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Date: March 1 1963
Location: Cordoba Argentina
Summary: A multicolored object, the size of a light truck, was reported to have landed in the vicinity of Lyle. Police searched an area over 3 km wide on both sides of the Iowa-Minnesota border, with no results. Cesar Domingo La Padula, Ariel Kaplan, and Ernesto Jose Ind, students of the Institute of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics of the National Observatory of Cordoba, sighted a UFO while on the terrace of Mr. Padula’s home, attempting to adjust an antenna. aapro2They said the object was completely irregular” and that once during the sighting the shadow of the object fell on buildings. Padula does not maintain that the object is a “flying saucer” and adds nothing to the report except the above. aaproThe newspaper, “Cordoba” published the photos (see cut) on their front page, remarking: “Are they or are they not from another world, flying special missions over our planet?” The newspaper, “La Voz del Interior,,, besides publishing on that occasion two of the photos and comments about them, confirm the sighting of the object with the added comment that corroborating witnesses watched the object from the Airport of Cordoba. aapro4The time of day of the sighting anrl subsequent photographs, was 5:30 p.m. Doubt concerning the incident was expressed in the newspaper ,,Los principios” in an interview with the photographer of the National Observatory of Cordoba, Mr. Julio Albarracin who said he gave no credence to the report, and that he felt it was the product of a “youthful mentality” (juvenile hoax). He also stated that the photos show an object that reflects a “strange light,, from the lower side and has a shadow on the upper side, the angles of the photo are contradictory and there are other details that make the whole incident suspicious. However, the newspaper,.Cordoba,, said that members of the Institute decided to have the photographs analyzed. by professional photographers who informed them the pictures were not fakes. We are making inquiries to get prints from the original negative and additional testimony and details-if we are successful, more will be featured in comins issues. 
Source: APRO

apro56Date: March 1 1963
Location:  flight from Barcelona to Maiquetia, Venezuela
Summary: Following the publication of the Paso del Cabello photo in “El Universal,” the Caracas newspaper received a letter from Mr, Delio Ribas of Valera, State of Trujillo, Venezuela, in October, 1966, enclosing a photo taken three years earlier (1963) on a AVENSA flight from Barcelona to Maiquetia, Venezuela. This photograph is an original from the negative, which is in the possession of the pilot who took the picture. Mr. Ribas stated that “the airline pilot who took the photograph and myself are absolutely certain that the object is one of the so called flying saucers. The pilot does not wish to speak much on the subject because he has been the object of ridicule by some of his Venezuelan fellow pilots and also certain pilot friends in the USA.F . . .” The authenticity of this photograph was questioned by Capt. Larry Gibson, a skeptical commercial pilot, on the basis that the dark line around the disc which he supposes is shadow, does not coincide with the shadows of the plane and the disc cast on the ground; and that the object seems to be nothing more than the “button which locks the window to the crew compartment.” However this objection does not explain how this “button” could cast such a large shadow (almost half the size o{ the plane itself.) Mr. Fernando de Calvet a professional topographer and geometrician made a study ol the position of the shadows and demonstrated mathematically that all the objects and details in the photograph bear absolutely exact relations with each other. Also, Mr. Konrad IIoneck, electronics engineer, and Mr. Miguel Sapowsky, ano(her engineer in charge of the technical department oI a large Caracas Television station, have substantiated Calvet’s explanation: mars
Source: APRO

Date: March 6, 1963 
Location: Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas BBU
Time: 10:37 a.m. local time
Summary: A bright flash was observed by numerous witnesses from Louisiana to Texas. One report said a large bright flash was seen 20 miles north of Barksdale AFB, seen by two light aircraft and a SAC  bomber. Another report stated that there was on observation of a bright flash and metallic falling object 40 miles NNW of Chennault AFB at 10:55 a.m. (1655Z). A request was made to keep NORAD informed of significant events. Type of observations: Ground-Visual, Air-Visual, and Ground-Radar.
Source: McDonald list, Dan Wilson

Date: March 9 1963
Location: Crystal Lake Montana
Summary: Amos Biggs observed a silver, saucer-shaped craft, with an oval dome, which landed on the frozen lake for 10 min. A “door” was opened and then shut, and the craft took off with a buzzing sound.
Source: Magonia 566

Date: March 11, 1963
Location:  Oahu, Hawaii
Summary: Brilliant light headed west and leaving a trail observed by many people just after 8:00 p.m. Two National Guard pilots flying jets about 40 miles west of Honolulu reported UFO was “much higher” than their altitude of 40,000 feet and moving “very fast.” Possibly an observation of the recently announced A-11.
Source: At 7:28 p.m., Pacific Time, a newsboy in El Sobrante, California, saw two oval-shaped yellow lights pass over the San Francisco Bay area from north to south, traveling at high speed.

Date: March 12 1963
Location: Colonia Yerua Argentina
Time: 0532
Summary: After an intense rainfall Pablo Michalowski and Roberto Jorge Martinez observed and photographed a luminous object that rose from a forest preserve about 2 km from Colonia Yerua.
Source: Magonia 567

Date: March 12, 1963 
Location: Paine, Chile
Time: 7:50 p.m
Summary: Members of the Santiago NICAP Subcommittee observed a pulsating luminous white sphere about 7:50 p.m. The UFO moved from north to south, disappearing in the distance after about a minute.

Date: March 13 1963
Location: Richards Bay (South Africa
Time: 2230
Summary: Fred White was fishing when he heard a high-pitched whine coming from the east and saw an object come in his direction and land 15 m away, scattering sand. It was at least 30 m in diameter, and was shaped like two plates glued together. Through several oval portholes he could see light inside. A man with a fair complexion, wearing a metallic helmet, looked at the witness. He wore a sky-blue, one-piece coverall with no visible buttons or fasteners, and gloves made of shiny mesh. Warm air was felt as the craft took off about six min later, and radio interference was noted.
Source: Magonia 568

Date: March 18, 1963
Location:  Cape Canaveral, Florida
Time: Night
Summary:  A strange object was sighted over the Atlantic coast of Florida a few moments before a Minuteman missile launched from Cape Canaveral veered off course and had to be destroyed.

Date:  March 1963

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