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Date:  March 1, 1962 
Location: Salem, New York    BBU 7823
Time: 10:35 p.m. 
Summary: Mrs. L. Doxsey, 66, saw a gold-colored box, 12-14 inches x 3-4 ft fly straight and level across the horizon.
Source: Berliner

Date: March 26, 1962 
Location: Ramstein AFB, Germany  BBU 7840
Time: 1:35 p.m. local. 
Summary: USAF Capt. J. M. Lowery, from an unspecified aircraft, saw a thin, cylindrical object, 1/3 snout, 2/3 tail fins, fly at an estimated Mach 2.7 (1,800 mph). At first sight the object appeared like a small delta wing fighter. When it reached the 3 o’clock position the object appeared less like a delta wing shape and more like a sidewinder missile. As the object traveled from the 3 o’clock position to the 5 o’clock position the pilot had the impression of shape changing to the appearance of a dart target. The length of the observation was from 5 to 8 seconds.  
Source: Berliner

Date: March 26, 1962
Location:  Naperville, Illinois    BBU 7841
Time: 11:40 p.m.
Summary:  Mrs. D. Wheeler and Claudine Milligan saw 6-8 red balls, arranged in a rectangular formation, become 2 objects with lights by the end of sighting.
Source: Berliner

Date: March [May?] 26, 1962 
Location: Westfield, Mass.     BBU 7930
Time: 10:45 p.m. 
Summary: Many unidentified young people saw a large red ball fly or fall down, then rise back up.
Source: Berliner

Date:  March  1962

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