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Date: February 9 1962
Location: Aston Clinton Great Britain
Time: 0330
Summary: Mr. Wildam, of Luton, noticed that his car was gradually losing speed as he approached a bright, oval thing hovering 10 m above the road. The object was surrounded by a glow, and left at high speed very suddenly.
Source: Magonia 528

Date: February  11, 1962 
Location: Parque del Este, Caracas, Venezuela
Summary: Formations of UFOs, about 16 objects in all, were observed by many people. Sr. Carlos Pineda, at nearby Humboldt Planetarium, witnessed one of the UFOs, described as “a body giving off a brilliant light. . . moving at great altitude as if towards the moon.”
Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, X

MilanItaly1962Date: February 12, 1962
Location: Milan, Italy

Date: February  12, 1962 
Location: Winnemucca AFB, Nevada BBU 
Time:  8:06 a.m. local time
Summary: Radar of the 658 Radar Squadron painted one large target considered to be out of the ordinary because of the height and range. Object appeared at 74,000 feet and disappeared in excess of 96,000 feet. The object was on the scope for 5 minutes. Observer was S/Sgt F. Grover, Crew Chief 658th RS, with 11 years of radar experience. Radar type was an FPS-6B. 
Source: Dan Wilson, McDonald list

Date: February  19, 1962
Location:  Dauphin Island, Alabama BBU 
Summary: 3 witnesses driving S on the Dauphin Island toll bridge saw a reddish-orange object 1/3 the sun’s diameter to the S about 10° elevation, changing shape from round to football or cigar shape then covered with fog. Car stopped for witness to call Dauphin Island AFS radar site, 693rd Radar Sq which coincidentally had 2 USAF airmen driving N on the toll bridge and saw the object to the W, and thus object’s location can be approximately triangulated at about 30°16′ N, 88° 10′ W, distance to civilian observers 2-5 miles depending on how far N when first seen, and actual size at least 30 ft. No radar contact reported.
Source: Hynek-CUFOS-Willy Smith files

Date:  February  25, 1962 
Location: Kotzbue, Alaska  BBU 7818
Time: 7:20 p.m. 
Summary: U.S. Army private and 6 anonymous civilians saw red light, trailed 30 secs later by a blue light.
Source: Berliner

Date:  February  1962

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