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Location:  Falls City Nebraska
Date:  Autumn 1956
Time: afternoon
Summary: The witness was standing outside next to his pick up truck when he noticed something in the sky resembling a kite descending. As it came closer the witness realized that it was a strange winged creature almost 8 to 9 feet tall, flying about 15 feet above the ground. Its wings were silvery and polished and had multi colored lights on its underside, it had a breastplate with dials that the being seemed to be manipulating with his hands. The being’s face was demonic in appearance; it had large watery blue eyes and leathery wrinkled skin. As the being flew above the witness, he felt temporarily paralyzed and heard a hissing sound.
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century

Location:  Veluwe, The Netherlands
Date:  Autumn 1956
Time: night
Summary: Mrs. Van B was walking through her fields in the woods located behind her home. Deep in the woods she heard a gentle purring sound; a smooth but high-pitched purring. She walked across a deep a small embankment as she climbed to the top she saw on a ridge a faint bluish light in the woods. Thinking it was a poacher she slipped nearer and saw a huge faint bluish light sphere about 3 meters in diameter resting on the ground, somewhat resembling a cloud of bluish light. The sphere dimly lighted the trees around it. Two shapes were silhouetted in the gleam. The shapes appeared to be between her and the sphere. She watched in silence, crouching behind a tree trunk. It seemed that the two “men” were “burying” things on the ground; they moved around constantly and appeared to be digging up the soil. She now noticed that the cloud-like blue sphere was hovering just above the ground. The men walking in front of it seemed human, except for their slenderness, their thin long arms and a quite small head. The head was very rounded around the backside. On the side of their heads they wore one or two small square boxes. Their head was covered in a tight-fitting headgear, which accentuated the roundness of their heads. All of the sudden a little man came out of the sphere; he seemed to step briskly out the gleam, stood in front of the sphere and looked at the other figures. He raised an arm as if looking at a watch turned around and disappeared back into the sphere. Her memory became confused from that moment on, but she saw a flash from behind the sphere, and thought that the men were setting fire to the woods. One of the men ran around the glowing sphere and fell to the ground. The other walked briskly and appeared to watch the glow behind the sphere extinguish itself. Suddenly she saw two more men on their knees near the fallen figure and then carry him up behind the sphere. Immediately after that another man came out of the glow. He was holding objects in his hands and another item under his arm. He ran towards the witness and stopped about 10 meters from her, putting something down on the ground. She heard a noise resembling the rustling of leaves as if the figure was covering something on the ground. The man looked around and then returned to the glowing sphere. The purring sound became louder and the light intensified. The sphere then began to balance itself over the ground in a pendulum like matter. A shower of sparks was seen coming out of the soil, everything in the area seemed to sparkle and strong wind like sound was heard. Then everything vanished. The panicked witness then ran home. Later relatives found a crater and strange charred remains at the site. The source located a smaller crater, which still remained at the site 21 years later. One of the charred remains appeared to be a rubber boot, and there was also cardboard box with a sort of tubing sticking from it. There appeared to be a fuse in it with pins on it. The source was not allowed to remove any of the items. The family of the witness requested anonymity.
Source: Hans Van Kampen, Spooklicht 4.2

Location:  Near Chester California
Date:  September 1956
Time: 1500
Summary: Four people were bow and arrow hunting in the Wilson Lake area near Chester; the party split into two groups, and an off duty sheriff of Butte County was with his sister, when he saw a small figure through the manzanita bush. His sister was about 150 yards away. He was seated in a clearing when heard gravel rolling downs a slope behind him. He stood up and saw the figure about 70 feet away. He was about four-feet tall with very human looking facial features, and wore brightly colored clothes, consisting of green, tight fitting pants, a gold jacket over a tan pullover shirt, and low brown boots. Brown hair protruded slightly from under a red and gold cap. No buttons, zippers, or other fasteners were visible. His general stature was entirely human and he could have passed for a small boy except that his features were those of a 35 or 40-year-old man. His hands appeared normal, and he carried nothing. After staring at one another for about a minute, the little figure whirled around and leaped up the gravel slope in 20-foot strides, until it cleared the top and disappeared. The man’s sister saw the figure only briefly and thought it was just another hunter. The man returned to the site later but could find no traces.
Source: Paul Cerny, Mufon & Cufos

Location:  Terney, Blagodatnoye Lake, Primorskiy Kray, Far East, Russia
Date:  September 1956
Time: daytime
Summary: Several dozen fishermen in the lake at the time became the witnesses of an apparent significant UFO crash. They saw a silver object, shaped like a hat, with red windows or portholes along its rim quickly approaching their Location:  The UFO was huge; its diameter estimated by the witnesses as about possibly one kilometer and a half (maybe much less, about 150meters?). The object was emitting a loud grinding sound, leaving a trail of dense smoke, indicating that it was possibly in deep trouble. As it flew, the UFO ejected numerous thin metallic needle-shaped objects from it. The next day the fishermen collected some of these pieces. The UFO eventually fell into the Sea of Japan. The crash site was never studied until today and remarkably the Russian military seemed ignorant or indifferent to the crash, until today.
Source: Valeriy Dvuzhilnyi quoted by Karina Pronina and Valentin Pavlenko in “Interesnaya Gazeta” Kiev # 82 D+ Block 2005

Location:  Near Bocaina Brazil
Date:  September 1956
Time: 2000
Summary: The witness saw a large disc shaped object hovering over the area, the object descended and landed near the road. A tall man dressed in Roman like outfit and helmet emerged from the object. He greeted the witness in a friendly manner and talked about their previous contact and said that for them it had only been 3 days, but for the witness it had been seven years.
Source: Richard Heiden, FSR Vol. 27 # 6

Location:  Le Houlme Seine Maritime France
Date:  September 1956
Time: 2320
Summary: M. Follon riding his Solex noticed a bright light across the valley. When he got to the other side he went to look at it. About 60 yards from the road hovered a “saucer” of aluminum color, 40 ft in diameter and 30 ft high, about 3 ft off the ground. It had an antenna on top and below this a row of ports emitting verdigris-green flames; around its equator were windows about 14” x 20” in size. Through these he could see 3 or 4 “silhouettes of human form,” apparently of normal stature, passing back and forth, seemingly busy at some task. He watched for 10 minutes, during which a car coming along the road had its headlights put out and its motor stopped. Then the flames from the ports increased to 20 ft in length, a powerful searchlight was directed southward, and the craft, making a loud noise, moved off the south, rising at a 45-degree angle and soon attaining the speed of a jet aircraft.
Source: M Freulon, LDLN # 137

Location:  Johnson City, Tennessee
Date:  September 1956
Time: late night
Summary: A group of teenagers parked in an isolated area, were listening to the car radio when they noticed coming from behind a rise between them and the river a huge dark humanoid form that was coming towards them taking very long strides. The figure was estimated to have been at least 12 to 13 foot tall. The witnesses fled the area in a panic and did not return to the spot.
Source: Letter in Strange Magazine # 6 from Betty Y

Date:  September 3, 1965
Location: Brazoria County, somewhere between Damon and West Columbia along Highway 36, Texas
Summary: On the back roads of Brazoria County, somewhere between Damon and West Columbia along Highway 36, they still talk about a pair of purple and blue lights.It’s the story of Brazoria County Deputy Bob Goode and Chief Deputy Billy Edwin McCoy.It was September 3, 1965 when they spotted the mile wide UFO with Purple and Blue Lights.


Date:  September  1956

Date:  Sept. 4, 1956; 
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Summary: Radar tracking of several UFOs at about 1800 mph. 
Source: UFOE, VIII

Date:   Sept. 4, 1956
Location:  Dallas, Texas (BBU 4379)
Time: 9 p.m.
Summary: USMC T/Sgt. R. D. Rogers and family saw a large star, changing to red color, remain stationary for 20 mins, then move W at 200 knots (230 mph).
Source: Berliner

Date:    Sept. 6, 1956
Location:  Pasadena, California
Summary: Western Airlines pilot reported erratically moving white lights to Air Defense Command; visual confirmation from ground. 
Source: UFOE, V

Location:  Near Twin Falls, Idaho
Date:  September 7 1956
Time: evening
Summary: Three men said they watched a huge “saucer-shaped object” some 200 feet in diameter descend into an open field and come to rest near a steer. But before they could rush over to get a closer view the UFO took off again—-and the steer was gone too.
Source: True “Flying Saucers & UFOs Quarterly” # 1

Location:  Big Bethel Virginia
Date:  September 9 1956
Time: 2035
Summary: Three witnesses, T L Bristow, Mrs Bristow, and Mrs W McPherson, saw an object comparable in size to the moon, which descended gradually to the horizon. Two of the observers thought they could see occupants wearing some sort of headgear.
Source: E V Monismith for USAF Project Blue Book

Location:  Praia Do Saco De Sao Francisco Brazil
Date:  September 10 1956
Time: 1100A
Summary: At a beach side area the main witness was sitting at a bus bench when she heard some type of sound and noticed a bright light descending over the water. The sound became unbearable. The bathers in the water panicked and began running out of the water. The object was large, rounded and very bright; it descended very close to the water. The main witness apparently blacked out and later woke up to find herself lying on a long table in a curved corridor. On another similar table she saw a youth that she had previously seen at the beach. The piercing sound was still apparent. She then noticed two men like figures approaching slowly. The beings were tall and were dressed in close fitting silvery coverall type suits, which covered the hands and feet. They also wore a belt of the same material. The beings took the witness and the youth by the arms and carried them through a door into a circular room and placed them in different tables. Suddenly a man appeared near the main witness, he was tall, with gray hair combed back and also wearing a close fitting silvery outfit. He had dark penetrating eyes and spoke in perfect melodious Portuguese. She was given an examination onboard the object and shown some type of control room. She then experienced another lapse of memory and then found herself sitting on a pile of rocks back on the beach.
Source: A J Gevaerd & Wendelle C Stevens UFO Abductions at Maringa

Date:   Sept. 11,1956
Location:  Baltic Sea
Summary: Radar sightings of “mysterious objects”: flying at speeds of 2,000 to 2,500 mph., in a curved course, during previous three weeks. (Altus (Okla.) Times-Democrat; 7-11-56.)
Source: UFOE

Date:   Sept. 13, 1956
Location:  S Calif., near Santa Barbara (BBU)
Time: 9:35 [9:34?] p.m. 
Summary: United Airlines Flight 459 crew saw a star-like object stationary then moving.
Source: Project 1947; FUFOR Index; BBU Files

Date:   Sept. 14, 1956
Location:  Highland, North Carolina (BBU 4399)
Time: 1 a.m.
Summary: Scaly, N. Car., policeman O. S. Gryman saw 14 yellow-to-red round objects with tremendous exhaust fly in a vague formation from SW to E to NE and back again, while swooping up and down.
Source: Berliner

Date:   Sept. 25, 1956
Location:  Grand Rapids, Mich. (BBU)
Time: 4 p.m. 
Summary: Cessna pilot Marcus saw 2 delta-shaped objects flying S under the right wing.
Source: Weinstein; CUFOS files; FUFOR Index

Date:  September  1956

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