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Date:  Sept., 1959 
Location: Westover AFB, Mass.
Summary: The witnesses were working in a B-52 on the flight line when a radr man called them in to see xseven UFOs being tracked. One comment in the report seems to indicate a problem with the story. The primary witness said the objects were 150 miles away and in the center of the (radar) screen. This indicates long range radar onboard and targets relatively close to the radar antenna. It is the range of the objects that is in serious question with a B-52’s onboard radar.
Source: Jan Aldrich, Fran Ridge

Date: Sept. 5, 1959 
Location: Naha, Okinawa BBU 
Source: McDonald list 

Date: September 7 1959
Location: Wallingford Kentucky   BBU
Summary: A bluish, disk-shaped object was observed at ground level by a mail carrier. It suddenly went away horizontally, leaving a stained ring on the ground. Walter Ogden. 15-ft burned mark left by object on takeoff. (McDonald list; Loren Gross 1959 SUPP) Bluish disc-like UFO low over ground, observed by mail carrier, rose suddenly and sped away; left stained ring on ground.
Source: Magonia 497

Date: Sept. 10, 1959 
Location: Camp Kinser, Okinawa BBU 
Source: McDonald list 

Location. Near Gills Rock, Wisconsin BBU 6506
Date: September 13 1959
Time: 1400
Summary:  Scott Mitchell was on the hallway of his home when he saw a being described as dark gray, wrinkled skin throughout its body, standing at the opposite end. The being communicated in a telepathic voice that went directly to the witness head. “Do not be afraid, we will not harm you.” Scared the witness attempted to run but was paralyzed in his tracks, time seemed to slow down around him. A greenish haze surrounded the witness and the being glided towards him. The witness then lost consciousness. His next memory was of waking up in the house in a back bedroom. Witness has experienced further encounters.
Source: UFOs and Aliens Among Us

Date: Sept. 13, 1959
Location:  Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana     BBU 6507
Time: 4 p.m. 
Summary: At least two control tower operators and the pilot of a Mooney private airplane saw a nearly motionless white, cream and metallic pear-shaped object, with a trail under it. Attempted intercept by USAF T-33 jet trainer failed. Ground radar tracking.
Source: Wilson, Berliner; Project 1947

Date: Sept. 15,1959 
Location: Kadena AFB, Okinawa BBU 
Time: 7 a.m.-1 p.m. 
Summary: 3 USAF personnel radar tracked multiple green objects, and sighted 4-5 mins a silvery object tilted downwards visible only when lit by a rotating beacon light and which moved slowly on a straight path in the direction of the winds.
Source: CUFOS re-eval.; Jan Aldrich

Date: Sept. 24, 1959. 
Location: Near Redmond, Oregon. BBU 
Time: About 4:55 a.m. (PST)
Summary:  Redmond Police officer Robert Dickerson saw a strange bright light [white ball­ shaped?] rapidly descending north of the airport then stopped and hovered several hundred [200?] feet above ground for several mins where it lit up the juniper trees below. He drove toward it on the Prineville Hwy then turned toward the airport, when the object turned orange [reddish-orange?] and moved rapidly to [dive and hover?] about 10 miles NE of the airport at about 3,000 ft [height? altitude?  Redmond is at 3,000 ft elevation MSL]. Dickerson arrived at the airport to report sighting in person at 4:59 a.m. at Redmond FAA Air Traffic Communication Station. FAA Flight Service Specialist Laverne Wertz, Dickerson and others viewed object through binoculars. FAA station reported UFO to Seattle Air Route Control Center at 5:10 a.m., which in turn reported it to Hamilton AFB, Calif., which scrambled 6 F-102 jets from Portland [?] to intercept UFO. FAA station observers saw object hover and emit long tongues of red, yellow and green light which extended and retracted at irregular intervals. As F-102’s approached the object from the SE [?] it turned into mushroom shape, emitted red and yellowflames from lower side and ascended rapidly, disappearing above scattered clouds at about 14,000 ft [altitude? height?]. [Object’s departure forced one F-102 to swerve to avoid collision, another nearly lost control from UFO’s turbulent wake; tracked on F-102 airborne radars but jets unable to intercept.] Object reappeared about 20 miles S of Redmond at about 25,000 ft. Seattle Center reported at 6:20 a.m. radar contact with object about 25 miles S of Redmond at 52,000 ft was made by USAF ADC radar site at Klamath Falls, Ore., which tracked a large 300-400 ft[?] target and vectored B-47 and F-89 aircraft to identify. Redmond FAA controllers lost sight of object. Seattle FAA reported at 7:11 a.m. that Klamath Falls radar still tracked object at 25 miles S of Redmond but varying altitude from 6,000 to 52,000 ft.
Source: Fran Ridge/NICAP UFOE, V

Location. Near Moscow Russia
Date: September 26 1959
Time: night
Summary:  A Russian military aircraft discovered from the air the crash site of a large disc shaped craft, it appeared to be smoldering and it was shattered with one large piece broken off. The largest section of the craft was transported by helicopter to a nearby airfield at Aktyubinsk. It was discovered that it was badly damaged by some kind of explosion and fire and the inside was completely charred. On the site it was discovered noticeable radiation and among the fragments the body of an 80 cm dwarf-like humanoid was found. Fragments of the craft were transported to different scientific secret locations and the body to an underground bunker in Moscow.
Source: Anton “Cade” Belousov, Soviet X Files List

Date: Sept. 28, 1959
Location: Detroit, Michigan   BB
Time: 0230Z hours
Summary:  A witness at 5764 Beaconsfield Street, Detroit, Michigan, observed a spherical-shaped white to blue in color object in a straight flight in the sky. The object was observed at approximately 75 degrees azimuth and was seen for approximately six or seven minutes. No sound was detected. This location is approximately two miles north of Nike Sites D-23 and D-26. D-26 was equipped with Nike Hercules Missiles with nuclear capable warheads.
Source: Brad Sparks

Location. Marianne Lund Sweden
Date: September 29 1959
Time: 1855
Summary: On running outside after an electrical power failure, Mr. Gideon Johansson and his son saw a brilliant white light hovering over a nearby building. This descended, breaking through the top a maple tree, until it was only 18″ above the street, and 10 ft from Mr. Johansson. It was an oval, dome shaped machine 12 ft long & 8 ft high, light blue in color; in front was a large window surrounded by rivet-heads. Inside this, brilliantly illuminated by a white light, he could see 2 small, seated individuals, with very high crowned heads, big eyes, small mouths, and pointed chins. Each had an earphone on one ear. They wore white uniforms with broad black belts crossed over their shoulders & chests. One of them loosened his belt to work on something below the window level. After 2 minutes the craft floated along the street for 25 yards, then disappeared in a flash, with a rush of air. A glassy deposit was found on the power line 1 km away. Mr. Johansson suffered ill effects to his health, and the maple tree eventually died.
Source: K Gosta Rehn for Apro & Anders Liljegren for UFO Sweden

Date:  September  1959


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