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Date: April 3, 1964
Location: 1 mile W of Monticello, Wisc.                 BBU 8729
Time: 9 p.m.
Summary:  R. Wold, graduate student in anthropology, and wife, Rossing and another, saw 4 huge red lights in a rectangular formation, with a white light above, near the ground, tilt and fly away.
Source: Vallée Magonia 594; FUFOR Index

Date: April 10, 1964
Location: Merced, California    BB 
Time: 11:40 a.m. PST
Summary: NORAD advised that there were 6 to 12 unidentified flying objects at 30 miles east of Merced, California. Radar picked up 12 objects at altitudes 60,000 feet, 90,000 feet and higher elevations. A message sent to Air Staff said objects were following a 60 mile race-track pattern. F-106’s were scrambled at Castle AFB. Pilots locked on to some of the objects but could not keep the lock. NORAD said they were sending two more aircraft with pilots in pressure suits.   

Date: April 11, 1964
Location: Homer, New York                 BBU 8739
Time: 6:30 p.m. 
Summary: physiotherapist W. B. Ochsner and wife saw 2 cloud- like objects darken, one shot away and returned. (Berliner; cf. Hynek UFO Exp, case DD-2)

Date: April 17, 1964 
Location: Fallon AFS, Nevada    BBU
Time: 7:22 a.m. local time
Summary: A2C Edward Lowe, radar operator , 858th RADRON, Fallon AFS, picked up on ground radar two blips in stacked formation with rapid changes in altitude at 122 degrees at 60,000 feet at 145 mile range. The motion was up and down. The length of the observation was 1 hour and 21 minutes when the blips disappeared to the SE. 
Source: Dan Wilson, McDonald list

Date: April 24 1964: Take Me to your Fertilizer!

Date: April 24, 1964: Holloman Landing

Date: April 24, 1964: Socorro / Zamora UFO Incident

Date: April 24, 1964: Newark Valley, New York Sighting

Date: April 26, 1964
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada                  BBU
Source: McDonald list

Date: April 26, 1964
Location: La Madera, New Mexico             BBU
Source: McDonald list

Date:  April 28, 1964
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico       BB
Time: Noon.
Summary: 10 year-old Sharon Stull and Robin Stull (8) saw an egg-shaped object hovering near the Lowell Elementary School for about 10 minutes. Robin refused to look at the object and ran off. The object bounced up and down about three times in the sky and then left. Later Sharon was treated for “infra-red” burns on her face by a physician and according to Police Lt. C. K. Jolly the physician said he believes Sharon saw something and it burned her.
Source: BB docs/Dan Wilson

Date: April 28, 1964
Location: Minot AFB, N. Dakota BBU
Time: 8:50 p.m. 
Summary: One object observed visually by a civilian pilot about 50 miles south of Minot AFB. Ground radar picked up the object. The object appeared as a light 3000 feet below the aircraft flying at 7000  feet and seemed to be following the aircraft. Minot AFB GCA reported a scope indication of an  object at 160 degrees bearing 15 miles moving outbound at approx. 25 miles from the station, orbiting in a five mile circle.The object then proceeded inbound to the station to approx 15 miles and disappearing from the scope. . 
Source: Dan Wilson, Brad Sparks, McDonald list

Date:  April 30, 1964
Location: Stallion Test Site, NM
Summary: B-57, white object landed, photo recon.

Date: April 30, 1964
Location: Canyon Ferry Reservoir, Montana BBU
Time: 9:30 [10:30?] p.m. 
Summary: Flittner, Harold Rust family children, and Linda Davis, saw egg-shaped object size of an automobile land about 150 [125?] ft away. Left 4 indentations in the ground, 8 x 10 inch rectangles, 4-8 inches deep, about 13 ft apart, and a burned area.
Source: UFOE, Section VII; Tony Rullan; Lorenzen 1966, pp. 223-4; FUFOR Index

Date:  April  1964

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