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Date:   August 1964 
Location: Ravenna, Ohio
Summary: Mom was hanging out clothes to dry. She yelled for me to come outside, I was about 14. There was a gray cigar-shaped object (5 or 6 to 1 ratio height to length) above the clouds. It was solid, not a lenticular cloud. It was hovering in one spot must have been over 100 m. to be seen at that height. It was not a blimp or balloon or any aircraft I have ever seen. As the clouds were moving, it was a breezy day, it would disappear behind a cloud, but stayed in the same place so we could see it when the cloud passed. After a minute or two it disappeared behind a cloud but was gone when the cloud moved on.
Source: UFO.net

Date: August 1964: Fragment of UFO lands in Kallavesi Lake, Finland

Date: August 1964: Farmers Valley, Pennsylvania

Date:  August 10, 1964 
Location: Wake Island                         BBU 9031
Time: 5:16 a.m. 
Summary: Aircraft commander Capt. B. C. Jones and navigator 1st Lt. H. J. Cavender, in parked USAF C-124 transport plane, saw a reddish, blinking light approach the runway, stop and make several reverses.
Source: UFOE Section I, Berliner

Date: Aug. 15, 1964 
Location: New York City, New York                          BBU 9048
Time: 1:20 a.m. 
Summary: S. F. D’Alessandro saw a 10 ft x 5 ft bullet-shaped object with wavy lines on the rounded front part and 6 pipes along the straight rear portion, making a “whoosh” sound. Witness’ dog growled.
Source: Berliner

Date: Aug. 15, 1964 
Location: Yosemite National Park, Calif.                   BBU 9049
Time: 8:15 a.m. 
Summary: E. J. Haug, of the San Francisco Orchestra and Conservatory, and C. R. Bubb, high school math teacher, saw 3 bright silver, round objects, in a stack formation, fly very fast, changing positions within the formation, with a sound of rushing air.
Source: Berliner

Date: Aug. 18, 1964 
Location: 200 miles E of Dover, Delaware.      BBU 9053
Time: 12:35 [5:29? 12:29? EST] a.m.
Summary:  USAF Major D. W. Thompson and First Pilot 1st Lt. J. F. Jonke flying a C-124 transport (no. 31007) with the 31st Air Transport Sq, 1607th Air Transport Wing, out of Dover AFB at 9,000 ft and 200 mph true airspeed, saw a large round, blurred or diffuse­edged, reddish-white luminous object on a collision course with the C-124 from ahead and about 500 ft below, collision averted when pilot took evasive action by turning from a 260° heading to 340° and object made a right turn and disappeared.
Source: Berliner; cf. Hynek UFO Exp ch. 5, case NL-10; NARCAP

Date:  August  1964 

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