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Date: March 1, 1964
Location: Le Bourget, Paris, France
Summary: Translation: LE BOURGET OF the LAKE (73) 01.03.1964 Observé the 01/03/1964 Area Rhône Alpes Département Savoy Classifies C Summarized Observation of silhouettes and takeoff d’ an object. Detailed description a person brings back qu’ in 1964, it was pilot d’ a particular phenomenon. Returning at the base school of Le Bourget towards 2:30 of the morning one Sunday at the beginning of March, it s’ d’ will astonish; to regularly see a weak gleam of short duration to approximately 200 or 300 m of him. Approaching the netting of the army ground, he sees 5 silhouettes evolving/moving meadows d’ a machine posed on the ground. The high part of l’ object, lit by the gleam, is round. The silhouettes make return tickets of l’ interior of l’ object with its immediate environment. Abruptly the gleam s’ extinct and in a total silence l’ s’ object; raise d’ one meter or two of the ground and remains stationary during one to two seconds. The witness describes l’ then; object like having a round or oval form, the flat lower part, the top embossed in the center and on with dimensions ones; its dimensions are from 8 to 10 m in diameter and its height of 2,50m with 3 Mr. This s’ object; raise vertically without transition at very high speed towards the south. No noise n’ is heard and a kind of short vertical trail appears thus that two other traces in the sky. The following day the witness will go on the spot of his observation and although separate d’ ten meters of the exact place by the netting of military base, it will note a light compressing of l’ bleaches on grass and of some shrubs. It will decide to speak with nobody about this observation for which we miss d’ confirmed information. These facts, a priori very strange, reported very tardily (June 2007) by a single witness are unverifiable and no serious analysis can be carried out.
Source: http://www.anakinovni.org/20104.htm


Date: March 8 1964
Location: Oberwesel, Germany
Summary: . UFO photographed by Harry Haukler, who was on a train passing through Oberwesel, Germany, when he saw a disc rise into the air alongside the train. The photograph shows a dark whirling below the disc. A very rare shape on this unknown object.

Date:  March 1964

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