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Date: early February 1965
Location: Near Chicago Illinois
Time: dawn
Summary: Walking along the shore of Lake Michigan about sunrise, Harvey Keck aw a saucer about 6 ft high resting on a 4-legged landing gear. Near it was a 5 ft “robot or being, stocky in build and similar to the entity reported by Reeves in Florida;” the being’s skin was tanned, eyes set far apart, and he had a pointed chin. His head was encased in a glass-domed helmet.
Source: Humcat quoting Newspaper source

Date:  February 1 1965
Location:  Tallahassee, Florida (BB)
Time:  7:30 p.m. 
Summary:  A a grayish purple or bluish object, round on bottom with a saucer domed top the size of a grapefruit held at arm’s length, accompanied by faint humming sound with a speed of an estimated 100-200 mph, was seen by 32 to 40 people. The object gave off a phosphorescence. Twelve to fifteen people called the local radio station to report the object. According to the Dept. of the Air Force Incoming Message, the manner of observation was ground visual and air visual tracking west to east and was observed for 4 minutes. The time given in the AFR 200-2 report was 02/0030Z or 7:30 p.m. It was reported that the object was seen by an Eastern Airlines flight over Daytona Beach on the Atlantic Coast and by an airport tower operator at Jacksonville. Later news bulletins were sent out on radio and television that Air Force investigators were in the area and desired to interview all individuals who could furnish information about the UFO. On February 10, Air Force investigators interviewed one witness who described the object as a classic “flying saucer.” His testimony appeared to be sincere and reliable. One person estimated the size of the object as 50 feet in diameter. By the time the information was entered on the RECORD CARD the DATE-TIME was given as 02/0130Z and the length of the observation was given as a few seconds.
Source:  The Project Blue Book evaluation for this sighting is Astro [Meteor]. Dan Wilson, BB files

Date:  February  1965
Time: Feb. 2, 1965; Richmond, Virginia; Washington, DC; Baltimore, Maryland Area
At 4:10 p.m. EST, a round or cone-shaped silver object was observed by a weather observer through a theodolite at Richmond, Virginia. The object was moving on an easterly course. The object was picked up on radar. The object was observed south and east of Patuxent River at 5:40 p.m., and over Wallops Island at 5:05 p.m. There were airborne sightings near Baltimore and Washington by two ANG F-86H’s at 38,000 feet and two Navy F8C’s at 50,000 feet. The object was observed over a period of 2-3 hours or more. (Dan Wilson)


Date:  February  1965

Date: February 3 1965
Location: Bulach, Switzerland
Time: 0200A
Summary: Billy Meier was summoned telepathically to a place on a severely cold morning. The site was on top of an isolated hill. He had barely arrived when he saw, shooting down from the sky, a brilliantly luminous flying object that immediately landed near him on the hard frozen ground. The bright light went out and he could see a matt-silvery disc shaped object, which stood majestically on its three landing spheres and seemed to wait for him. Following a brief telepathic instruction and some gentle urging, he went toward the ship, and was immediately lifted into it through an opening, by some unknown force. Inside he only saw one seat, and there was nobody around. He was alone. He sat on the single but very comfortable seat. As he was getting settled, a powerful change took place. The bright light coming from everywhere inside the ship suddenly went out, and then he felt like he was sitting in free space. He could see nothing of the ship and its equipment and when he raised his hand before his eyes he couldn’t see it either. The ship rose up and apparently traveled through space since he saw from an opening a blue-white greenish sphere, resembling planet earth. Soon the entrance door opened and he looked out, and was surprised to see that completely unnoticed to him the small ship had landed. He step out and found that he softly “floated” down to the ground and landed on hard, dry soil. The soil was warm and was a reddish color. Soon a larger luminous object appeared and landed nearby. After a while a beautiful female figure appeared from the behind the object. She walked confidently up to him and greeted him in a way that was familiar to him but he could not figure out why. She seemed strangely familiar. She wore a foot length pleated gown of a peculiar silver white color, girdled at the waist. Her long blond hair fell to her shoulders. She invited Meier to join her in her ship, which he did, and that ship sped up into the sky and seemed to become invisible. The ship then landed in area near what Meier could see were the pyramids of Egypt. Some nearby Bedouin Arabs did not seem to notice the landing of the ship. The woman identified herself as Asket and explains many things about his future mission on earth to Meier.
Source:Galactic 2. Net

Date: February 11 1965
Location: Torrent Corrientes Argentina
Time: night
Summary: A group of citizens in that neighborhood saw the landing of a strange transparent craft near their homes. 5 creatures a little larger than human beings stepped out, and the terrified witnesses saw that the visitors had—like Cyclopes—a single eye in the middle of their foreheads. The witnesses ran back to the road. Then it was stated that one of the figures entered a house to look it over. A few moments later, with his companions, he went away in the UFO. Another reports states, that in a field belonging to Mr. Souriou, 2 of his sons and several peasants met gigantic creatures whose stature was more than 8 ft. One of the peasants had his right arm paralyzed when he tried to attack the creatures, and the automatic rifle of one of the sons of the owner of the field inexplicably failed to work. Frightened, the men ran to the house and shut themselves in. From outside, a light came in through the walls, illuminating the interior. At no time did they see any type of flying craft.
Source: Dr Robert Banchs, & Antonio Ribera

Date:  February 11 1965
Location:  Pacific Ocean (Bt. Alaska & Japan)
Summary: Flying Tiger aircrew observed three red oval objects, tracked on airborne and ground radar. Paced aircraft for 30 minutes, departed upward at high speed  
Source:  UFOE II, Section I

Date: February 12 1965
Location: Near San Jose, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Time: unknown
Summary: 19-year old Francisco Estrada Acosta encountered on the road to San Jose a tall scaly creature that extended a cold hand as an attempt to possibly greet the witness. Panic stricken Jose fled the area on foot. He further described the being as having phosphorescent eyes, a large toad like mouth that suddenly appeared next to him on the road. Its hands were like “flippers” and it was well over 2 meters in height.
Source: Ruben Manrique

Date: February 14 1965
Location: Guarani Minas Gerais Brazil
Time: evening
Summary: On a beach near Guarani, five local residents saw a large object land. Three went to look for other witnesses and while they were gone the remaining two approached to within 60 ft where, hiding behind a sand dune, they saw three beings that had left the object. They were tall and thin, nearly 8 feet in height and wearing dark, tight fitting one-piece suits. Before the others could return, the object took off, leaving traces, including footprints, at the landing site.
Source: Timothy Green Beckley, Saga UFO Special # 3

Date: February 21 1965
Location: Chalac, Formosa Argentina
Time: 2100
Summary: A group of UFOs were seen flying overhead for a while and then one landed. Three tall beings enveloped in luminous halos emerged, causing the local population, fifty Toba Indians, to go down on their knees. The beings approached slowly, with gestures dissuading one Indian from approaching the UFO. Then a voice was heard telling the witnesses to remain calm, for there was nothing to fear, and that the space people would return to bring peace on earth. The humanoids then returned to their craft, bathed all the time in beams of light emanating from small wing-like projections; it then took off with blinding luminosity. Photographs were said to have been taken by local police officers.
Source: Local police & FSR Vol. 11 # 4

marylandDate: February 28 1965
Location: Silver Springs, Maryland
Time: 1530
Summary: Several witnesses that included, George Adamski, watched a silvery gray metallic object perform several intricate maneuvers over the house. At one point it lowered a pod-like projection emitting a gentle humming and swishing sound. It then descended close to the roof and several human like figures were clearly seen inside several large portholes. After a few moments the craft rose vertically and disappeared. A color film was allegedly taken of the maneuvering craft.

Source: Timothy Good, Above Top Secret, The Worldwide UFO Cover-up

Date:  February  1965

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