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Date:  Oct. 1 [or 3rd or 4th week?], 1959 
Location: Telephone Ridge, Oregon   BBU 6534
Time: 9:15 p.m.
Summary:  Department store manager C. A. Cissman saw a bright light approach, hover about 30 mins, then take off and disappear in 2 secs.
Source: Berliner

Date:  Oct. 2, 1959
Location:  Seattle, Wash. BBU 
Source: McDonald list 

Date: October 2 1959
Location: Glenora Canada
Summary: Approximate date. Miss G. Wilson, 14, was out riding a horse when a luminous object dived toward her, and she rushed home in fear. Her father came out and saw the object, which he described as orange and making a “painful” sound.
Source: Magonia 498

Date:  Oct. 4, 1959 
Location: Quezon, Philippines    BBU 6538
Time: 9:25 p.m. 
Summary: USN Lt. C. H. Pogson and CPO K. J. Moore saw a large round or oval object, changing from red to red­ orange, fly straight and level. 
Source: Berliner

Date: Oct. 6, 1959 
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska    BBU 6543
Time: 8:15 p.m.
Summary:  Selective Service Lt. Col. L. Liggett and wife saw round, white-yellow light make several abrupt turns at high speed.
Source: Berliner

Date: Oct. 7, 1959
Location: Nr. Forrest City, Arkansas
Summary:  Kentucky Air National Guard pilot chased glowing object.

Date: Oct. 12, 1959 
Location: Washington, Georgia. BBU 
Source: McDonald list 

Date: Oct. 15, 1959
Location:  Terre Haute, Indiana    BB
Time: 6:10 – 7:00 p.m local. 
Summary: Several sightings were brought up for Congressional Inquiry by the President of local UFO Club RECAP. At 6:10 witnesses saw a white light overhead the size of Saturn, at about 6:45 several people saw red lights south of Terre Haute, at 6:45 to 6:50 one witness (pilot?) says two big green balls of fire approaching, they reversed course and sped out of sight. At 7:00 a pilot saw two orange balls of fire ahead of him, seconds later he saw a white flash. (Note: This sighting may be important though because of the crashed B-52. One hundred miles southeast of Terre Haute at Hardinsburg, Kentucky, on October 15 [same day] a B-52 bomber and a KC-135 tanker collided and crashed –7 dead. The B-52 was carrying nuclear bombs.)
Source: BB, Dan Wilson

Date: October 16 1959
Location: El Cobre, Algeciras Spain
Time: 0300A
Summary: A worker was alone at a local water plant when suddenly all electricity and light at the plant was shut off. He went outside to see what had caused the outage and felt a strange electrical sensation in the air. He then saw about 200 meters away a hovering luminous object that was very close to the ground, it was shaped like a half egg on top of a plate, and it emitted a brilliant orange green & purple light. Next to the object stood two tall human like figures wearing shiny silvery orange outfits, one of the beings bent down under the object and appeared to look inside. All the time the witness was not able to move a muscle, holding a flashlight in his hand. Somehow he was suddenly able to turn the flashlight on and both beings re-entered the object, which then ascended slowly emitting a loud buzzing sound and increasing in luminosity. Ground traces were found at the site. And the witness almost suffered a nervous breakdown afterwards.
Source: Ballester Olmos & Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia De Los Encuentros Cercanos con Ovnis

Date:  Oct. 19, 1959 
Location: N of Langley AFB, Virginia BBU 
Source: McDonald list 

Date: Oct. 19. 1959 
Location: 9:25 [10:25? EST] p.m. 
Time: Plainville, Kansas    BBU 6563
Summary: Capt. F. A. Henney, engineering instructor at USAF Academy, flying a T-33 jet trainer, saw a bright yellowish light on collision course with the T-33, the pilot avoided it and the light dimmed.
Source: Berliner; Project 1947

Date: Oct. 20, 1959
Location:  Key West, Florida
Summary: Navy enlisted men watched two UFOs rendezvous, speed away.

Date: Oct. 21, 1959 
Location: Warsaw, New York BBU 
Source: McDonald list 

Date: Oct. 22-23, 1959 
Location: Near Loring AFB, Maine BBU 
Source: McDonald list 

Date: October 25 1959
Location: Fort William Canada
Summary: ). On the Trans-Canada High- way west of this town, four hunters (Douglas Robinson, Ray Disguiseppe, Victor Arnone and John Defilippo, of Port-Arthur) saw an oval, luminous object follow their car about 13 m above them. The object was spinning, stopped when they did, was white in color and remained with them for nearly 50 km.
Source: Magonia 499

Date: Oct. 26, 1959 
Location: Toccoa, Georgia BBU 
Source: McDonald list 

Date: Oct. 28, 1959 
Location: Valparaiso, Chile
Summary: Astronomer, others, observed maneuvering orange disc.

Date: end of October 1959
Location: Aubagne Bouches du Rhone France
Time: 1800
Summary: Miss Moulet, 45, was hanging out her washing in the twilight, with her 3 children, when she saw an egg-shaped object descend silently, to hover just above her. Through a wide triangular window in its front, strongly illuminated, she could see about 20 persons, tall, with wavy blond hair and very light skin, wearing white suits and short sleeves. They were smiling or perhaps laughing at her. The air became very cold. After 10-15 minutes the object took off again, disappearing in 2 or 3 seconds, leaving a slight trail.
Source: M Cohin of SVEPS in LDLN # 125

Date:  October  1959

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