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Location: Rengo Valley, Argentina
Date: May 1956
Time: unknown
Independent witnesses reported encountering in an isolated mountainous area a tall hairy man-like figure that supposedly attacked them. A local farmer P Espinoza was confronted by tall hairy figure with long arms, wearing what appeared to be a leather loincloth. It ran into the woods when the witness resisted. No other information.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date: May 1, 1956
Location: Ada Oklahoma
Summary: 20 Sec. duration,  Circle
Source: NUFORC

Date: May 8, 1956
Location:  Aliquippa, Penns (BBU)
Time: 9:48 a.m. (EST)
Summary: A flight of seven objects, silver in color, appearing the size of a baseball held at arm’s length were observed moving south at an altitude of 5,000 to 15,000 feet at an estimated speed of 36 mph. An F-86D fighter was scrambled but negative sightings. The sighting was visual and electronic by TPS 1D radar. Length of observation was 10 minutes. 
Source: McDonald list, Brad Sparks, Dan Wilson, BBU Files

Date: May 9, 1956
Location: Jacksonville Florida
Time: 2300
Summary: Two girls, Joan Frost and Gertie Wynn, while waiting for a bus, saw two pulsating lights flying horizontally and disappearing. 15 min later the lights were seen again, stopping at the zenith, merging, and diving to 50 m altitude. As the bus arrived, it seemed that the objects had separated and were about to abduct the witnesses, and they ran to the vehicle in terror.
Source: NUFORC

Date: May 15, 1956
Location: Pine Castle AFB
Summary: A large white light travelling slow and then at a great speed from low to great height in seconds no sound, 45 min. duration
Source: NUFORC

Date: May 17, 1956
Location: Canton, Ohio
Summary: At first the silver disc was stationary. As it moved across the sky, it moved so rapidly, it could not have been man made.2 min duration
Source: NUFORC

Date: May 22, 1956
Location:  58 miles NW of Monroe, Louisiana (BBU)
Time: 11:05 p.m. (CST) 
Summary: USAF officer Earl D. Holwadel, piloting T-33 jet, and an unnamed officer in the back seat during a night flight heading 50° at 18,000 ft, saw a bright light due E, then saw it again in the E at 11:15 p.m. Holwadel banked right to the SE somewhat behind the object now seen in the SE at great distance. Object suddenly came straight at them at high speed passing in front of the T-33 at about 225 ft away under the “nose” of the object, no jet wash, on a heading of 330° when the object flashed an intensely bright white light from a “greenhouse-shaped dome” or cockpit window at its front end that lit up the canopy of the T-33. Object about 30-40 ft long, elliptical in shape, shorter than a C-47 but wider, a small steady red running light in the center, with no wings, only stubby protrusions extending 3-4 ft and 25 ft long on each side, bottom surface like steel with ribs extending down 2-4 ft with a wave-like appearance. Object moved away then returned at high speed on a W course with “fantastic” maneuverability never changing flight attitude at any time. ()
Source: NARCAP; McDonald list; Hynek-CUFOS files

Location: East Flanders, Belgium
Date: May or June 1956
Time: 1600
The 12-year-old witness was playing in the kitchen garden behind the family home. Suddenly the girl had her attention attracted by an object, which appeared above the northwestern wall at the end of the garden. The object seemed to come from the north and to fly towards the south. It was flying above the western corner of the garden, where huge trees and a big oak were located. At the moment that the circular object was just above the tree line, the girl saw two beings of human appearance. She could see them through the translucent surface of the vehicle; they smiled and waved their arms. The encounter finished quickly as the object disappeared towards the south.
Source: Bulletin du Gesag # 109, March 2003

Location: East Flanders, Belgium
Date: end of May 1956
Time: afternoon
The same girl as to the previous incident had climbed over a wall in her garden and had gone to a field near her property there she encountered a dark gray circular object sitting on the ground. The object had a flat dome on top, not higher than the present cars. Suddenly and without any apparent transition, two men appeared near the object. They wore gray coveralls, and were bending down on the ground apparently searching for something. They disappeared suddenly and the object rose vertically several meters before rapidly flying towards the north. The sighting lasted between one and two minutes.
Source: Bulletin du Gesag # 109, March 2003 & Godelieve VanOvermeire

Date:  May  1956

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