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Date: April, 1962: UFO photo taken by Air Force Captain

Date: April 2, 1962 
Location: Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada BBU 
Time: 1:30 a.m. local time
Summary:  One object was picked up on ground radar at approx. 47,000 feet on an easterly course at about 72 knots. This was observed by 10 witnesses on the ground radar. Two F-102 aircraft were scrambled and picked up the object on their radars and lock-on was obtained for three separate passes. Pilots stated that their overtake speeds indicated that the target was nearly stationary. Estimated winds at 40,000 to 47,000 feet were 240/90. Radar located at 641st AC&W Squadron, Melville Air Station, Labrador. Radars used were an FPS-20, FPS-6B, and an Airborne Fire Control Radar MG10. Length of observation was 1 hour and 54 minutes.
Source: McDonald List 

Date: April 3-4, 1962 
Location: Wurtland, Kentucky        BBU 7851
Time: 8:50 p.m. (EST). 
Summary: G. R. Wells and J. Lewis, using 117x telescope spotted a small object changing brightness, giving off smoke but stationary like a comet. Case missing. 
Source: Berliner

Date: April 10 1962: Florentine tailor taken aboard UFO

Date: April 11 1962
Location: Saronno Italy
Time: evening
Summary: Between Saronno and Legnano, Benazzi and three other witnesses saw a peculiar craft fly above them and land on the road. It was intensely luminous.
Source: Magonia 530

Date: April 12, 1962
Location:  Kunia, Hawaii BBU 
Source: McDonald List 

Date: April 18, 1962: The Las Vegas UFO Crash

Date: April 18, 1962 
Location: New York to Eureka, Utah, to Nellis, Las Vegas, Nevada BBU 
Summary: Reported crash. High speed brilliant maneuverable object is tracked by radars and sighted visually across the continent by numerous military and civilian witnesses.
Source: Don Berliner, Dan Wilson

Date: April 24 & 25, 1962
Location:  Philadelphia, Penna.
Summary: Series of UFO sightings over area. Circular UFO with body lights, apparent dome on top, shafts of white light directed downward from base. Center section had rotating row of square “windows.”  
Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, XII

Date: April 28, 1962 
Location: Fort Worth, Texas BBU 
Summary: Egg-shaped light crossing the sky brighter than Echo 1 satellite.

Date: April 28, 1962 
Location: Ft. Worth, Texas BBU
Time: Night
Summary:  Nuclear engineer Ralph Jackson saw egg shaped light crossing the sky brighter than the Echo I satellite.
Source: Mary Castner/CUFOS

Date: April 30 1962
Location: Mount Eba Italy
Time: night
Summary: Eugenio Siragusa, 43, claimed to have met two men of normal height, clad in diving suits, with belts emitting intermittent yellow-green blue light, who delivered to him a peace message in Italian. The voice had a metallic tone. Also observed was a very dazzling object, 15 m in diameter.
Source: Magonia 531

Date: April 30, 1962, 
Location: Edwards AFB, Cal.
Summary: X-15 flight, piloted by Joe Walker; Photograph (no visual sighting) of 5 or 6 “disc-shaped or. . .cylindrical” objects. Slides later shown in Seattle conference. NICAP unable to obtain prints.
Source: NICAP UFO Evidence

Date:  April  1962

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