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Date: December 1965
Location: Shasta Lake, California
Time: 1300
Summary: Several students from the local Deer Creek middle school were outside meeting the principal or something similar which called for most of the student body to attend. The weather was clear. Suddenly a silver disk shaped craft flew over the school grounds without noise. It flew north to south, very low, just above the tall pine trees. Over 45 witnesses watched, which included, teachers, students, etc. As the object went over them it appeared to land in back of the school grounds, behind some trees. The area was wooded, without houses. The students were immediately sent back to their classrooms until 1400. While in the classroom the main witness observed a man walk by the class window. He was not a sheriff, as they had been told that the sheriff had been called. The man wore a black suit, and carried a black briefcase. He did not see any others. He was walking towards the craft, to the south. At 1400 the dismissal alarm sounded and the students were told that they could go. The main witness and a girl then headed towards the direction of where the craft had landed. The tall pine trees had covered its descent, but they did not see it leave. They then met other students coming back from behind the school from the landing site; some had gone to find the ship. They were told that it was gone, but they still went to the site where they found a large, approximately 40ft diameter ring. It appeared to be burned all around the edge. (Later on the main witness would return to the scene to find that for years nothing grew there). At the landing site they saw nothing else, so they left. Something then scared them and they began to run, the main witness could not recall what scared them. The main witness told his mother who went to see the ring.
Source: NUFORC

Date: December 1965
Location: Lexington Kentucky
Time: night
Summary: Three women attending the “Blue Grass Fair” saw an object that at first they thought it was a clever contrivance to attract attention to the fair. Because it was dark the part of the object, which they could best observe, was that portion of the craft, which was illuminated. The object had a rounded top, a wide rim, or platform encircling it, and just above the platform was a lighted, transparent section through which they could see the silhouettes of people who seemed to be “working” at something. The “band of light” or transparent section had upright pieces at regular intervals which the witness took to be structural support members. They watched the object hovering for about 5 minutes, then went about their business and did not see how it departed.
Source: Coral and Jim Lorenzen, Encounters with UFO Occupants

Date: December 1965
Location: Birmingham, England
Time: night
Summary: One night Margery was told by her first husband to prepare for a shock and some kind of test. It was obvious that he was being quite serious. They got into his car and drove off, although her memory of the trip became hazy and confused and she does not know where they went. Then she was in a room that was dimly lit and there were people standing around a long table or flat bed. She was put onto it and seemed “drugged” and unable to resist. The most memorable of the men in the group was tall and thin with a long nose and white beard. He had thick eyebrows and supposedly said to Margery. “Remember the eyebrows, honey.” A strange medical examination, using odd equipment, was performed on her. Her husband then took her on a trip to all the houses she would occupy in the future. This was accomplished by a click of the fingers, followed by a barrage of images. Her mind was filled with information but she was told that she would remember it only bit by bit as the future unfolded. The memory of the experience did return only from 1978 onwards. At one point one of the “examiners” in the room said to Margery, in a tone that made it seem as he were amused, “They will think its flying saucers.” Her husband also revealed who he really was—but she declined to tell the investigator or source. The day after the “abduction” to a house somewhere in Birmingham her husband left, said he was going abroad, and Margery never saw or heard from him again.
Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction

Date: December 1965
Location: Birmingham, England
Time: night
Summary: A young man was returning home, after dark, along a lane on the outskirts of Birmingham after an evening spent with his girl friend. He had not partaken of anything alcoholic and was in perfectly happy and normal state of mind. Suddenly he looked around to find that he was being followed by something he describes quite adamantly as a luminous man emitting a green glow from head to foot. His immediate reaction was of disbelief fear and then panic, he ran to his home, which was nearby, as fast as he could. When he arrived there in a sweat of fear, his mother would not believe his story, but she did in fact peer out of the window and admits seeing a green glow coming from behind nearby bushes. In spite of this she still found her son’s story incredible. The witness stated that the figure was that of a man of normal size.
Source: Charles Bowen quoting BUFORA in FSR

Date: December 1965
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Time: night
Summary: Michael Mudachi was sitting in his home near Eastleigh Airport when he saw a point of light approaching from the horizon. As it neared he saw it was an elliptical object with transparent windows. It landed vertically and three humanoid figures emerged from it, wearing what looked like tall hats. They had human appearance, seemingly a synthesis of all races. They spoke in an incomprehensible language but were able to make Mudachi understand that they were not hostile and wanted to take his photograph. To get him to agree they first photographed his brother and another witness, and then they put him on a platform where there was an implement like a birdcage, which emitted a white light, like sunlight. A powerful ray shot out from a red bulb at the center of this contraption, which hit Mudachi on the chest leaving him spluttering and fighting for breath. Suddenly the beings left without him seeing how. After the incident he fell into an unusually deep, dreamless sleep. Later he suffered from hallucinations, depression, loss of appetite and general malaise.
Source: Peter Rogerson, quoting Kenyan news sources

Date: Dec. 8, 1965
Location: Tangent, Oregon       BB
Time: Evening.
Summary: The observer noticed a very unusual red glare on the horizon north of Levanon. Later the observer went outside and all of a sudden a big luminous white donut shaped object was seen very close and headed in her direction. At the same time a big shining luminous loop appeared high in the sky in the opposite direction. Small luminous loops appeared around the area. The big white donut seemed to proceed back to the east somewhat. Slowly it raised higher and eastward. A dense fog moved in later. The night before a round reddish blue object the apparent size of a grapefruit held at arm’s length was seen moving slowly high overhead at Rockaway, Oregon. 
Source:  Blue Book, Dan Wilson

Date: December 9 1965
Location: Uddevalla Sweden
Time: unknown
Summary: The witness felt a strong urge to take his dog for a walk on a nearby frozen lake called “Grindhultsjon.” There he observed a disc shaped object land and four entities, three men and one woman emerge. They all wore translucent overalls. They were described as being of normal height with very large dark slanted eyes and large pointed cat like ears. They were completely hairless. The beings communicated with the witness using hand signals. One of the men obtained a cylinder like object from the landed disc and slid it along the witness back. After about an hour the beings re-entered the disc and left. The witness was apparently cured of a severe case of kidney stones after the incident.
Source: Hakan Blomquist, UFO Contact, Igap Journal February 1986

Date: December 9 1965: Kecksburg UFO Crash

Date: December 11 1965
Location: Sheridan Indiana
Time: 1305
Summary: Charles Jones, who is a psychic and has frequently seen UFOs since 1947, was driving home when he saw a lighted object coming down from low clouds. It was shaped like a cigar cut off in the rear on a bevel, and bore a red and white blinking light. The front was transparent and Jones could see a “very stocky built” occupant 6 ft tall who was hiding his face; he wore a tight headpiece, continuous with a coverall, that obscured hair and ears. Jones did, however observe one eye, which was three times normal sized and set toward the side of the head; the face wide nosed and jowls. The complexion was dark bronze, and the entity was wearing a one-piece brown coverall. The object was less than 60 ft off the ground and approximately 150 ft to the left of the road, traveling north.
Source: Janet Bord for FSR

Date: December 16 1965
Location: Near Colloway Clump, England
Time: 1950
Summary: Reginald Roberts from London reported that on this night a gray clad figure with “steaming fair hair” had jumped in front of his car. Mr. Roberts stopped and ran back but there was nothing and no one to be seen.
Source: Mike Rogers, The Warminster Triangle


Date: December 20 1965
Location: Herman Minnesota
Time: 2345
Summary: 15-year old Edward Burns was driving his father’s pick up truck toward home late at night, when his headlights picked up a dark, oval shaped craft hovering about six feet over the road ahead of him. The object covered the entire road and looked like a huge light, a mixture of red, and white. He came within a telephone pole distance of the object and then immediately the engine and lights of his pickup went out. He felt his truck moving and wound up in a ditch. He claimed he saw something inside moving. It was shaped like a “man” but green in color.
Source:  Andy Page UFO

Date: December 21 1965
Location: Shearwater, England
Time: night
Summary: A smallholder and his wife were shocked when they felt the front and rear wheels of their car bump solidly over a figure that rushed blindly from a bordering hedge and threw himself beneath the wheels. When the car halted, the wife was sick by the roadside. Her husband searched the vicinity in vain for 10 minutes. The figure was described as “long haired and wearing gray jeans or tight fitting trousers.” The sex was indeterminate.
Source: Mike Rogers, The Warminster Triangle

Date: Dec. 21, 1965
Location: Putnam, Connecticut         BB  
Time: 7:33 p.m
Summary: Northeast Airlines pilot LeBewohl sighted a round unknown object which was described as pink, then orange, then white in color and the apparent size of a quarter held at about arm’s length. The object passed directly in front of the plane and after 7 minutes the object picked up speed and disappeared. The pilot was flying a DC-6 aircraft at 10,000 feet on a heading of 260 degrees. The total length of the observation was 11 minutes.
Source:  Dan Wilson

Date: December 24 1965
Location: Oroville California
Time: late night
Summary: The witness was awakened by noises in the room, sounding as if a rubber kick ball was being bounced around. He sat up in bed and was startled to see standing at the foot of his bed, a short, elf, or dwarf-like little man, sporting a huge grin from ear to ear. He looked old and rough. Frightened the witness dove under the covers and did not see the peculiar creature depart.
Source: Joseph Held, Themestream

Date: late 1965
Location: Panama Canal Zone
Time: unknown
Summary: While several US military personnel were out on a field, a large disc shaped object reportedly descended and landed apparently paralyzing all the soldiers on the spot. Several orange-colored, thin humanoids, with long arms, four fingered hands, heads slightly larger than humans, emerged from the object and apparently examined the soldiers. The beings had huge yellow colored eyes and wore tight-fitting outfits. The moment the beings returned to their craft it flew away, the soldiers were then able to move again.
Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia Ovni # 12

Date:  December  1965

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