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Date:  early April 1959
Location: Kankakee Illinois
Time: 2030
Summary: David Soucie saw a white glowing disc land and a large ape-like creature appear in front of it and proceed to his direction; he hid and watched it pass him. No other information.
Source:  Donald Keyhoe Nicap

Date: April 1 1959
Location: McChord Air Force Base, Tacoma, Washington
Summary: Three shiny discs reported in connection to a C-118 cargo plane crash.

Date: April 1 1959
Location: Lampertheim Germany
Time: unknown
Summary: Horst Raps returned to the previously appointed site and again found the hovering blue-violet disc and the tall extraterrestrial awaiting him. This time he was invited onboard the UFO and supposedly taken on a ride to a planet in the Alpha Centauri Constellation. There he encountered various races of people, which lived in dwellings shaped like cupolas and cultivate multicolored flowers.
Source: Ulrich Magin

Date: April 3, 1959
Location:  Ocoee, Florida
Summary: Treasury enforcement officer saw UFO ascending and descending.

Date: April 5, 1959
Location: Papua New Guinea
Summary: 1959: Father Gill / Papua New Guinea Sighting

Date: April 12, 1959 
Location: Montreal, Canada
Summary: St. Hubert Air Base Control Tower Operators, others saw red light which hovered over base, then darted away.

Date: April 13, 1959 
Location: Antigo & Madison, Wisc. BBU 
Time: 7:20 p.m. local time
Summary: 25-30 red and green lights above a bright yellow light were observed visually and were tracked on a AN/FPS-20 Radar. The lights moved in an erratic manner and were highly maneuverable, seemingly picking up to very high speeds. Afighter plane of the 327th Fighter Group was scrambled and went to 46,000 feet. When the pilot returned to base the objects were still in the area. The length of the observation was around two hours.  
Source: McDonald list, Dan Wilson

Date: April 15, 1959
Location: Svendborg Denmark
Time: evening
Summary: Between Svendborg and Nyborg, Ove Christensen, coming home after work on his bicycle, was stopped on the road by a disk-shaped object spinning at ground level. After five minutes it began chasing him, flying 6 m above him for 5 m. The object was luminous and seemed made of glass.
Source: Magonia 486

Date: mid April 1959
Location: Kankakee Illinois
Time:  2030
Summary: A week after the previous incident, Carl Miller & David Soucie, watching from a railroad bridge, both saw a white glowing disc hovering over the tracks. A huge black-silhouetted form was seen moving in front of the light. It was ape-like, with very long arms & no neck; it moved like an ape, using its arms. When it got within 100 yards of him, Miller ran.
Source:Donald Keyhoe, Nicap

apro106Date: April 23 1959
Location: Cidade de Deus
Summary: On the 23rdo f April 1959 student Luis Henrique Silva, 17, felt a strange urge to go into the back Yard of his home. It was late at night and the other household members were sleeping. He went outside, looked to the sky and saw an object hovering at about 900 feet altitude (estimated). He said it looked like a sombrero and was the color of red-hot metal. Silva felt paralyzed, then watched as the round bottom of the object opened and a man clad in a one-Piece suit of metallic-like material, spiraled down toward him. The creature stopped about 8 inches from the ground, and appeared to be a normal human-type wearing plastic gloves over exceptionally long fingers, and his head encased in an opaque device like a diving helmet. Then the being held out his hands and shook hands with Luis. To make a long story short, the being, like Adamski-type spacemen, spoke the local language (in this case Portuguese) “slowly and musically,” told him not to be afraid, told him to meet him again on the 27th for another get-together. On the 27th Luis again had a strange feeling, got up and went outside, this time was approached, via a spiralling path from the UFO or s,rucef, bY not one but three beings (one at a time). The third one glanced at his garden pea- sized watch, said “Just two hours and five minutes at night on earth,” then asked for a sheet of paper, which Luis brought. The being took the sheet into the saucer, came back and held something like a small piece of iron over it; then he gave it to Luis, saying: “Look at the sheet; on your planet there is a man who is able to deciPher what was written upon it, and when this message is deciphered, we will know what to do.” Then he said good, went into his saucer and it took off into tlte sky. Mr. Faria has interviewed the boY; his complete account plus a reproduction of the “message” was forwarded to us. We placed this bit of hieroglyphics in the hands of men whom we feel are most likely to be able to decipher or at least identify it. Faria reports that Silva claims another contact. this time on May 25. During this conversation, said being inquired about Luis’ health, asked if message had been deciphered and promised a trip to another planet dt next visit. We are inclined to believe, as Escobar Faria does; it is just a tale
Source:  APRO

Date: April 24 1959
Location: Plata Beach, Salvador, Brazil
Summary: Hello Aguiar. On April 24, 1959, Hello Augiar was driving along the Plata beach In Salvador, a beach in northern Brazil, when his engine suddenly stopped. He then witnessed a flying saucer flying along the beach and took four photos of it. It is interesting to note the symbols on the underside of the craft in this drawing. The craft had four hemispherical protrusions in the center of the craft on the bottom and three ribs or tubes on the top of the craft. This discoid vehicle is similar to the type of craft allegedly made at Marconi’s secret city, and is also similar to the Schriever-Habermohl flying disc made by Germany at the BMW factory near Prague in 1944, and first flown on February 4, 1945 (German Jet Genesis by David Masters, 1982, Jane’s Books, London. Page 135). After taking these photos on Plata Beach, Salvador, Brazil, (April 24, 1959) Hello Aguiar lost consciousness. When he came to, he was clutching this message, written in his own hand:

Date: April 26 1959
Location: Sao Paulo Brazil
Time: midnight
Summary: Having see a “red hot” appearing disc in the sky before he went to bed, Luis Da Silva woke and felt a compulsion to go out to the garden, where he found a note telling him to return the next night at 0130A. He did so, and as a circular object appeared at an altitude of 300 ft he felt himself paralyzed. From the UFO descended in a spiral a man who did not quite touch the ground; he wore a helmet, and was clad in plastic clothing, with gloves looking like glass. He told Da Silva, to return on Thursday at 0205A, and re-ascended in a spiral to his craft. On Thursday the same sequence of events occurred, but 3 entities in sequence descended (only one at a time.) The last of these asked Da Silva for a sheet of paper, and inscribed upon it a message of unknown markings.
Source: Dr Walter Buhler SBEDV

Date: April 29 1959
Location: Grassy Plains Canada
Time: 2230
Summary: Alex Gillis and Jerry Monkman saw from a hilltop an egg-shaped object in the middle of the road. It was about 5 m long, the top part emitting a bright light. The object went away silently. Fearing ridicule, the witnesses reported the incident one month later.
Source: Magonia 487


Date:  April  1959 

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