuccessful. She suffered deep emotional scars as a result of the encounter.
Source: NUFORC 

Date: June 27, 1956
Location: Trieste, Italy
Summary: Luminous object hovered, sped away.
Source: UFOE, XII

Date: June 29, 1956
Location: Los Angeles to San Diego, Calif. (BBU)
Time: 5:10 p.m. PST
Summary: A round, sometimes irregular shaped object was observed high in the sky to the east of the observers. The object was silver-white to rosy in color. Types of observations listed in the report are: Ground-Visual, Air-Visual, Ground-Radar, and Air-Intercept Radar. F3D aircraft tried to intercept the object with no success due to the extreme altitude of the object. The total length of the observation was approximately 2 hours. The radar site at Mt. Luguna (P-76) detected the object at 59,000 feet with no speed.
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index; BBU Files

Date: June 30th 1956
Location: Fremont, California
Summary: Camping out in the back yard with friend as 9 year olds. The stars were bright overhead. One star appeared to be moving. It was moving from the horizon towards a very bright star directly overhead. I thought it an airplane at first but it had no flashing lights. It just looked like a star but it was moving. I do not know of any human satellites in orbit at that time. As the light continued it’s straight and slow path, it became clear that it would in a matter of moments come into a tangent position with the bright star over head. I recall thinking to myself about the cartoon with a fat wolf and his cartoon prey. Where the fat wolf hides behind the skinny tree and sticks his head out first from one side of the tree and then the other. Anyway, as the moving light got closer and closer to the bright light overhead it did indeed come into the bright star. Like a golf ball slowly rolling towards the hole. As it came to the bright star, they merged and the moving star did not come out the other side. From this moment on I was moved to keep watching the sky. Nothing more happened that night or for the next several years.

Date:  June  1956

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