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Date: Summer 1963 
Location: Middletown, New York         8371
Time: 9:30 or 10 p.m.
Summary:  Grace Dutcher saw 8-10 lights move at random, then in an oval formation, then singly. 
Source: Berliner

Date: July 1963
Location:  Boston, Mass.
Summary: An advertising plane caused several erroneous UFO reports.
Source: Aircraft identified by NICAP Adviser, Walter N. Webb.

Date: July 1, 1963 
Location: Glen Ellyn, Illinois     BBU 8434
Time: 8 p.m. 
Summary: R. B. Stiles, II, using a theodolite, saw a light, the size of a match head at arm’s length, flash and move around the sky.  
Source: Berliner

Date: July 2, 1963 (approx)
Location:  Tuscon, AZ
Summary: Large blimp like object reported. [In this area is the Davis Monthan AFB Titan II Missile Site, home of the 390th Strategic Missile Wing consisting of 18 Launch Facilities around the Tuscon area].

Date: July 10, 1963
Location: Fern Creek, Kentucky
Summary: They saw a cigar shaped object which discharged a small disc which subsequently landed.
Source: nicap

Date: July 15, 1963
Location: Charlton Great Britain
Summary:  A farmer discovered strange crater 2.5 m wide and 2.5 m deep. Vegetation around it was burned and there were four holes in the ground around the crater itself.
Source: Magonia 574

Date: July 18,1963 
Location: Sunnyvale, Calif.
Summary: A technical writer for United Technology Center saw a disc-shaped UFO hovering in the sky. He exposed 8 mm color film of the object using a 36 mm telephoto lens. (A few frames of the film were submitted to NICAP, but the image is too small to show detail.) When four jet interceptors converged on the UFO (three from the west and one from the east), it drifted westward tilting back and forth, “then pulled up in a short arc and shot up out of sight in an estimated three seconds.”
Source: Report via Bay Area NICAP Subcommittee.

Date: July 20, 1963 
Location: Springfield, Ill.
Time: About 7:50 p.m.
Summary: A shiny silver object was observed hovering at high altitude. The UFO moved up and down, back and forth, but remained in the same area of the sky. About dusk, the object (now resembling a bright star) began moving across the sky, picking up speed, and disappeared in the distance.
Source: Witness filed NICAP report form.

Date: July 22, 1963
Location: Parr Great Britain
Time: 2030
Summary:  William Holland, 12, and two other persons saw a hovering, silvery object with a flashing red light on top, at 20 m altitude. It had three “legs” and a periscope underneath that pointed at the witnesses. The object went up into a cloud of unusual color, which flew against the wind.
Source: Magonia 575

Date:  July 1963

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