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Date: Nov. 1958 
Location: DEW Line (Distant Early Warning) 
Summary: Radar tracked UFO which descended, moved horizontally, climbed out of radar beam. 
Source: UFOE, VIII

Date: November 1958
Location: Braemar Scotland
Time: 0500
Summary: Two soldiers of the Territorial Army on an exercise near Ballater heard a “gurgling noise” and saw two figures, over 2 m tall, dressed in peculiar suits. As they fled, they heard a “swishing” noise and saw a large disk flying at ground level, which then swooped over their heads and away, pulsating and leaving a sparkling trail. Witnesses were in a state of shock.
Source: Magonia 474

Date: Nov. 3, 1958
Location: Minot [AFB?], North Dakota BBU
Time: 2:01 p.m. [USAF?]
Summary:  Medic M/Sgt. William R. Butler saw a bright green object, shaped like a dime coin, and one smaller, silver round object. First object exploded, then second object moved toward the location of the first at high speed.
Source: Berliner

Date: Nov. 4, 1958 
Location: Pope AFB, North Carolina BBU
Time: 4:03 [9:03?] p.m. (EST). 
Summary: USAF pilot of a landing KB-50 tanker and USAF tower personnel saw an object with strange lights on collision course. Pilot and crew also noticed that “strange lights” were observed inside the cockpit. Pilot aborted landing, climbed and flew around to observe object. Pope AFB tower personnel had watched object hovering above the base through binoculars for 20 mins.
Source: NARCAP

Date: Nov. 5, 1958 
Location: Conway, N. H.
Summary: Hovering light suddenly sped away.
Source: UFOE, XII

Date: Nov. 8, 1958
Location: Brazilia, Brazil BBU
Time: 2 p.m. (EST). 
Summary: Brazilian [?] Air Force pilot and 500 ground observers saw a moving saucer at 40,000 ft.
Source: Project 1947

Date: Nov. 13, 1958 
Location: Troy Peak & Tonopah, Nevada BBU
Time: 8:29 a.m.PST. 
Summary:  Radars picked up a fairly stationary object at 279 degrees azimuth, range of 26 miles, angle of elevation was 40 degrees, moving quite slowly to the ENE. This occurred four times during an eight hour period. These objects were all in the same area at the same altitude.  FPS-20, MPS-7, and MPS-14 radars were involved in the observation.  
Source:McDonald list

Date: November 17, 1958
Location: Soviet Union, exact location not revealed.
Time: 2203
Summary: A luminous object, with an apparent diameter greater than that of the full moon, was seen coming down from a high altitude, hovering at tree height, then landing. It was observed for two min.
Source: Magonia 475

Date: Nov. 19, 1958 
Location: Montauk AFB, New York BBU
Source:McDonald list

Date: Nov. 20, 1958 
Location: W of Calif. coast BBU
Time: 6:15 a.m. PST
A man in the right seat of a C-118 transport flying at 11,000 feet on a heading of 60 degrees observed a round silver object traveling straight at high speed at high altitude heading toward the sun. The object was observed for 15 seconds. The C-118 was at approximately 840 miles west of Los Angeles [3447 N 133.07 W].
Source: Dan Wilson, BB files,Project 1947

Date: November 23, 1958
Location: Cojutepeque, San Salvador
Time: 11:35 p.m.
Summary: Engineer Julio M. Ladaleto stopped when his car hit a can rolling on the road, then observed an object about 35 meters away. It was shaped like a lamp shade with an upper transparent sphere emitting a bluish, pulsating light, 12 meters diameter, 7 meters high, resting on three half-spheres. An occupant, 2.5 meters tall was photographed by the witness as he crossed the road and appeared to inspect the craft. He wore a blue coverall and luminescent heel-less boots, and had a bald head. The observation lasted 10 minutes, after which the object took off with a whining sound, sparks and smoke. The following day, before he had revealed anything about the case, Ladeleto was contacted by strange “newsmen” who appeared to know all the details of it.
Source: Passport to Magonia 476

Date:  November 1958


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