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Date: 1959
Location: Wever, Iowa
Time: unknown
Summary: 8-year old Barbara Schutte (involved in other abductions) remembered being abducted and examined by an alien. A sample was taken from the first finger of her left hand (a remains to this day). The alien was friendly and told her the he would see her again, he would teach me what she needed to know later, and that some day she would be doing some important work, when she grew up, she would understand. (There is no description of the alien).
Source: Gray Barker’s UFO Annual 1983

Date: 1959: Enormous daytime UFO above Welsh town

Date: 1959
Location: Bagan Dalam Penang Malaysia
Time: unknown
Summary: Several students playing in a swampy area near riverbank saw a tiny man like figure dressed like a soldier and apparently armed. They reported the encounter to their teacher. No other information.
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin, A Summary of UFO and related Events in Malaysia 50/80

Date: 1959
Location:  Near Mossoro, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Time: dawn
Summary: A man encountered an oval shaped craft resting on the ground on three metallic legs. He was able to see three undescribed “little men” in it. The craft suddenly exploded in a brilliant flash of light and disappeared. (Similar incident reported in 1988 in the same area)
Source: Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone

Date: 1959
Location: Saint Michel, Quebec, Canada
Time: 0130A
Summary: Madame Berube and a friend were in their room when suddenly the area was illuminated by a bright white light coming from outside, looking out the window they saw at a distance of about 50 feet they saw a huge object with three bright points of light, one red, one green and the third yellow, hovering very close to the ground over the road. They could see a cabin-like structure surrounded by several transparent oval-shaped “windows” from which beige luminescent emerged. A hatchway was opened and two humanoid figures briefly stepped out and walked around some parked vehicles. No details on these could be seen. They soon returned to the object, which departed at high speed emitting a rumbling noise.
Source:  Marc Leduc, CASUFO

Date: 1959
Location: La Havana coast Cuba
Time: 0800A
Summary: A man fishing with a friend near the coastline suddenly saw the water around his vessel began to bubble, moments later a huge silvery disc shaped craft emerged out of the water hovered briefly, then shot away at high speed. A few minutes later they saw very near the boat at several meters in depth 3 to 4 dark clad figures that appeared to be wearing tight fitting diving suits. The witnesses could not determine the origin of the figures and assumed that they were somehow connected to the flying disc.
Source: Dr Sergio Cervera

Location. North Platte Nebraska
Date: October 1959
Time: evening
Summary:  Joyce Updike recalls standing by a country road waiting, when she saw two men approach, the two men wore “space suit like” outfits, headgear resembling old style diving helmets and thick soled shoes. One of the men was holding two metal rods that he was aiming towards the witness, while the other climbed over a nearby wire fence and walked to a landed object, partly hidden by a hill. She then found herself inside the object on top of an examining table, two men wearing winged type skullcaps stood next to her. They seemed to be of average height and well built. Another man wearing a three piece loose fitting “surgical” outfit with a hood & a smoke colored visor over the eyes, stood by a circular, glass covered instrument panel, and he also wore gauntlet gloves with pointed pincer type clamps. The man approached the witness and raised her right arm by the elbow, at this point all conscious recall ended.
Source: Ruth Montgomery, Aliens Among us

Date: 1959
Location: Vechtel near Osnabruck Germany
Time:  evening
Summary: A couple and their young son had taken a walk in a forested area when they saw a bright orange colored dome shaped object descending over a nearby clearing, as it got closer they could now see that it was a disc shaped craft about four meters in diameter. Frightened the child and mother ran back to the house. Then from out of the woods a figure emerged, it was surrounded by a silvery blue light from an unknown source, it seemed to emit a cold air wave. The figure wore a one-piece suit and a divers mask. The figure made a sudden move putting his hand over his face, pushing aside a low hanging tree branch, then it seem to wave at the witness, it then walked back into the woods. Moments later the orange disc shaped object rose up into the sky and vanished.
Source: Ulrich Magin

Date: 1959
Location: Giant Rock California
Time: late evening
Summary: While attending a convention Harry Mayer observed mysterious globes of light hovering over the runway at the local small airport. As he ran toward them, a pretty young blond woman suddenly appeared in front of him, and put out her arm stopping him in his tracks. She was barely more than five-feet tall and Mayer was well over six feet, she had “the strength of many men.” They spoke long enough for Mayer to learn that her name was Mary. Under her coat she was wearing a chocolate-brown uniform that looked something like a ski suit. She claimed she was from Venus.
Source: Jerome Clark, Extraordinary Encounters

Location. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton Ohio
Date: 1959
Time: evening
Summary:  Leon B Visse, an expert on histones (proteins connected with cellular genetic material), was invited to a military compound at Wright-Patterson, where he was asked to perform an experiment on the histonic weight of particular cells. In the first experiment Visse found an inordinately low histonic weight—far lower than in human cells. Either he was mistaken or there had to be a complete revision of genetic theories, he reasoned. But Visse obtained the same results when he repeated the experiment, so he asked if he could look at the organism from which the cells came. To his astonishment, Visse was taken into a special room where the corpses of two humanoids lay. The bodies were very tall—a little over 7 ft—and from their terrible injuries they appeared to have been in an accident, although the heads were intact, the forehead high and broad, very long blond hair. The eyes were stretched towards the temples, which gave them an Asiatic look. The nose and mouth were small. The lips were thin, perfectly delineated. Despite slight differences in their facial appearances, the two humanoids looked like twins. The bodies had been preserved in formaldehyde but remained perfectly white, apparently lacking the melanin granules, which cause normal human beings to tan in strong sunlight. The eyes were very light blue and looked no different from normal, Visse reported. The hands were human-like but slender, while their feet were absolutely flat, with small toes.
Source: Jean-Charles Fumoux, “Preuves Scientifiques OVNI”

Location. Millersburg Oregon
Date: 1959
Time: night
Summary:  The driver of a mint truck traveling near Conser Lake was terrified to see a tall, white creature that resembled a gorilla. The white hairy creature ran at 35 mph alongside the driver’s truck peering into his cab. Sometime during the year it was rumored that a “flying saucer” had crashed into the lake.
HC addition # 3027
Source: Greg Long

Date: 1959
Location: Carroll County Maryland
Time: night
Summary: While on duty a police officer saw a huge hairy bipedal creature cross a dirt road in front of his car and step over a barbed wire fence. The police officer yelled halt and the creature turned and approached the officer, who in turn fired his gun at the entity with no apparent effect. The police officer then fled the area.
Source: Mark Opsasnick, The Bigfoot Digest

Date: 1959
Location: Fiambala, Catamarca, Argentina
Time: night
Summary: The young witness remembered being in her house with her mother and grandmother and the lights going out. As her mother and grandmother investigated a commotion with the chickens in the yard, the witness saw, apparently standing on a chair in the living room, a very small dwarf-like creature wearing a brown smock and a large floppy hat, she was not able to see his face. The witness screamed and her mother and grandmother came running in the room, by this time the little man had disappeared.
Source: Proyecto CATENT, Argentina

Location. Ganden, Tibet
Date: 1959
Time: night
Summary: A delegation of Soviet scientists/scholars was introduced to an aged Tibetan monk with a profound knowledge of astronomy and problems peculiar to space travel. This lama was convinced that intelligent life existed on other worlds, and that, under the proper conditions, he could achieve visual contact with such beings from the beyond. The lama chose two scientists from the delegation. He instructed them in a special form of concentration and in the nutritional details of a special diet. After some days had gone by the lama invited the Russians to come to his cell. There, he introduced them to a piece of machinery entirely unknown to these savants. This mysterious apparatus—the details of which Kolosimo does not record—was emitting an odd, muffled noise. Suddenly, what looked like a cloudy face appeared in the center of the room. This manifestation slowly took on the indistinct form of a humanoid. The eerie figure stood erect and motionless, gazing at them blankly. Then there materialized in front of it what looked like a moving replica of our solar system, including Mercury, Venus, earth and the other planets slowly revolving around a central sun. This almost ghostly solar system had an anomalous feature: a tenth planet orbiting in leisurely fashion beyond the orbit of Pluto. Was this object from a sort of time capsule, an artifact meant to convey some sense of the knowledge and circumstances of the sentient species, which had occupied our planets before us?
Source: Peter Kolosimo, & Hartwig Hausdorf, The Chinese Roswell

Date: 1959
Location: Conneautville, Pennsylvania
Time: night
Summary: Caroline McAdoo (involved in other encounters) was walking home along a rural road when she saw the shadow of a creature with a huge body and a small head. She reported a choking odor of rotten garbage and various vocalizations comprising of whistling, laughing, and screaming sounds. The creature touched the shoulder of the witness.
Source: http://pabigfootsociety.com

Date: 1959
Location: At sea in the Florida Straits
Time: 2200
Summary: While serving in the USN aboard the aircraft carrier USS FDR, Chester Grusinski was below decks when he noticed a number of seamen hurrying up to the flight deck of the carrier. When he got to the flight deck, there were approximately 25 other men present observing an oblong, orange light in the sky. The light approached the carrier in a “wobbling” fashion, blocking out the background of stars in the sky and becoming larger. At a distance of probably no more than several hundred feet from the vessel, it stopped and hovered; Grusinski could clearly see a row of square windows, lighted within by a dull orange glow; in two of these windows, to his left, he could see occupants, one in each window. One appeared to be leaning against the glass and looking down at the witnesses, while the other could be seen only from the neck up. Then they both moved away and were no longer visible. At is closer range; Grusinski could feel a wave of warmth coming from the object. After the figures disappeared, the bottom of the object began glowing a red orange; it became brighter as the object began to move off, and they could clearly see then that it was cigar shaped. The faster it moved, the brighter it got. The observation lasted from two to five minutes. The next day, Grusinski, got up early to see if there was any reference to the incident in the “plan of the day.” He found none; when queried about it by others, he denied having seen anything. On the other hand, he was unable to find anyone else who was willing to talk about it.
Source: Dr Ron Westrum

Location. Leigh England
Date: 1959
Time: 2230
Summary:  Mrs C Wickens had been visiting her sister’s home in Leigh and on her way to catch a late bus noticed three figures crouching on the nearby grass verge; she could also make out several other groups of three and four figures standing further back in the shadows. All were dressed in clothing of dazzling white and wore balaclava-type helmets over their heads. They stood motionless, watching the witness, and there was a strange silence over the area. Then, on her left, she suddenly noticed a solitary robot-like figure standing well over six-feet, and she was seized by terror and couldn’t go on. She fled back to her sister’s home where she remained for the night. Her sister wrote the experience off, claiming she had seen “boy scouts” camping on the green for the night. In the morning there were no signs of such.
Source: Humcat quoting Newspaper source


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