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Date:   Oct. 1956
Location:  Oslo, Norway
Summary: Cat 3. Motorist felt “prickly sensation”, wristwatch magnetized when UFO flew in front of car and hovered over pad.

Location:  Krisitnehamn Varmland Sweden
Date:  October 1956
Time: midnight
Summary: Lyyli Nilsson was going home and had come a few blocks from her flat when somebody spoke to her, looking up into one of the lime trees besides the street she saw two persons sitting there. There was a 15-minute conversation in Swedish between her and the persons, during which they said they were unable to come down into the street because they had different “clothing” and could be detected. They claimed to have recognized the witness and they gave her advice about her future. Finally they offered her a ride in a saucer, but she turned around and ran away. Looking back she noticed a bell shaped object hovering above the tree where the men were.
Source: Seven Olof Svensson

Date:   Oct. 6, 1956
Location:  Wetherford, Essex, England (BBU)
Time: 6:55 p.m. (GMT). 
Summary: USAF witness Pollock. (McDonald list; FUFOR Index). Numerous GCA radar observations which included targets the size of B-36’s on October 6 and more numerous targets the size of an L-20 on October 6 and 7. No unusual weather on either night.
Source: Dan Wilson; BBU Files

Date:   Oct. 17, 1956
Location:  Wheelus AFB, Tripoli, Libya (BBU)
Time: 11:17 p.m. local time
Summary: two different tracks of unidentified slow flying objects were carried on radar by the 663rd AC&W Squadron. F-86D aircraft made radar contact with the objects and made repeated intercepts with the E-4 weapons system through all phases to Splash without any visual contact being made by the pilots. Both objects gave a bright return on ground and airborne radar. At around 1:46 a.m., Oct.18, F/Blue 2 F-86D got a radar contact at two miles from the target. This was 29 degrees and 28 nautical miles from the ground radar. F/Blue got a Splash on this target at 1:48 a.m. This was the last radar contact by any type of radar.
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index; BUU Files

Date:   Oct. 28, 1956
Location:  Minot, N. Dakota
Summary: Cat 3, 8, 9. Photos by missile crew, radar.
Source: Listed here for the record only, this is a 1966 incident and NOT 1956, a typo in Hynek’s UFO Report

Date:  October  1956

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