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Location: Thornton Colorado
Date: 1956
Time: unknown
In a dream like state the witness found herself walking to school, when, at a corner, she found herself enveloped in a blue light. Next thing she knew she was surrounded by a group of human looking beings. They asked her if she wanted to visit their home and she agreed. She was then taken to a room, and sat in some kind of molded bucket like seat. Upon arriving at an unknown location she was led down a ramp into a corral type fenced in area. Around its perimeter were giant flowers, of every kind and color. In the middle of the corral was a big swing set. Eventually somebody said that it was time to go home. She walked up the ramp into a vehicle. Her next recollection was of standing at the same corner with the blue light around her. The light then just snapped off.
Source: CAUS

Location: Mexico City, DF, Mexico
Date: 1956
Time: 0700A
Juan Maturano reported encountering a golden glowing being in his room. It had large beautiful, caring eyes. As the witness approached the glowing being it suddenly vanished in plain sight. Involved in other encounters.
Source: Juan Maturano “Tulipan de Diamantes”

Date: 1956: Cylinder-shaped UFO seen in Nashville

Location: Mount Lassen California
Date: 1956
Time: late afternoon
Ralph B. Fields & another man identified only as Joe had gone to the mountain in search of guano. By the third day they were nearing the mountaintop when they decided to make camp. Joe went off to collect dead scrub brush. Suddenly he returned in a state of high excitement. He had found a big cave nearby that looked promising. Once in the cave the deeper they went in, the deeper it seemed. At one point they made an amazing discovery; the floor was worn smooth, and the cavern walls and ceiling seemed cut artificially. The cave now looked more like a tunnel. Suddenly a light flashed and three men confronted Fields & Joe. The men were of normal appearance, about 50 years of age, dressed in jeans & flannel shirts. They wore shoes with unusually thick soles. One of the strangers asked the witnesses what they were doing there, but appeared incredulous to their answer. Two more strangers showed up. Now badly frightened the witnesses were asked to accompany the strangers deeper into the cave. About two miles later they came to a spot where the walls expanded. There they encountered a strange device that looked like a toboggan with a seat and a control panel. It gave off a buzzing sound. The group sat on the wide seat and flew off at “terrific” speed. After a long journey, they saw another similar craft approaching them. The strangers, suddenly acting nervous maneuvered to a stop and landed two feet from the other object. The crew of the first ship leaped out and tried to run away but the crew of the second, who were carrying pencil like weapons, shot them down, killing all of them. The new group now approached the frightened witnesses and asked them if they were “surface people.” Then they were told that they had been lucky to have been rescued or they would have eventually become “horlocks” and would have been killed also. Eventually they were flown back to the surface and warned not to return.
Source: Jim Keith, Underground Alien Bases

Location: Fort Bragg North Carolina
Date: 1956
Time: evening
The witness was driving with his parents through the Fort Bragg military property on their way home in Southern Pines. They made a turn on the road and were stopped, by military police that seemed to be everywhere. Jeeps and trucks with armed men were moving around. The soldier in front of their car was telling them to turn around and leave now. His father began backing the car when his mom yelled out, “Look, Look!” He climbed over the top of the seat and saw several little gray large headed figures standing next to a nearby helicopter, surrounded by soldiers. They did not appear to be prisoners. The witnesses drove quickly away and never discussed the encounter.
Source: North Carolina Mufon

Location: Pantano del Pintado, Sevilla, Spain
Date: 1956
Time: evening
The 18-year old witness saw, hovering about 10 meters above a pond about 40 meters away from his location a brilliant metallic cigar shaped object. He observed the object for about 20 minutes when it suddenly shot up into the sky silently emitting a plume of smoke from behind. While the object hovered over the water he was able to see “waves” on the surface. Soon after the incident the witness reported acquiring the ability of “precognition”. And was able to see the death of his mother several days before she died. He claimed that heavy chain smoking dwindled his psychic abilities, which he did not want.
Source: Joaquin Mateos Nogales, Manuel Filpo Cabana

Location: Near Bakhchisaray, Crimea, Ukraine
Date: 1956
Time: evening
Hiking in a wooded area several military personnel found a cave in the forest and entered it. When they entered the cave they began to experience strange feelings, they felt disoriented a feeling of “time displacement” overwhelmed them. They saw a strange light emanating from an unknown source in the cave, and seized by fear they left the cave. As they walked out they saw a strange woman (dressed like an ordinary human woman, but there was something very strange about her). She entered the cave wearing a dress and went out of the cave dressed in a totally different manner. She simply had no time to change in such a short time period. After a search, the woman could not be found. In the same area tourist guide Viktor Sikilinda saw a normal looking woman, with red hair and wearing normal clothing come out of solid rock at a cave near the Uspenskiy Monastery. She walked straight through the rock and vanished.
Source: Anton Anfalov, Ukraine

Location: Ridgecrest California
Date: 1956?
Time: night
The eight-year old witness recalled being taken out of her home at night by several short gray humanoids wearing dark blue jackets with a sash running diagonally from shoulder to waist. An emblem resembling a coiled snake within an irregular border was displayed on the front of the jackets. She was taken to an object resembling a large toy top that had apparently landed near her home. The witness was then apparently taken to an underground facility where she saw several nude children enclosed in glass chambers that appeared to be asleep. At one point the witness managed to run away and crawl up to the surface through a vent. She found herself in the desert. Moments later a tall, very nice looking woman with long dark hair and wearing a dark purple uniform with an insignia came running to her. The woman grabbed her and forced her back into the underground chamber. She then attempted to force the witness to climb into an empty glass chamber, apparently to observe her. The witness resisted and was able to see several consoles in the other side of the room operated by half a dozen man-like beings. A taller gray colored entity now entered the room; he seemed angry and ordered the tall back haired woman to put the witness into the glass chamber. But the witness again resisted. The tall gray entity apparently relented and ordered the others to take the witness back to her home.
Source: William F Hamilton, UFO Universe Summer 1992

Location: Valenca, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Date: 1956
Time: night
Bright lights awakened Vera Lucia in her room, looking out her window she noticed what appeared to be a person holding a flashlight walking down an alleyway by her house. She apparently suffered a memory lapse and could not remember what occurred that night. Later under hypnosis she remembered lying on her bed paralyzed unable to move. She was able to clearly see what was happening around her. Soon two figures walked into the room. They floated just above the floor and they were identical to each other. They had Oriental features, with dark olive skin, and black hair. One was a male with short hair the other a woman with long flowing hair. Both wore a tight fitting phosphorescent silvery suit. The whole time, the woman stood back as the man performed several “experiments” on her body. He had some type of luminous wand, which he used while performing several tests on her body. Soon both humanoids stepped back and disappeared into a luminous bluish glow that appeared to be a portal of some kind. That same night other witnesses saw a huge bright light hovering over some nearby woods. Soon after the incident, Lucia was endowed with the power of healing which endures to this day.
Source: Painel Ovni

Location: La Napoule, Alpes Maritimes, France
Date: 1956
Time: night
A local truck driver is in his bedroom at night when suddenly several beings float into the room. The beings looked “Japanese” but with even more elongated eyes. One being held him in an arm lock preventing him from moving, while some unknown force exerted some control on the witness. There was no verbal or any other type of exchange between the beings and the witness. Soon the beings jumped out the window and floated out into the night. The witness then heard a violent explosion outside and a blowing noise like a powerful wind.
Source: LDLN # 317, Denys Breysse

Location: Pont St. Esprit, Provence, France
Date: 1956
Time: night
7-year old Louis Turi was awakened by something touching his foot and thought it was his little kitten snuggling up to him. He reached down to draw the kitten up to his pillow. It was then that he saw five small monkey-like creatures surrounding his bed. They had deep penetrating black eyes shaped like almonds, and stood about three and a half feet tall. He became frightened and paralyzed but was able to hide under the blankets. Later as an adult, Louis underwent hypnotic regression and recalled that one of the creatures had pulled the blanket away from his head. The creature’s scrutinizing eyes were less than two inches from his face, as if it were programming his mind.
Source: Shawn Atlanti, San Diego?

Location: Krasnoyarsk, East Siberia, Russia
Date: 1956
Time: night
7-year old Irina Nikolayevna was in bed ill when she awoke in the middle of the night and saw four humanoid figures standing near her bed. The entities were dressed in light clothing and had diffused faces. A peculiar and most distinguished detail on these humanoid figures were their disproportional long inhuman arms. Mentally they asked the girl to stretch her hand out and come close to them. At that moment when they approached Irina, she felt no fear. But when she refused to come any closer to them, the entities began to transform their appearance. A fog like substance seemed to have lifted from them and their real appearance was now clearly evident. The aliens by now had developed a dark brown color and grew in height to almost 3meters tall. Their figures were humanoid, but the heads seemed dog-like. When Irina saw their true appearance she felt terrific fear which paralyzed her, chaining her body to the bed. Despite her desperate resistance the aliens were pulling Irina towards them and their efforts were stronger by the second. Irina then grabbed her mother’s hand (who was in the bed next to Irina). Her mother also woke up and Irina screamed at her to hold her hand tightly, which her terrified mother did. At this point the entities retreated and disappeared into the darkness. The rest of the night Irina held on to her mother’s hand trembling with fear. Apparently this episode was repeated the next night and for several nights after that. The hapless girl only managed to sleep each night at 0400A or 0500A. She tried to tell other people what was happening to her but most did not understand or take her seriously. After the nightly visits she became very ill. She lost much weight, and medical doctors found “damage” in her lungs. Periodically she would find strange burns on her body; the burns would appear in the morning and disappear by noon. Sometimes the burns would be present on her body for 24hours straight.
Source: Nadezhda Golovkova, “NITs ENIO” research center, Rostov-on-Don In “Cross of Centaurs” newspaper # 3 1999

Location: Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
Date: 1956
Time: various
Years after the incident the witness recalled that as a young boy he was visited in his bedroom on several occasions by several men dressed in black that would take him out of the room while his parents slept. They would perform tests on him and it was almost always on his spinal cord. On several occasions he attempted to scream but was unable to. The dark garbed “doctors” warned him that he should never speak of them or else he would be in danger. The “treatments” continued for a while then finally just stopped. The witness has peculiar “scars” on his back to this day.
Source: NUFORC

Location: Barre-des-Cevennes Lozere France
Date: beginning of 1956
Time: 0100A
Two gendarmes, M Simon & M Barboule, were coming back from tour of duty, pushing their bicycle as they mounted a hill, and had reached a barn when they heard a noise that quickly became a “deafening racket.” Then there appeared about 50 yards away, a few yards above the ground, a round black disc shaped mass about 35 ft in diameter and 4 ft thick, beneath which was a row of flue-pipe mouths, appearing red hot, from which emerged short reddish flames. A strong hot wind blew from the object and pushed them against the barn. The object continued on to land in a flat field, passing within 50 yards of them. The red tubes mouths darkened, as if cooling down. After about a minute, a cupola of an opaque ivory white color lighted up atop the object, and at the same time dazzling rays of several colors—yellow, green, and blue—emerged from the base of the cupola and were given off in all directions. Then a sort of luminous “balloon” emerged from the source of the rays, detached itself, and slowly twice made the circuit of the nearby hilltop peak, “Castelai.” After this it rejoined the object and disappeared. During the flight of this “balloon,” the witnesses noticed human like silhouettes—perhaps 4 of them—slowly walking around the UFO, as if inspecting it. They went around it several times. When the “balloon,” returned, these silhouettes disappeared. Then the light rays and the cupola went out, and the hot wind began to blow again, with a deafening noise, the object rose vertically and disappeared in the sky. During the observation, the gendarmes felt paralyzed; M Simon put his hand on his revolver holster, but could not remove it. M Barboule’s watch never ran properly again.
Source: J Tyrode, LDLN # 116

Location: Laguna Cartagena Puerto Rico
Date: 1956
Time: unknown
Independent witnesses saw a very bright silvery metallic disc shaped object with multicolored lights around the edge and a translucent dome on top. It hovered briefly above the witnesses and several standing men-like figures could be seen inside the dome.
Source: Jorge Martin, Alien Update

Location: Near Strathalbyn South Australia
Date: 1956
Time: unknown
Two days after seeing a low level craft over the area an entity described as tall with long blond hair and feminine features appeared at the witness house. It communicated by using telepathy and claimed that he was from the planet “Mars.” No other information.
Source: Mark Moravec, Psiufo Phenomena

Location: Atacama Desert Argentina
Date: 1956
Time: unknown
Dwellers in these sparsely inhabit Andean areas reported the presence of strange giant beings in the snowy slopes of Mt Macon (over 20,000 feet) where huge tracks had been found in the snow. A year or so previously, a huge cigar shaped craft had been seen flying over the region and was reported to have either landed up in the Cordillera or to have crashed against a peak. Moreover, quantities of dead condors and eagles had been found and many of their nests ravaged and destroyed, in the same area where the gigantic footprints had appeared.
Source: Charles Bowen “The Humanoids”

Location: Aveley Essex England
Date: 1956
Time: 0015A
A teenager woke up to a flashing orange yellow light in the corner of the ceiling. He got out of bed and went to the window. 100 yards away he was able to see a hovering dark object with multicolored lights rotating around it, underneath, orange yellow lights were rotating in the opposite direction. Several oval shaped windows could be seen; these emitted a yellow white glow. Inside he was able to see several human like figures in dark diver’s suits moving around casually. Gas-like fire blue flames were apparently being emitted towards the ground from the bottom of the object.
Source: Norman Oliver, Bufora Journal Vol. 8 # 1

Location: Ballywhoriskey County Donegal Ireland
Date: 1956
Time: daytime
The 11-year old witness was alone at a place called “Fairy Cradle” when he heard some very beautiful distinctive music coming from an unknown source, looking around he saw 18, two-foot tall little men all dressed in red, some were dancing and others appeared to be playing flutes. The witness became frightened and ran home.
Source: Scott S Smith, Fate March 1993

Location: Paraibuna Brazil
Date: 1956
Time: 1640
A. Rossi, a metal worker, was approached while fishing by 2 strange beings, & paralyzed. They were tall, bald, and without sexual organs; they had only 2 fingers on their hands & only 2 toes on their feet. Telepathically they invited him to visit their planet. Their vessel, hovering above the ground, was shaped something like a sentry box, 100 ft wide & 30 ft high. Rossi was given a fruit juice like liquid drink, and the vessel departed to the other world, where the houses are round, people live on fruit juices, and reproduction is by staring into one another’s eyes. After 18 hours, Rossi was brought back to the riverbank.
Source: J Escobar Faria & Richard Hall

Location: Roodepoort South Africa
Date: 1956
Time: night
The witness was alone in his bedroom when he was suddenly paralyzed and taken from his room by several beings with large heads and no hair. He was then medically examined on a table. They apparently implanted something into him that activated his psychic powers. He was told they came from the “Pleiades” star cluster.
Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction

Date:  1956

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