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Date: Sept. 14. 1963 
Location: Susanville, Calif.   BBU 8548
Time: 3:15 p.m.
Summary:  E. A. Grant, veteran of 37 years training forest fire lookouts for the U.S. Forest Service, saw a round object intercept a long object then either attach itself to the latter or disappear.
Source: Air Force Project Blue Book 1963 Summary, Berliner

Date:  Sept. 15, 1963 
Location: Vandalia, Ohio        BBU 8549
Time: 6 p.m. 
Summary: Mrs. F. E. Roush saw 2 very bright gold objects, one shaped like a “banana” the other like an “ear of corn,” one staying stationary, the other moving from W to N. 
Source: Berliner

Date: September 19 1963
Location: Saskatoon Canada
Time: 2000
Summary: ). Four children saw a bright oval object hover in a field and drop something. Approaching the site, they were confronted with a 3 m tall man, dressed in “a white monklike suit,” who held out his hands and made unintelligible sounds. The children fled in panic, and one girl was admitted to the hospital in shock.
Source: Magonia 581

Date: Sept. 20, 1963 
Location: Huntsville, Arkansas
Summary: A rancher reported watching an egg-shaped UFO moving eastward about 10 degrees above the southern horizon. Through binoculars, a dark spot was visible near the top of the object. As it proceeded west, the UFO dimmed, turning orange, and faded from view after 10-15 minutes.
Source: Witness reported sighting to NICAP.

Date: Sept. 20, 1963
Location:  Wonthaggi, Victoria, AU
Summary: TV difficulty, viewer called outside to see UFO. Object hovered, darted at high speed. TV I/F noted in area of three towns

Date: Sept. 26, 1963: Disc-shaped UFO, seen by police officers and others


Date:  September 1963

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