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Date: January 4 1963
Location: Rome Italy
Time: 1900
Summary: A well-known psychiatrist saw an object on the ground in a deserted city park. Shape: a dome upon a cylinder, bearing a series of round apertures and surrounded by a thick, roundish ring, set on a tripod landing gear supporting the base of the cylinder 1 m above the ground. Diameter: 5 m. Suddenly the ring started spinning rapidly, and a gust of air was felt as the craft rose a few m above ground, then disappeared in a split second.
Source: Magonia 557

Date: Jan. 5, 1963
Location: Nantucket Point, Long Island, New York            BBU
Time: 3 a.m.
Source: Hynek UFO Rpt p. 45-46

Date: January 11 1963
Location: San Pietro Italy
Time: 2300
Summary:  A 43-year-old farmer was awakened by restless animals and went out to calm them. Fifteen min later he saw an object land in a small square in the village, went toward it, was “paralyzed” when 10 m away. Two min later the craft, 4.5 m long, 1.5 m high, with a translucent upper dome showing two dark, moving figures, ascended in the direction of Brindisi, emitted a vertical beam of green light.
Source: Magonia 558

Date: Jan. 24, 1963
Location: Lexington, Ky
Summary: Post Office safety engineer saw a round UFO traveling east to west, and a delta-wing aircraft north to south. UFO’s line of flight intersected aircraft path at right angles.
Source: Report via Bluegrass NICAP Affiliate, Lexington, Ky.

Date: January 28 1963
Location: Shilton Great Britain      BBU
Time: 1720
Summary:  Mary Sharp and Mrs. E. L. Sharp saw an object on the ground. It had four windows, emitted a yellow-orange light, and eventually left toward Rugby.
Source: Magonia 559

Date: January 28 1963
Location: Mamina Chile    BBU
Time: night
Summary: A former Chilean Air Force officer, who was driving a truck, observed two disk-shaped objects that followed him for over ten min.
Source: Magonia 560

Date: January 31 1963
Location: Ganado de Algosaray Argentina
Summary: An object was reported to have landed. The Lopez brothers found traces in the grass and evidence of intense heat. Police investigation. A whitish powder was also found at the site.
Source: Magonia 561

Date:  January  1963

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